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BWW catches up with John Rowe to chat about bringing The John Rowe Show to the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Tell us a little about The John Rowe Show and why you have decided to bring it to Edinburgh.

It's The John Rowe Show...the name says it all. Well, not really, but "The Fab Feel-Good Night of Groovy Live Music, Silly Fun, Cool Guests and Delicious Donuts Show" wouldn't fit on the poster. It's a night of crazy good entertainment set in my lounge as I run around trying to keep my visitors entertained without a moment's break.

There's feel good party songs with me and the band, daggy dance lessons for the audience, silly segments and show and tell, plus a surprise guest each night who drops in for a donut and a chat. Each night there is a different set list, different segments and different guests. Oh and my mum has asked me to Skype in each night to make sure she approves of my new friends (although she's probably just checking I'm using the doilies she sent me).

I did several seasons of the show in Australia over a decade ago, and it really built a following and attracted a range of celebrity special guests. So, after a long hiatus (the break kind, not the hernia kind) where I've been running around the world making up big shows for big entertainment companies in big theatres, I've decided to get back on the lounge and do my own thang again. In keeping with the "big" theme, I've chosen the world's biggest Fringe festival for my big relaunch!

What sort of guests can we expect in the show?

For the Fringe series I'm sticking with a fringe theme ... so guests with fabulous fringes? Failing that, I'm looking for an eclectic mix of fringe related guests in keeping with the madness and fun of the whole night.

There will be musicians, tap dancers, magicians, singers, rappers, comics ... you name it. It's not your stock standard "variety night" though ... I'm hand picking one awesome guest per show and each guest also has to bring something for show and tell! It's the perfect conversation starter - in the past we've had embarrassing videos, Logies (Australian TV awards), long lost recordings, famous movie props and even underwear (oowah!).

Will a schedule be posted beforehand or is it a surprise on the night?

It will be fairly spontaneous, but I will do a daily social media announcement for that night's guest. Although if it's someone super famous I may get excited and accidentally name drop in casual conversation in the lead up (and by casual conversation I mean drive by megaphone announcements or hiring a skywriter).

Where might we have seen you before?
Australian audiences will know me as a singer and entertainer from TV shows and televised events, as the on-air talent coach for contestants on Australian Idol, and as the ham-acting star of kids' TV series Kingdom of Paramithi and special guest appearances with the Wiggles. Edinburgh audiences will know me best as that guy pulling that silly face on that poster that keeps popping up around the city ... you know, the one you've been meaning to go and see ;)

Who would you recommend comes to see The John Rowe Show?

If you're looking for a show that is topical, challenging, inspiring, life changing or that really gets you thinking, then you've come to the wrong place. If you'd like a break from all that, and fancy a night of unadulterated frivolity (or adulterated frivolity if you're over 18), then this is the show for you. Highly recommended for music lovers, fun lovers and donut lovers!

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