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The Tempest - 2019 - Off-Broadway

Magic and mayhem continue their wicked work in THE TEMPEST this spring with Mobile Unit. When a storm shipwrecks King Alonso and his royal entourage on the island home of Prospero and his daughter Miranda, secrets and suspicions lead to drunken distrust and murderous plots. But love plays games with revenge, and the stuff of nightmares becomes the stuff of dreams in this magical comedy about the human heart, lost at sea.


by Michael Dale - May 7, 2019
Though Shakespeare's The Tempest commences with a spectacular act of revenge, director Laurie Woolery stresses in her program notes for Mobile Unit's thoroughly enrapturing new production her intention to highlight the play's moments of forgiveness, leaving audiences to ponder 'what it means to use one's power to heal rather than to destroy and what it means to break the a cycle of retribution and violence.'