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EDINBURGH 2016: BWW Q&A - Boris: World King

BWW speaks to writer Tom Crawshaw about Boris: World King, heading to the Edinburgh Fringe this August.

Tell us a little bit about Boris: World King

The show tells the life of everyone's favourite comedy-politician Boris Johnson - but by imagining him actually writing and presenting the play himself. It's the gaffe-a-minute fun you would expect from Boris, but also attempts to uncover the secret of the man's success. Plus there's a battle with a Greek god thrown in for good measure.

What inspired the play?
As a comedy writer fascinated by politics, Boris has always been a dream subject - but I was never sure how to tell the story. I was at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014, when among others Jeremy Paxman was doing a show, and I could suddenly see Boris Johnson staging a Fringe show, as a huge PR stunt - flyering out on the mile, riding a Boris bike with his poster stuck to it... it felt so real I had to beat Boris to it before he did it himself.

Why bring it to Edinburgh?
The Fringe is chaotic, brazen, confident and unpredictable - which exactly suits Boris Johnson. It's where he would come first - he certainly wouldn't settle for anything less than the world's largest arts festival. Plus the show has a key interactive element and you just can't beat Edinburgh Fringe audiences for getting involved in the fun.

Have you had to make any changes to the script following recent events?
Well, I rewrote the show since its West End run in London earlier in the year. Then we left the EU and I rewrote it again. Then Boris suddenly decided he wasn't running for the leadership (after 20 years of expectation) and I... well, I waited a little moment to see what on earth he'd pull next... but then I rewrote it. The show is set in the absolute present, so has to be pretty reactive. The jokes and the whole story of Boris have changed in just the past few weeks. It's an exciting time.

Who would you recommend comes to see Boris: World King?
Anyone incredulous, fascinated or confused by the rise of Boris. Or indeed anyone who is Boris Johnson - his family have already seen the show in London (not sure his mum appreciated all of it) so will hopefully encourage him along. If you're interested in current politics, but like a laugh at the same time, this show is for you.

Timings and ticket information for Boris:World King is available on the edfringe website.

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