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BWW Interviews: Love Goddess Judy Tenuta Celebrates A BIRTHDAY BASH At The Copa Palm Springs, 11/21-22

The self described "Love Goddess" and "Aphrodite Of The Accordion", Judy Tenuta, brings her no-holds-barred comedy to The Copa Palm Springs for two "sure to sell out" performances, November 21 and 22 at 8:00 pm. Tenuta has made hundreds of guest and co-hosting appearances on such popular television shows as "The View," "Late Night With David Letterman," "Larry King Live," "Entertainment Tonight," and "Comics Unleashed." Her stand-up specials have aired on Showtime, HBO, and Lifetime. Judy was featured as the national spokesperson for a series of Diet Dr. Pepper commercials. She is a two-time Grammy Award Nominee, was the first female stand-up comic to win "Best Female Comedian" at the American Comedy Awards, and has appeared in theatrical productions ranging from "The Vagina Monologues" to "Menopause The Musical." I had the chance to chat with Ms. Tenuta about her upcoming "Birthday Bash" at The Copa and more ... and I couldn't stop laughing for my thirty minutes or so with this brilliant and delightful lady ... here are a few excerpts from that conversation:

DG: You have been described in so many ways over the years by reviewers and fans and the media - how would you describe yourself?

JT: Well, I am the Love Goddess, Petite Flower, Passion Plaything, Earth Mother, Hostess, Geisha Girl --- I hope you have a tape recorder because, honey, you're in trouble if you don't --- ok, ahh ... Love Goddess, Petite Flower, Passion Plaything, Earth Mother, Hostess, Geisha Girl , Healer Of Hermaphrodites, Buffer of Bunions and Empress of Elvis Impersonators --- and, of course, The Aphrodite of The Accordion.

DG: Do you think there are any misconceptions about you?

JT: I don't know. Everybody's full of crap. I mean, really, c'mon. I should have my own show by now. Yeah. How many damn sitcoms does Kelsey Grammer need? How many more stupid Housewives do they need throwing tables and limbs at each other. Yeah, I guess I need to take off my artificial leg and throw it at Vanderpump.

DG: You've had a really varied career - theatre, stand-up, films, television, recording - what arena is most satisfying for you?

JT: Well, I really want to be doing television. I like live shows. I like doing live shows - it's just getting to them that's a hassle, right? (she laughs) Flying, and having delays and, you know, getting patted down my T.S.A. But, umm ... I just ... I really would love to be just on a sitcom. Doing films is fun too ... a good film ... but there's a lot of waiting around ... so ... I need to have my own show.

DG: What would you say was your greatest career accomplishment, so far?

JT: Oh my gosh ... I don't know ... well, let me think about that ... hmmm ... that's a tough one. I don't know. Well, I was nominated for two Grammy's, but ... more importantly, I like it when I get a letter from someone ... a person that I've affected their lives or I've helped them. That's important to me. Someone will say "I was feeling bad and you helped me". You know. In terms of, huh ... I don't know. My HBO specials. I did the "Diet Dr. Pepper" commercials, those were a lot of fun. I know that was a while ago ... sorry, I didn't squat and grease myself and be naked next to Kim Lard-ashian. I mean, no matter what you do - excuse me - you can never compete with her. You can win the Nobel Peace Prize and you can't compete with Kim Lard-ashian's ass. Am I right? You can have discovered a new planet. So what? Put it next to Kim Lard-ashian's ass.

DG: Is there anything that you haven't yet accomplished, or a place you haven't played yet, that you hope to accomplish?

JT: I'd just like to get a really great assistant. Honestly, at this point. I've played almost everywhere. Maybe I should ... you know, I certainly don't want to go to Africa and do the Ebola crowd. I know where I don't want to go. Yeah. That's not first on my list.

DG: Do you think it's easier. or more difficult, today for a young comic or comedian to break into this business?

JT: I think it might be harder for them, you know, because there's so much more competition. There's more people trying to do it and there are less rooms. Seriously. The way people do anything now is by getting press - some scandal. It's awful. Yeah. Somebody has to go on a rooftop with a rifle and they get their own sitcom. It's disgusting, you know that.

DG: Would you offer any advice to anyone who was pursuing the road that you pursued?

JT: Yeah. Be a C.P.A. I don't know. You just have to ... you know, honestly, I really wish I would have hooked up with more powerful people. You have to really kiss up to EVERYONE! Kiss up to anyone you think can help you. That's really the best advice I can give. You obviously have to have an act - but, maybe you don't. Right? I mean, look at people like - they give shows to that "what's her name" with all the kids, that divorced her husband - I can't even think of it ...

DG: Kate and eight ...

JT: Yeah. Kate and Eight ... What is that crap? Either have fifty kids and get a reality show, or ... and, do that and you really have to kiss up to casting people. Become friends with important directors. I'm serious. You gotta do this stuff.

DG: Who makes you laugh?

JT: A lot of people. I always loved watching Jay Leno's monologues, He always had jokes. I enjoy people who bother to write jokes. I like Chris Rock. I like D.H. Hughley ... who else? Oh, Jim Carrey makes me laugh. That guy is off the chain, isn't he? I like Amy Polar and Tina Fey. Lets see who else I can work with? (she laughs) All those people. Who else? Oh, Sam Kinnison always made me laugh, He's no longer with us ... but ... is that a good list?

DG: What can audiences expect from your show this weekend in Palm Springs?

JT: I wanted to give away some clothing. (she laughs) No, I'm not stripping. I promise. No, no. Well, it's my birthday bash. Even though I had my birthday a couple of weeks ago they wanted to give me a birthday - so, it's gonna be a lot of fun and ... okay, I'm husband hunting. Now, I know all the men are going to be gay but at this point, I need a new gay husband. Or, a new lesbian assistant. What do you think of that? If you want something done, tell a lesbian and the she'll chop down a tree. Something like that. Doesn't that sound good? Anyway, I can't wait to be there and it will be so much fun.

Don't miss Judy Tenuta at The Copa Palm Springs on November 21 and 22 at 8:00 pm. Limited tickets are still available by visiting

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