LORD OF THE FLIES - Denver Center Theatre Company Auditions

Posted: June 5, 2014

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LORD OF THE FLIES - submit for NYC appointment
Denver Center Theatre Company|Denver, CO

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ATTN: Lord of The Flies, Role of _________
250 W. 54TH ST 10TH FL
Author: William Golding
Adapted by: Nigel Williams
Artistic Dir: Kent Thompson
Dir: Anthony Powell
Casting Director: Paul Fouquet, Elissa Myers Casting
Casting Associate: Karie Koppel
Auditions BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. For consideration, mail picture & resume to address below. EQUITY MEMBERS ONLY. SUBMISSIONS RECEIVED AFTER JUNE 17 WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
LORT Non-Rep
$766 weekly minimum
Equity male actors who are over 18 but read 14-17. The younger the look the better. Please be conscious of height. Will consider minors who are mature and able to travel.

See breakdown for more information.
Other Dates
Pre-Screen Auditions: June 18, 2014
NYC Auditions: June 30, July 1 & 2, 2014

First Rehearsal: August 26, 2014
First Preview: September 26, 2014
Opens: October 3, 2014
Closes: November 2, 2014


[RALPH] (Male 14-17 Could be any ethnicity) The most charismatic of the boys on the island who is both affable and athletic. He is capable of deep thoughts, even if they sometimes tie him up in knots. Ralph looks like a natural leader, but is conflicted about being one. He is more sensitive then he lets on.

[JACK] (Male 14-17 Could be any ethnicity) Not a boy of intellect, but of physical strength. Fearless with a tremendous survival instinct. He has his own kind of charisma. He is fierce, fiery, and funny. Jack is also athletic, but could be smaller in stature than Ralph. He’s totally uncompromising and very perceptive about the other boys’ weaknesses, hence a great manipulator.

[PIGGY] (Male 14-17 Could be any ethnicity) He is chubby, smart, and completely lacking in social skills. He mostly speaks without guile and is wholly unaware that words have consequences. Basically sweet-natured, but with a reservoir of anger bubbling underneath. Probably a Libra based on the fact he strives on order, procedure and the democratic process of running things. He cannot adapt to the spontaneity that exists on the island. Leads a regimented existence and craves a society where there are rules and regulations.

[ROGER] (Male 14-17 Could be any ethnicity) He is quiet and dangerous. He’s probably on the smaller side and at first doesn’t draw attention to himself, then all at once becomes a dark, dangerous creature who can be extremely intimidating. Merciless. (Napoleon complex)

[SIMON] (Male 14-17 Could be any ethnicity) One of the younger boys in the group. Smart, but a little other-worldly. A kid who observes the world around him in a very different way than his peers. He is an extreme innocent.

[SAM and ERIC] (Males 14-17 Could be any ethnicity) Twins, on the younger side, about the same age as Simon. They are a slightly comic duo who mean well, but will do what’s necessary in order to survive, but they are followers, not leaders. Without each other they are fairly useless.

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