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EDINBURGH 2016 - BWW Review: BORIS WORLD KING, Pleasance Dome, 9 August

EDINBURGH 2016 - BWW Review: BORIS WORLD KING, Pleasance Dome, 9 August

EDINBURGH 2016 - BWW Review: BORIS WORLD KING, Pleasance Dome, 9 August

Boris: World King had a run at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe as well as a London run shortly afterwards. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that it is now a very different show! In an interview with BroadwayWorld, writer Tom Crawshaw told us that he had to rewrite it post-Brexit, and then again when Boris announced he wouldn't be running for PM.

David Benson makes the perfect Boris Johnson. Riding in on his bicycle, destroying the stage and then bumbling about his life story for 60 minutes, the likeness is uncanny. Beginning with his humble begins at Eton, he takes us on a journey following his quest for world domination.

Boris hadn't planned to have quite such a busy summer, but didn't want to break his commitment to Edinburgh. Not content with only political success, he has set out to win the Edinburgh comedy award. He has added all the things to his show that he reckons one needs to win the award, including a game show-style wheel with different anecdotes written on it.

Boris: World King is a surprisingly physical show as Benson plays the clumsy buffoon throughout, knocking over scenery, ruining props and offering brilliantly timed comedy falls. The material is clever and well-written, and David Benson captures Johnson perfectly.

Boris: World King runs at the Pleasance Dome until 29 August

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