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Fallout at Imago Theatre


6/1/2018 - 6/9/2018


Imago Theatre

17 SE 8th Avenue OR 97214
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Phone: 503-231-9581

Fallout in Portland

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Carol Triffle, Portland’s premier absurdist playwright, has penned a darkly stirring comedy called Fallout. When three characters are trapped in a fallout shelter, their identities slide from doom to zany, and all perspective on life is confused. Will Jackie Ann ever find her long lost cousin? And what happened to poor Bobby anyway? Is there anyone Nadine doesn’t have a crush on? Find out in this comedic, locked-room, end-of-the-world Triffle original.

Scenic Design – Carol Triffle
Light Design and Production Management – Jon Farley
Performed by Danielle Vermette, Anne Sorce, Kyle Delamarter
Associate Set Design – Rex Jantze

Tickets are $10 to $20 - pay what you will. Tickets can be purchased at the door or by calling Imago at 503.231.9581 or online at or calling TicketsWest at 503.224.8499.

Ages: Recommended 16+

News About Fallout at Imago Theatre

imago Theatre World Premiere of PEBBLE Opens Next Friday
May 03, 2019

From Imago's creator of The Reunion and Fallout, Carol Triffle puts up her latest work Pebble. Pebble is an outsider, or an artist, until one day a mysterious visitor comes and things begin to unravel through song, dance, and pills shared like snacks. Hilarious and heartbreaking. 

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