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The Miss Firecracker Contest at Bonanza High School


10/17/2019 - 10/18/2019


Bonanza High School

Las Vegas,NV

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A glittering explosion of laughs sparkle throughout Beth Henley’s story of one small Mississippi town’s biggest annual celebration: the 4th of July Festival and beauty pageant. Carnelle has quite the reputation as a less-than-respectable young lady of Brookhaven. But she is determined to trade in her undesired (yet deserved) nickname of “Miss Hot Tamale” for the glamorous coveted title of “Miss Firecracker.” Wardrobe malfunctions, baton twirling, and of course fireworks, fill the frantic world of Carnelle and her flustered friends as she puts it all on the line for a moment of redemption. Will she be able to clean up her tarnished rep and earn the glorious prestige of becoming this year’s Miss Firecracker? She’ll pull out all the stops, and pull at your heartstrings along the way, as she discovers the true meaning of self-value and friendship.

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