ENTERTAINMENT EVENTS LIVE(ISH) - Web Series Non Equity Auditions

Posted: May 17, 2020
Audition Location: Submission,

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Virtual Submissions Wanted:

Entertainment Events seeking submissions for a weekly online Virtual Cabaret.

4 to 6 participants will be used per episode.

Final individual performance time will be 7-10 minutes, which will also include an introduction.

All types of entertainment submissions are welcome.

If your submission is chosen for an episode, a packet with additional information will be sent out. Final videos will need to be submitted within 48 hours. Participants are encouraged to be creative, interesting, positive and engaging.  No limit on what you can create!

Use the following link to our Submission Form: https://bit.ly/EEILiveish

Please fill out the requested info, include a short description of your intended piece, and a sample video submission of no more than 3 minutes that captures your talent & spirt of your work.

Tickets for the cabaret are being sold online for $10 via CoFare.io

You will be able to create an account & share a personalized link from your account. 50% of sales generated from your link will go directly to you. Ticket purchasers will have the option of an immediate donation to be split among all performers.  Your video will also be tagged with your preferred “cash app” for a virtual tip jar.

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