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Student Blogger: Sydney Emerson - Page

BWW Blog: Can You Write a Play in a Day?
September 10, 2020

Ten hours. Three teams. One line and one prop. All-Day Theatre Fest tested my  creative will-power, my imagination, and in the age of COVID-19, my laptopa??s battery life.

BWW Blog: Jukebox Musicals and the Danger of Gatekeeping
August 27, 2020

What frequently starts as friendly debate can instantly transform into criticizing other Broadway fansa?? tastes, usually in an attempt to prove some sort of superior appreciation of the artsa?"in short, gatekeeping.

BWW Blog: Cracking Up
August 12, 2020

a?oeIa??m going to branch outa??a?"the famous last words of every newly-minted college student.

BWW Blog: A Love Letter
July 30, 2020

Ia??ve found myself looking back and reminiscing on productions past. 

BWW Blog: HAMILTON and the Art of Complexity
July 8, 2020

With the release of Hamilton on Disney+ last week, the discourse over the musical's portrayal of the founding fathers has been reignited, a prevailing sentiment being that the show is too problematic to view.

BWW Blog: Learning to Love Plays
June 22, 2020

Like most small-town theatre lovers entering college, the extent of my theatrical experience was the annual school musical and a smattering of community theatre productions.

BWW Blog: Lessons from Sweat
June 3, 2020

The play was supposed to run after spring breaka?"a break that we never came back from. We left our play where it sat, our dorm rooms like museum exhibits. Sensing the mounting stakes, we threw together an open dress rehearsal, desperate to get the play in front of an audience just once.