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Industry Pro Newsletter: Stage Mag Turns One and Tracking Tourism Across the Globe


Will Broadway grosses continue to grow as we head into the holiday season?

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Industry Pro Newsletter: Stage Mag Turns One and Tracking Tourism Across the Globe

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November 22, 2021 -

One year ago last week, BroadwayWorld launched Stage Mag, our digital first show program builder. In that time, we have seen productions large and small from all corners of the globe utilize the software, and our team has continued to gather feedback from users to further improve the software. Across the globe, COVID case counts are rising once again, but the potential impact on tourism - the next major move toward the full recovery of the entertainment industry - is yet to be seen. In the United States, most international travel restrictions have been lifted, and Broadway's current numbers are strong and on the rise. However, that isn't the case in the UK, and other European countries are currently reconsidering some additional restrictions. All of this potentially adds up to a strong but uncertain finish to the year.

The Social Report

Girl From The North Country and Thoughts Of A Colored Man moved to the top of the leaderboard this week. Diana also saw modest growth following its opening night.


Industry Pro Newsletter: Stage Mag Turns One and Tracking Tourism Across the Globe

BroadwayWorld's Stage Mag Turns One!

It's now been over one year since BroadwayWorld launched Stage Mag - a digital first show program builder - and to date, users have created over 2,250 Stage Mag's. Stage Mag has been involved in off-Broadway's Blindness, A Love Letter to Liza, and most recently, MTI's All Together Now, where participants had the option to create a pre-loaded Stage Mag for their version of the event. Additionally, BroadwayWorld has partnered with Broadway Licensing and their catalog of titles to create programs pre-loaded with all of the production's information.

Stay Up to Date on Broadway Grosses

While the League of Broadway Theatre's isn't reporting individual show grosses this season, last month they did reverse course in their decision to not report grosses entirely. The League will release a composite report of grosses, and each week as the data becomes available, you can find it on BroadwayWorld. With the week ending November 14th, a strong rise is clear in the data on all fronts: total gross, seat fill percentage (up 4.69% over the previous week), and average ticket price. As foreign tourists are now allowed to return to the city, a rebound in the tourism numbers does appear to be translating into good news for Broadway.

A Call to Democratize the New York Arts Scene

Writing in the New York Daily News, Sarah Miller-Davenport writes about the growing divide between the institutions that call New York home, and the citizens of the city's ability to enjoy that art. As New York opens for tourism, Miller-Davenport ponders how different this is from the mid-20th century haven of cultural accessibility that New York City was.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Stage Mag Turns One and Tracking Tourism Across the Globe

Broadway Advocacy Coalition and Columbia Law Announce New Course

Continuing their multi-year partnership, Broadway Advocacy Coalition and Columbia Law have announced an in-person course entitled The Theatre for Change: Reimagining Justice Through Abolition. Artists of all disciplines are invited to apply to participate in the course during December.

The Hollywood Reporter on Broadway's Return

Abbey White chronicles not only Broadway's triumphant return this fall, but a look at how the many different key players navigated that return - and the stressors that come from playing the waiting game on if and when tourists will return not just to Broadway, but to New York City itself.

Australian Government Won't Offer COVID-Cancellation Insurance

The Australian government has rejected a proposal to create a new government backed insurance scheme for live event promoters to purchase insurance against government enforced shutdowns of the live event industry. This was something that was instrumental in getting live events back up and running in the UK, and many in the Australian entertainment industry are referring to it as a market failure that this kind of coverage won't be made available.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Stage Mag Turns One and Tracking Tourism Across the Globe

UK Tourism Struggles to Return

With case numbers on the rise across Europe, tourism in the UK continues to struggle to recover - a problem not faced by other countries that have also been loosening restrictions. While other European countries have seen their tourism numbers start to recover (this summer, Greece reached nearly 87% of their pre-pandemic tourist numbers), UK tourism agencies are projecting that numbers in the UK will be lower than they were even in 2020, when the harshest of lockdown restrictions.

Industry Pro Webinar: The New Marketing Cycle with Rian Durham of Situation

As theatres across the globe have started the journey back to normal operations, one thing has become abundantly clear: audience members aren't buying tickets in the same way, or on the same cycle, that they were beforehand. As many producers have noted, audiences are buying tickets later and later in the cycle, with many ticket purchases coming within two weeks of the performance date. This shift means that producers and their marketing team must reconsider how and when they're making their media buys. For this webinar, we'll be joined by Situation's Rian Durham to discuss what producers should be considering, how Situation is dealing with the shift, and more!

Mark your calendars and register now for the webinar on December 1 at 3pm Eastern!

Add Your Show to our Regional Events Calendar

As audiences get set to return to in-person performances, and as your company works to market your own return to the stage, make sure you've got your upcoming shows in our regional events calendars. Listings are free of charge, with boosting options available. Get your show listed now!

BroadwayWorld Stage Mag - A Fully Interactive Show Program

The digital solution to your show program needs - want to see what's possible? Check out the Stage Mag's for off-Broadway's Blindness and for Next on Stage Season 3! Then start building your own at

Want more information about marketing options with BroadwayWorld? Request a media kit here and a member of our sales and marketing team will reach out promptly.

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