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Playhouse Theatre

(New York, NY)
137 W. 48th St.
by Pat Cerasaro - Oct 24, 2011
Today we continue our special series consisting of five entries total, each of which highlight a different facet of the rich and wonderful world of William Shakespeare and all with a particular emphasis on the controversial new feature film that explores the time, place, politics and goings-on of the Elizabethan era and focuses on the possibility that the true author of the esteemed plays we now know may very well have been someone else entirely - Edward de Vere - and how the question of the canon's true creation then comes into play - ANONYMOUS. "All the world's a stage," after all, so it should come as no surprise that acts of lust, bloodshed and betrayal would exist in the actual life - or even the supposed one - of the man who created the most bloody and thought-provoking tragedies in the history of literature - whoever he may have actually been. Perhaps some brief analysis of the finest leading players, most memorable lines and moments, as well as an exploration of other notable acts of grand betrayal in Shakespeare's plays will aid us on the journey to understanding the thesis of ANONYMOUS and bring us into a closer relationship with the individual who penned the greatest plays in the English language. Picking up where we left off, now, with the second entry in the five days of Top 5s, here is a look at the best leading ladies to have done Shakespeare onstage and onscreen this century and last - featuring Judi Dench, Meryl Streep, Jessica Lange, Helen Mirren, and, an ANONYMOUS star herself, Vanessa Redgrave!
by BWW News Desk - Nov 30, 2011
The Looking Glass Winter 2011 Writer/Director Forum, a festival of new works featuring emerging women playwrights and directors, runs December 1 - 18 at Looking Glass Theatre (422 West 57th Street).
by James Sims - Dec 19, 2006
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed Tuesday the 79th Academy Awards poster design, which features dozens of the most memorable and quotable lines from motion pictures, including a handful of films adapted from Broadway hits...
by BWW News Desk - Aug 8, 2018
The drama FRAILTY, THY NAME IS WOMAN is coming to The National Theatre at various dates from Sept. 3 to Jan. 27.
by Roy Berko - Apr 3, 2017
Having been summoned home to Denmark from school in Germany to attend his father's funeral, he is shocked to find his mother Gertrude already remarried to his Uncle Claudius, the dead king's brother, who has declared himself the king, though young Hamlet is the actual heir to the crown. Hamlet, rightly, suspects foul play.