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Sol Goldman 14th Street YMHA (New York, NY)
344 E. 14th Street (between First and Second Avenue)

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With a tuneful Broadway score by the Tony-winning team of Lynn Ahrens and Stephennbsp; Flaherty, and a snappy book by Joseph Dougherty, ?My Favorite Year? is a classic musical comedy with a heart of gold.brbrIt?s 1954, and Benjy Stone, freshman writer on TV?s King Kaiser Comedy Cavalcade, is assigned the daunting task of baby-sitting veteran Hollywood swashbuckler Alan Swann while he's doing a livenbsp; guest appearance on the show. The effort to keep the reckless Swann off the booze and out of the papers during the rehearsal week nearly drives Benjy to the brink. But when he's given an unexpected glimpse into Swann's broken heart, Benjy begins to discover a thing or two about life and love. In addition to Benjy Stone and Alan Swann, the show is filled with juicy roles for comic actors, from the overbearing Belle Carroca, (played in both the original film and in the Lincoln Center production by Lainie Kazan) to the acerbic comedy writer Alice Miller, the role which garnered Andrea Martin a Tony Award. p/ppFor complete information on this and other Ahrens and Flaherty shows, as well as linksnbsp;to purchase CDs, vocal selections and other publications, please go tonbsp;a href="" /ustrong /strong/p

Review - Maple and Vine: My Favorite Year
by Ben Peltz - December 8, 2011

For many Americans - okay, white suburban middle classers into traditional gender roles - the 1950s was an idyllic time when the country could rest easily with our post-war status as the world's super-power before the internal unrest of the 60s began exposing the ugly imperfections.  For stressed out, caffeinated 21st Century urbanites, a trip to the world depicted in period sitcoms like Father Knows Best and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet or the nostalgic recreation, Happy Days, might offer a welcome mental vacation to a less-complicated era of structured roles and lower expectations.  Or perhaps even a permanent lifestyle change. (more...)