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BWW Blog: The Importance of Remembering Your Worth

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Look at the bright side of things and be proud of the little accomplishments you make.

BWW Blog: The Importance of Remembering Your Worth

Broadway is intimidating and can scare a lot of people away. Producers and directors are always hoping to find a person with the 'perfect look', actors and hopeful actors are constantly comparing themselves to fellow actors, and there is this looming fear of being 'past your prime'. One can never be too sure when their time will come, and one can ever be too sure when their last performance will be. No matter where you are on the spectrum, remembering your worth is essential.

At the beginning of my college career I was not focus on my passions and interests, I was more focused on making friends and getting my footing in the new environment. I was unsure of myself and allowed others to manipulate me back into the shell I thought I eradicated. I had trouble speaking up for myself and felt very alone. As an innocent freshman I was swept up in the world of junior and senior girls who were jealous of me (for whatever reason), and I lost sight of everything I wanted.

Fortunately, I found my way back to the stage in a very strong way. I found my best friends, I found my boyfriend, and most importantly I found strong connections and mentors that shaped me into the person I am still becoming. I had forgotten my worth so quickly and my passion for life was washed away. I was too afraid to audition for shows so I learned how to be a dramaturge, prop master, then assistant director. Then finally, because I surrounded myself with the right people, I remembered my worth. I started getting cast, and rehearsal became my absolute favorite thing in the world.

BWW Blog: The Importance of Remembering Your WorthWhen your cast-mates become a second family, you know you're in the right place. People come and people go, but those memories with them still stay with you forever. Know that you won't get a role in every show, and understand not everyone can be the star, but remember that you matter and there will always be room in the space for you. Your worth is not measured in the length of your resume, your importance is not weighed by your appearance, and your strength and perseverance cannot be broken by a wave of 'we are no longer looking for this position to be filled'.

Look at the bright side of things and be proud of the little accomplishments you make. You could be surrounded by negativity and selfishness, but if you keep your goals and needs at the forefront of your daily life you can get through anything. Don't think about what could have been, think about what could be because it didn't. You'll always have 'the look', you are the look! Don't compare yourself to another, use their talents and the things you look up to as a road map to get there yourself. No one is perfect, so don't get mad at yourself for being like everyone else. Remember your worth, because you are important enough to be here.

BWW Blog: The Importance of Remembering Your Worth

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