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To Fly Again at Imago Theatre


5/4/2018 - 5/12/2018


Imago Theatre

17 SE 8th Avenue
Portland,OR 97214
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Phone: 503-231-9581

To Fly Again in Portland

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A zany group of clown musicians and a clan of clay tossed dancers roam a barren land in this new Imago work. The clowns’ thoughts arise and pass like clouds, with outbursts of absurdity that clash with absurdity as the dating game appears out of no where, and thoughts further a psychedelic and existential humor, while joy and pathos skim through their nonsensical word play as they search to make camp. The clowns are constantly interrupted by a clan of dusty dancers who live in a world beyond speech. Questions arise and try to land, yet open up to further questioning, and the talk of sadness is easily eclipsed by looking at the stars. Tater, the most vulnerable of the clowns, yearns to fly again.


Director - Jerry Mouawad; Light Design – Jon Farley; Costume Design – Sumi Wu; Clown Ensemble - Mark Mullaney, Stephanie Woods, Nathaniel Holder, Jake Ottosen; Dance Ensemble – Nathan HG, Kaician Kitko, Emma Holland, Andrea Larreta; Percussionist – Amy Katrina Bryan; Production Stage Manager – Karen Farley; Dramaturge – Katie Griesar


Tickets are pay-what-you-will $10 to $20 for general admission seating and can be purchased at the door or by calling Imago at 503.231.9581 or online at or calling TicketsWest at 503.224.8499.

Ages: Recommended 16+

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