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LISTEN: Keith David, Kathleen Chalfant and Johanna Day Star in PERICLES Presented by Play On Podcasts


Next in the Play On Podcast series will be A Midsummer Night’s Dream, translated by Jeff Whitty and directed by Catherine Eaton.

Building upon Play On Shakespeare's mission to enhance the understanding of Shakespeare's plays in performance, Play On Podcasts bring timeless tales directly to modern audiences. Following the success of Macbeth, the series - presented by Play On in partnership with Next Chapter Podcasts -continues today with the release of Ellen McLaughlin's Pericles.

Listen below!

Play On Podcasts bring together a team of Award-winning sound designers, composers, playwrights, directors, and performers -- with original music composition and the voices of extraordinarily, gifted artists -- to create aural storytelling experiences. It's a Shakespearean audio adventure.

"The Play On translations are heightened by the podcast medium and heighten the medium in return," Executive Producer, Michael Goodfriend, says. "Thanks to the accessibility and immediacy of the translations, you don't have to dig into your dictionary to understand what's going on - and thanks to outstanding audio engineering, design, direction and the phenomenal voices of our actors, you're dropped into the world Shakespeare created. You can visualize these tales in whatever environment you're listening. This unprecedented endeavor has given Next Chapter Podcasts an opportunity to raise the bar for fictional podcasts across the industry. I can't think of a better place for theater artists to ride out the closure of theater venues due to the pandemic than through virtual collaboration in their own personal studios, where Next Chapter Podcasts record them bringing voices to life as only theater artists know how."

Lue Douthit, Play On Shakespeare's CEO and Creative Director: "The translation is not to be a paraphrase, nor is it a literal explanation of what's going on. The translations are not meant to be replacements of the originals. Our goal is to learn how the plays work and to create performable companion pieces. They are new plays in that way."

With lead investment from the Hitz Foundation, which funds the Play On project and has commissioned this podcast series, Next Chapter Podcasts will adapt and produce the modernized Shakespearean scripts for multi-part audio presentations featuring the talents of extraordinary stage performers, directors and designers.

Next in the Play On Podcast series will be A Midsummer Night's Dream, translated by Jeff Whitty and directed by Catherine Eaton. Further details will be announced shortly.


Creative Team:

Playwright: Ellen McLaughlin

Director: Lisa Rothe

Composer: Rinde Eckert

Sound Designer: Jane Shaw


Pericles: Keith David

Gower: Kathleen Chalfant

Lychordia / Bawd / Diana: Johanna Day

Thaisa / Dionyza: Amy Kim Waschke

Cerimon / Thaliard: Barzin Akhavan

Various roles: Benjamin Bonenfant

Various roles: Christiana Clark

Antiochus / Simonides / Pandar: Jeffrey King

Marina: Jennie Greenberry

Helicanus / Philimon: John Keating

Various roles: Orlando Pabotoy

Lysimachus / Leonine: Tommy Schrider

Production Team:

Executive Producer: Michael Goodfriend
Senior Producer: Miriam Laube

Sound Engineer: Daniel Ben-Shimon
Coordinating Producer: Taylor Bailey

Managing Producer: Robert Cappadona

Casting Director: Karyn Casl

Casting Director: Ada Karamanyan

Producer, Script Adaptor: Catherine Eaton

Voice, Text: Rebecca Clark Carey

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