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Something Rotten! at Music Circus at the Wells Fargo Pavilion


7/26/2022 - 7/31/2022


Music Circus at the Wells Fargo Pavilion

1419 H Street
Sacramento,CA 95814
Phone: 916.557.1999

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The time is Renaissance England, where two brothers, Nick and Nigel Bottom, are desperate to write a hit play. But how can they when the competition is the biggest star of the era, everyone's favorite bard: William Shakespeare? So they seek out the soothsayer Nostradamus. But not the Nostradamus, his nephew Thomas, who gives our heroes a completely original idea from the future - write a play with songs. And thus, the first ever musical is born. But not without much mayhem, madness, and musical mishaps. There is indeed Something Rotten! - and it will have audiences rolling in the aisles.

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