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Six Degrees of Separation at Modern Classics Theatre Company of Long Island


11/1/2019 - 11/10/2019


Modern Classics Theatre Company of Long Island

149 N. Wellwood Ave
Lindenhurst, 11757

Tickets Info

$20 Adults $18 Students/Seniors
Phone: 516-701-9777

Six Degrees of Separation in Long Island

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Six Degrees of Separation focuses on Paul, a young black man, who arrives one day at the door of the wealthy Kittredges. He befriends them, but it soon becomes apparent he is not who he claims. He continues to con numerous wealthy people, while Ousia, Flan and their friends try to discover who he really is. Six Degrees exposes how we are all interconnected and the lengths we will go to make those connections.

Ouisa - Jill Linden
Flan - Angelo DiBiase
Kitty - Jocelyn Weston
Larkin - Daniel Bubbeo
Paul - Shiloh Bennett
Geoffrey - Dean Seaforth
Dr. Fine - Cathy Clyne
Doug - Anthony Orellana
Tess - Brittany Mento
Trent - Peter Goike III
Rick/Hustler - Dan Purcell
Elizabeth - Aly Kantor
Detective - Mark Tarantino
Ben/Doorman - Jose Coto
Woody - Michael Goodwin
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