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Solaris - 2019 - West End

Starting at £18

On a space station orbiting Solaris, three scientists have made contact with a new planet.

Sent from earth to investigate reports of abnormal activity on-board, Kris Kelvin arrives to find one crew member dead and two who are seeing things that cannot be explained.

When her dead lover appears to her, it seems she too has fallen victim to the mystery of this strange planet. Should she return to reality, or is this her chance to turn back time?

Have the crew been studying Solaris - or has it been studying them?

This psychological thriller asks who we are when we're forced to confront our deepest fears.

David Greig adapts Stanislaw Lem's cult science fiction novel for the stage.


Lyric Hammersmith Theatre

(London, )
King Street


by BWW News Desk - October 7, 2019
I GET TO WEAR A SPACE SUIT.  Let's start with that… I get to wear a space suit and travel, every night (who knows exactly how many light years), to a space station overlooking a planet called Solaris. A planet that is completely covered in ocean and orbits two suns. A planet that - those on this space station think - might be conscious. Not a bad day in the office.