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BWW Blog: Surviving Zoom School

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Here are my survival tips for Zoom school. 

BWW Blog: Surviving Zoom School

For those of us attending school remotely, it's a whole new world. At this time last year, I was growing accustomed to living on my own and making my own schedule-dinner whenever I wanted, classes starting midday, studying in the mornings. Now, I'm back where I started, getting used to how life used to be before I went to college. Sure, it has its perks: for one, I'm no longer buying my own groceries. Still, I'm back in my childhood bedroom, beaming into classes from my laptop. It's been a major adjustment, to say the least. So, without further ado, here are my survival tips for Zoom school.

1. Decorate

If you're like me, you are spending most of your day in the same corner of your bedroom. This makes decorating the office corner top priority. Keep it bright, colorful, and organized-you'll give yourself energy and minimize stress. I like to use sticky notes alongside my planner to keep my deadlines straight.

2. Get Moving

The worst part of Zoom school is being in the same spot all day. Let's face it, no matter how nice you make your surroundings, it will still get monotonous. It's important to take breaks and get your heart rate up, even if exercise sounds like the last thing in the world you want to do. If you only have a few minutes, play your favorite show tune and put on the performance of a lifetime. Or, since you're inevitably missing out on socialization, invite a friend on a masked-up walk. You'll kill two birds with one stone, getting some fresh air while catching up.

3. Enjoy the Small Things

There's not a whole lot to get excited about nowadays, especially when you spend all day in class and all night studying. That makes simple joys all the more important. Take a few moments to watch a YouTube video, doodle, or learn a new recipe. Rather than distracting you, small mental breaks like this will improve your focus and make you feel happier, even if it's only fractionally. Mental health is so important right now, and online schooling during quarantine is the perfect storm for increased stress and strain. Make your well-being your number one priority.

4. Get Involved

Just because you're away from campus doesn't mean that you can't be involved. Colleges with remote students are working hard to make sure that events are as inclusive as possible, taking game nights and performances virtual to accommodate every student. Check your school's event calendar and don't be afraid to branch out! I recently participated in an All-Day Theatre Fest, and it was the perfect way to clear my mind and meet new people. Nothing compares to being there in person, but that's no excuse to isolate yourself completely.

Zoom school is a stressful and isolating experience, one that devours your time and your attention. Take each day as it comes, and remember that whatever you're feeling,

there are plenty of us feeling the same way. So, go easy on yourself. We'll be back on campus in no time.

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