ACTORS' PLAYHOUSE AT THE MIRACLE THEATRE 2014-15 SEASON - Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre Auditions

Posted: May 15, 2014

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Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre

- EPA by Appointment in FL
Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre | Coral Gables, FL
Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal
Equity Performer Auditions (3 days)

Monday, June 2, 2014
10 AM to 6 PM
Lunch 1:30 to 2:30

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
10 AM to 6 PM
Lunch 1:30 to 2:30

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
10 AM to 4 PM
Lunch 1 to 2
Miracle Theatre
280 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Equity performers, actors and singers, for various roles and parts in the upcoming season.

See breakdown.
see breakdown for full preparation instructions.
Other Dates
note: seeking adult actors 18+ only at these auditions

For more info on what to expect, please visit:
Artistic Director: David Arisco
· A monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
see breakdown for instructions on making an appointment

AEA Members without appointments will be seen throughout the audition day as time permits.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.

Appointment Instructions:
For an appointment, please visit and fill out all the fields. Actors will receive a confirmation. Actors without Internet access may call (305) 444-9293 extension 623 for an appointment. Online applications are preferred when possible.

Equity Members without appointments will be seen throughout the audition day as time permits.


Preparation Instructions:
If singing: Please prepare two contrasting 16-bar pieces and a one-minute monologue (contemporary preferred). Bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided. No a cappella singing or singing to playback.

If not singing: Please prepare two contrasting one-minute monologues or one two-minute monologue.

All actors: Please bring one copy of your headshot/resume.


Book & Lyrics by Julia Jordan, Music & Lyrics by Juliana Nash
October 8 – November 2, 2014
Director: David Arisco
Musical Director: Eric Alsford

A sung-thru Rock Musical
Sara: Early - Mid 30s Female, any ethnicity. MUST SING! An Upper West Side mom who can't quite leave her rock n' roll wild-child past behind. Vital, sexy, and a little tough. A warm and funny mother and wife; unfussy. But she has a reckless streak, and a yearning for the excitement of her youth. A complicated woman.

Narrator: Late 20s - 30s Female, any ethnicity. MUST SING! A soulful, sometimes wry, observer. A woman with a story to tell, and the charisma to draw us in. But there's a large and surprising well of passion beneath her affable demeanor.

Tom: Early - Mid 30s Male, any ethnicity. MUST SING! A sexy, charismatic bar owner. 100% downtown. Not necessarily a bad guy, but certainly a bad boy. A very cool customer; lives life in the moment. But he's getting older, and starting to wonder if there's more to it all.

Michael: Late 30s-early 40s Male, any ethnicity. MUST SING! A kind man, a good dad, the one you marry. Handsome, content, a calming presence. Happy and proud of the life he and SARA have built together. The kind of guy who usually takes the high road, but when he's pushed off it, he is capable of explosive anger.


By Tom Dudzick
December 3 – 28, 2014
Director: David Arisco

Clara Nowak: Female, 60-70 born in Poland but brought to the USA as an infant, the family matriarch, lives (present day) in an old rundown house in the "Hydraulics" section of Buffalo, NY; urban blight has settled in, and this particular dwelling sits behind a neighborhood soup kitchen which used to be a barber shop; there is a charmingly naive Old World peasant air about her.

Jimmy Nowak: Male, early 30s Clara's son, the baby, unmarried, a blue-collar, knock-around kind of guy, a garbage man with a secret of his own who loves to tweak his two older sisters, not a dumb guy at all, just not college material.

Beverly Nowak: Female, early 40s Clara's eldest daughter, unmarried, stereotypical bowling-mad character, frumpy, stirs up the (family) pot.

Ruth Nowak: Female, 30-40 Clara's middle child, unmarried, an aspiring actress, gangly, awkward, and not the type men throw themselves at, but she has an appealing positive energy, a little classier than her brother and sister, but not by much, wants to turn the family story into a work of art on stage.


Book by Terrence McNally, Music by Stephen Flaherty, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Based on the novel by E.L. Doctorow
January 28 – February 22, 2015
Director: David Arisco
Musical Director: David Nagy
Choreographer: Ron Hutchins

Cast breakdown: a Multi-Ethnic/Multi-Racial cast including all ages, about 30+ adults and 3 featured children. The entire ensemble sings. Minimal dance requirements, although preferable for African-American Ensemble members to be dancers. **The three featured children will be cast at a separate casting call, dates TBD.

Coalhouse Walker, Jr: (lead) 25-35, African-American Male. (baritone with strong top range; range: Ab to G, with a sustained high F#). A pianist; proud, confident, and stubborn. Intense dance.

Sarah: (lead) Early 20's, African-American Female. (lyric soprano; range: low G# to high F# on staff)

Mother: (lead) 40s , Anglo-American Female. (lyric soprano; range: low G to high Eb on staff) gentle, compassionate, optimistic

Father: (lead) 40+ Anglo-American Male. (baritone; range: B to E on staff) cautious; resistant to change

Mother's Younger Brother: (supporting) 25+ Anglo-American Male. (tenor/baritone with strong top range: B to high F#) passionate anarchist; intense and high-strung

Tateh: (lead) 30s – early 40s, Eastern European/Jewish Immigrant Male. Slight accent (tenor; range: Db to high F#) intelligent, passionate, creative

Emma Goldman: (cameo - historical) 40+ Eastern European/Jewish Immigrant Female/Anarchist. slight accent. (alto, range: low G# to Db on staff)

Harry Houdini: (cameo - historical) 30+ Hungarian Immigrant Male. Magician/body-builder. (tenor; range: mid. C to high G)

Evelyn Nesbit: (cameo - historical): Early 20s, Anglo-American Female. Vaudevillian performer. (belter/soprano, range: middle C to Db on staff) dancer preferred.

Sarah's Friend: (supporting) Early 20s, African-American Female. (Gospel lyric-soprano or alto range: low G to stratosphere scat top note)

Grandfather (cameo) (Mother's father): 60+ Anglo-American Male. (some "speak sung" lyrics, baritone) gruff & outspoken.

Booker T. Washington: (cameo - historical) 45+ African-American Male, distinguished. (some "speak sung" lyrics, baritone)

Henry Ford: (cameo - historical) Early 40s, Anglo-American Male. (some "speak sung" lyrics, baritone)

JP Morgan (cameo - historical): 45+ Anglo-American male; banking mogul. (some "speak sung" lyrics, baritone)

RAGTIME offers members of the three ensembles multiple opportunities to play a number of smaller parts with lines and some solos. Supporting roles with final casting decisions possibly made during rehearsals include: Admiral Peary, Stanford White, Harry K. Thaw, Willie Conklin, Judge, train conductor, people of New Rochelle/Harlem/Union Square, Jewish immigrants, factory workers, demonstrators, newsboys, reporters, bureaucrats, Coalhouse's Men, and numerous other ensemble roles.

The RAGTIME Chorus must be one of the major stars of the show. Chorus is extremely involved and active throughout the show. The three distinct ensemble groups must each produce a full and balanced choral sound.
Book by Austin Winsberg, Music and Lyrics by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner
March 18 – 12, 2015
Director: David Arisco
Musical Director: TBA

Aaron: Late 20s-30s Male. Tenor. New Yorker. Jewish investment banker. He has never been on a blind date before. Out of his element, nervous, and trying way too hard. Must have great comic timing.

Casey: Late 20s-30s Female. Great belt/mix voice. Daring, bold, and delightfully controversial. All as a defense mechanism. Must have great comic timing.

Gabe/Edgy Rocker: 25-35 Male, any ethnicity. GABE is the mega dude/womanizer. Has every answer to every question about women that has ever been asked. Aaron’s best friend since childhood. EDGY ROCKER/BRITISH GUY are bad boys from Casey’s past. Cocky and neglectful, they are overcompensating. Baritenor range.

Lauren/Grandma Ida: 25-35, Female, belt/mix with soprano. Must have great comic chops, should have soprano AND a great belt. Casey’s sister. LAUREN is happily (somewhat) married to her highly successful husband, Kevin, and wonders out loud why Casey can’t break her bad habits and learn how to catch a winner. Constantly trying to fix up Casey. GRANDMA IDA is Aaron’s dead grandmother, who feels strongly that her son should marry a Jewish woman.

Reggie/British Guy: Late 20s-30s. Male, any ethnicity with great comic chops, tenor. REGGIE is Casey’s fabulously fierce gay and over-imaginative best friend. Easily sent into a tailspin of jealousy, paranoia, and drama. EDGY ROCKER/BRITISH GUY are bad boys from Casey’s past. Cocky and neglectful, they are overcompensating.

Waiter/Casey’s Christian Father: 35-45. Male with great comic chops, bari/tenor. A career waiter, who dabbles with songwriting and performing on the side. A romantic. He wants nothing more than for love to blossom in his restaurant. CASEY’s CHRISTIAN FATHER is a sterotype super-Christian, praising the Easter Bunny and denouncing Judaism.

Allison: 25-35, female, must have great comic chops. Aaron’s ex-fiance. Gorgeous, sexy, uptight, conservative, controlling, manipulative. Must have great belt and some soprano.


By Karen Zacarias
May 13 - June 7, 2015
Director: David Arisco

Ana: 30 - 40 Caucasian or Latina Female. Pronounced “Ah-nuh” Beautiful. Charming. Smart. Accomplished. Organized. A columnist for a Daily paper. The Mother Bee. Her grace masks her need to control.

Rob: 30 - 40 Caucasian Male. Her golden-boy handsome charismatic underachiever husband who is starting to search for meaning. They met in College. He has an Upper Crust background.

Will: 30 - 40 Caucasian or Asian Male. Rob’s conservative, well read, well dressed, disciplined college roommate. Ana’s former boyfriend. He’s a history buff. Unmarried.

Jen: 30s Caucasian Female. Ana’s friend. Pretty. Shy. Smart. Tends to burst out with awkward truthful comments. Despite some lack of self-confidence, she is the grounding center of the group. Unorganized and oblivious to her own attractiveness. Unmarried.

Lily: Late 20s – early 30s African-American Female. A go-getter and former debate captain who is on the cusp of all current trends and yet can still put her foot in her mouth in social occasions. Laughs at appropriate and inappropriate times. A great lover of books and Ana’s protégé at the paper.

Alex: 30s, any ethnicity. He is The New Guy. A very smart, well-read academic who has lost his moorings and is searching for a real connection. Professor of Comparative Literature.

*All of the above characters except for Ana, will also be playing one of the Pundits: SAM- WALMART GUY, FRANK- SECRET SERVICE AGENT, ELSA- JADED LITERARY AGENT, MRS. SIMPSON- SKY DIVER, TOMAS- SHARK BITE SURVIVOR


By Paul Slade Smith
July15 – August 9, 2015
Director: David Arisco

Eric Sheridan: 30s, Male. A bookish, even-keeled police officer who's thrown into some difficult situations--while not wearing any pants.

Billie Dwyer: 20s-30s, Female. A police officer. Eric's partner. Although she seems to lack every skill needed for police work, she is enthusiastic and eager to succeed.

Karen Brown: 30s, Female. An accountant who usually has a very professional demeanor, but seems unable to keep herself in control today.

Mayor Meekly: 50-60s, Male. A sweet, gentle fellow, who seems very Innocent (with a capital I)

Agent Frank: 30-50s, Male. Town Hall head of Security. Although he can seem confident and even gruff, in moments of crisis he is easily reduced to a very frightened man

Todd: 30-40s, Male. Speaks with a pronounced Scottish accent. A professional hit man who's accent gets thicker the angrier he gets, until he's completely indecipherable.

Mary Meekly: 50-60s, Female. The Mayor's wife. Small in stature, she seems very sweet natured, and a good match for her husband the mayor.

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