SEABOURN CRUISE LINE / BELINDA KING / SIR TIM RICE - Seabourn Cruise Line Non Equity Auditions

Posted: July 25, 2018
Audition Location: New York, NY

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Belinda King Creative Productions are returning to New York to audition world-class singers for their productions aboard elite cruise line, Seabourn. Repertoire features exclusive partnership with Oscar-winning lyricist, Sir Tim Rice on the creation of ‘An Evening With Sir Tim Rice’. Select casts will perform alongside Sir Tim on speciality cruises.

Opportunities are available throughout 2018 & 2019 across the fleet of five ultra luxury ships.

All rehearsals take place in England at BK Studios.

Contract lengths on-board vary from 5 - 7 months.

Union Status: Not Applicable

Rate of Pay / Contract:

$5,500 - $7,500 per month on-board.

*Dependant on previous professional credits and managerial positions within the cast such as Company Manager or Vocal Captain.

Requirements include;
- Exceptional vocal harmony skills.
- Good movement skills.
- Broadway or National Tour credits preferred.
- No previous cruise experience required.
- Must be aged 21 and over.

Excellent privileges onboard include;
- Single En-Suite Cabins.(Some with Port Holes)
- Access to guest restaurants for meals.
- Use of the guest gym.
- Discounted rates for shore side tours.

Unique itineraries feature; Europe, Australia, Antarctica, Asia, Caribbean, India, North and South America.

Audition panel will feature West End Musical Director Andy Read.


A "vocal diva" with an understanding of all vocal genres; a richness in the lower register and a flexible pop "belt". A more lyrical quality up to an F is also required.

A "leading lady" with an understanding of all vocal styles; the ability to interpret one or two classical items - but the majority of the repertoire is pop-based. Range: A (below middle C) to a top A.

A "front man" who has a solid understanding of all pop styles and a lyrical vocal quality for lighter, higher material is required. Range: Low A to top A; Bb is an advantage.

A vocally strong and charismatic "leading man" who is able to perform pop, rock, R&B, and musical theatre material. Range: Low A to top A. Bb is an advantage. Some repertoire includes one or two classical items. For some repertoire, the ability to demonstrate a safe full mix up to B natural, not a belt.

Audition Date(s): 08/27/2018, 08/28/2018
Callback Date(s): 08/29/2018
Rehearsal Date(s): 10/05/2018, 11/19/2018, 03/23/2019, 04/22/2019
Venue: Pearl Studios, 519 - 8th Avenue (12th Floor).


Submission Deadline: 08/23/2018

Please come prepared with our audition material, available to download via Dropbox;

Please choose the folder which suits your vocal ability and style.

In each folder you will find;
- Backing Track’s.
- Vocal PDF Sheet Music.
- MP3 Vocal Guide's.

*Please also bring a song of your own choice (including sheet music).

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