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Review: A BEEF & BOARDS CHRISTMAS is Merry and Bright at Beef & Boards

Now on stage at Beef & Boards through December 23rd.

Review: A BEEF & BOARDS CHRISTMAS is Merry and Bright at Beef & Boards

It's officially December, and the holiday season is upon us! Twinkle lights and vibrant colors are starting to fill up windows form stores to homes. Luckily, this holiday frenzy has spread to Beef & Boards. A BEEF & BOARDS CHRISTMAS is a winning tribute to the sounds, sights, and smells of this festive season.


Beef & Boards' regulars will be thrilled to see A BEEF & BOARDS CHRISTMAS back on stage for the first time since 2017. This Beef & Boards family tradition is brought to life by both familiar faces and new talents. You can rest assured that this performance will evoke all the warmth and joy that characterizes this time of year.

I'm going to go a little "off script" for a moment and mention something other than the performance. Part of the ongoing allure of Beef & Boards is its buffet. Chef Odell Ward has been populating the buffet with delicious food for nearly four decades, and he brings out all your favorites for this show. Turkey, stuffing, rolls, sweet potatoes, the list goes on. You'll be full of comfort and good will before the show even begins!

The performances were all excellent, and you can never beat the dancing feet at Beef & Boards. The four principal dancers always had the most festive outfits and exuded fun and energy whenever they were on stage. Kudos to Choreographer Ron Morgan for ensuring their talents got the chance to shine. Another notable element of this show is how it features the Beef & Boards Orchestra. It's not often you get to see the faces behind the music, and they added a special touch to the show.

The featured vocalist this year was also exceptional. Jalynn Steele gave an incredible and stirring performance of "Do You Heart What I Hear?" It added a moment of solemnity to the whole experience. One of the most entertaining performances came from Peter Scharbrough in "Santa's Back." It had a touch of sass that was so enjoyable.

It would be a shame to leave out the "big man" himself, Santa Claus. He brought the holly and the jolly every time, and he even had a few great dance moves! Be prepared to laugh and smile.


Thanksgiving is behind us, and it's time for the most wonderful time of the year - Christmas. Kicking off the holiday in style, it was time for the finally-returning, timeless, time-honored production of A BEEF & BOARDS CHRISTMAS. Celeste and I took in the holiday spectacular Saturday night and holy reindeer we sure feel Christmas-sy now. The completely sold-out crowd certainly seemed to enjoy it as much as we did.

All of the cheery entertainment was presented dressed in an avalanche of costumes in a cacophony of colors. Throughout the grand total of 35 musical numbers, I think I spotted only one repeated costume... kudos. The show is a wonderful presentation of coloring and assorted styles, created by Beef & Boards amazing costumer, Jill Howe, which added to our enjoyment throughout the show.

However, I would never forget to mention the luscious holiday-themed buffet Chef Ward whipped up for the celebration. Featuring roast beef, turkey, stuffing, veggies and much, much more... I'd have to admit, I had seconds...

Every one of the cast stood out in their own special way, but it was especially exciting to see 2 married couples and Deb Wims again with Kenny Shepard.

If you like Christmas music, need to get into the holiday spirit, or need to cheer up an old Scrooge, this variety show will make you smile and feel cheery that the holiday season has once again arrived. A BEEF & BOARDS CHRISTMAS continues thru December 23rd. For the schedule and more information, you can hop over to or call the box office (317-872-9664).

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