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BWW Blog: Why Theatre is More Important Than High School

BWW Blog: Why Theatre is More Important Than High School

Many of my most valuable life lessons I've learned through theatre, not through high school. Let us not forget, theatre is an art form. Furthermore, art allows us to connect humanity to beauty with the use of talent and emotions. Art teaches us how to express our true thoughts while consistently pushing one's boundaries not only as an artist but as a human being. On the other hand, for being the science of life, I can't really say biology taught me how to be my true self.

Being involved in the arts at such a young age proved to be very beneficial for my personal growth. From taking art with my elementary school to enrolling in theatrical summer camps, art was knowingly placed in my life curriculum by my parents and myself. Life lessons and themes such as respect, communication, friendship, and independence all were taught to me through the hands of art.

Growing older, I spent more and more time studying theatre in the outside community at a non-profit organization named the Pennsylvania Youth Theatre, PYT for short. By the time I graduated high school, I had spent over eight years with this group, taking acting classes and performing in their shows. To this day, even as a sophomore in college, I still consider PYT my home away from home. Why? Well, PYT shaped me into who I am today, whether they meant to or not. And THAT, my friends, is the power of art, to move individuals without even knowing it.

I do not write this article to bash the American educational system, even though I do believe it is in dire need of a makeover. Instead, this article may offer some thought as to the importance of art in our lives. Personally, theatre placed me in necessary situations that I may have not had if I only stayed within my school's curriculum. Learning that love has no one definition, accepting others for who they are, finding one's own self-worth, and learning the importance of diversity are all various lessons that I have learned by artists. And who is to say artists can't be teachers too! Everyone can be an artist if they want to :)

Moving forward into the next journeys of our lives, I think it is vital that we continue to implement art into our lives. Of course, this will look different for each individual person. However, from following a BFA track to simply doodling during free time, art will offer us that creative outlet that feeds our own personal growth.

*If you live near Bethlehem, PA, please consider checking out PYT and all they have to offer HERE. You won't be disappointed.*

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