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BWW Review: GUYS AND DOLLS at Alhambra Theatre And Dining

The production runs now through February 13th.

BWW Review: GUYS AND DOLLS  at Alhambra Theatre And Dining

"What's happening all over? I'll tell you what's happening all over." Or at least what's happening at the Alhambra Theatre and Dining. The 55th season has kicked off with the opening of Guys and Dolls! The musical follows gamblers in New York City and their love interests. While the guys are trying to run a secret craps game, the dolls disagree with the thought of gambling at all. Guys and Dolls is a funny, entertaining, and delightful musical that audiences will enjoy!

A unique aspect of the Alhambra's production of Guys and Dolls is the real-life husband and wife duo playing one of the two lead couples. Nathan Detroit (Jason Nettle) designs a secret floating crap game for the gamblers of New York City. This secret floating crap game is also a secret from his fiancée of 14 years, Miss Adelaide (Katie Nettle). Audiences loved the couple's chemistry and comedy. Their comedic timing was perfect! One of the most memorable scenes between the duo was in "Sue Me" as they discuss their fourteen-year relationship and Nathan's inability to commit to Miss Adelaide. Audiences loved Katie Nettle in every performance! She was capable of presenting Miss Adelaide as a somewhat gullible and naïve character, and her voice was great! Each of "Adelaide's Lament" demonstrated Katie Nettle's talent.

Sky Masterson (Melvin Nash) and Sarah Brown (Holly Atwood) were phenomenal as the mismatched couple. Nash was able to present such character growth from the first scene to the last. Sky Masterson (Nash) begins the show as a popular gambler that never loses. However, when Nathan Detroit (Jason Nettle) bets Sky Masterson (Nash) that he cannot convince Sarah Brown (Atwood) to fly to Havana, Cuba with him, his character begins to evolve. Sarah Brown begins wishing that she could save all the lost souls that believe in gambling. When Sky Masterson (Nash) shows up at her mission, she knows something is amuck but wants to believe she can save his soul. Ultimately, they begin to fall in love, with many ups and downs. The audience enjoyed following their relationship, and all its obstacles. Their most memorable scene was in "I've Never Been in Love Before."

The ensemble was supremely talented! Erick Ariel Sureda did a wonderful job as the choreographer. Sureda was able to use a limited amount of space and make the dance number completely engaging and incredible. Specifically, the scene in the Havana nightclub and "Luck Be a Lady." The gamblers were also very entertaining! Their wit and personalities had the audiences laughing the whole time, especially when they must attend the prayer meeting for Sky Masterson and perform "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat."

Guys and Dolls is a wonderful experience that audiences will love! The musical will be at the Alhambra Theatre and Dining now through February 13th.

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