Le Kung-Fu at Piccolo Teatro Grassi


10/2/2015 - 10/3/2015


Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Via Rovello, 2

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Phone: +39

Le Kung-Fu in Italy

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Theatre and cinema are woven together in this show in which the author and protagonist tells of his childhood in the Congo, with his father, a teacher, obsessed with the cinema. Professor Niangouna took many VHS cassettes with him from France to Africa, films of every genre to watch with his son, with the hope of turning him into a cineaste.
Among the films, the young boy’s favourites were the ones on kung-fu. His father promised to send him to China to learn the techniques from the Shaolin monks. They would then have made Congolese kung-fu films. Professor Niangouna died before carrying out his project; Dieudonné did not become a cinema director, but a man of the theatre. Cinema, in any case, allowed him to “do his kung-fu”, a voyage between fantasy and reality which every fan of the seventh art makes, starting with the images from the films which have accompanied the events of a life.

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