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BWW Blog: NYC - 3 Bucks, Lots of Bags, 1 Me!

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Now almost ten months later, with Broadway dark and NYC as empty as ever, I’m incredibly grateful for my time in the city.

The fearless leader of the student Bloggers, Taylor, presented us with an equivocal "Theme of the Week:" Before the Pandemic. While I recently reflected on my longing to be back at my local Denver Center for the Performing Arts in another blog, Taylor challenged us to think about a past experience in New York City before the shutdown. Lucky for her, and all of you, I'm up for the task.

Over the 2019 winter break, I defied my parents and decided I wanted to go to New York after Christmas. With the hope of summer internship networking (and a huge desire to see Reeve Carney in Hadestown), I planned an epic trip, packed with informational interviews, time with family on the east coast, and more importantly, some solo exploration in the Big Apple.

BWW Blog: NYC - 3 Bucks, Lots of Bags, 1 Me!

This marked the first trip where I was truly by myself. Although I'm originally from New Jersey and have been to New York plenty of times, it was never alone. As a person who doesn't even want to go to Target without a friend, I was nervous and, admittedly, embarrassed to be conquering the city by myself. Now almost ten months later, with Broadway dark and NYC as empty as ever, I'm incredibly grateful for the time I spent soaking in the big city energy all by myself. Here are a few things that I miss about the Broadway experience:

  1. A big hot pretzel that tastes slightly like smoke

    1. When you're traveling alone, there's no need for a fancy sit-down meal. A pretzel and maybe Chick-Fil-A will do. And yes, this photo is of me hanging out by 30 Rock watching ice skaters with said pretzel before seeing Waitress. I'm not ashamed.

BWW Blog: NYC - 3 Bucks, Lots of Bags, 1 Me!

Navigating the streets to your theatre

Not to mention the other marquees you'll pass along the way. If I could somehow find myself "accidentally" in the middle of Times Square en route to the theatre, I wouldn't think twice.

Getting to the theatre way earlier than you needed and having an internal war over whether you should risk going to the bathroom because what if there's a line?

Turns out you'll be halfway through Act I and wishing that you took the risk.

Orchestra warm ups

Anyone who has gone to a show with me knows that even the slightest sound of the pit warming up is enough to start the water works. I can't wait for the day I can hear another goosebump-inducing overture.

Pretending to read the Playbill

Please, no judgement from those of you that actually do read the Playbill. I'm just too excited to focus on anything. I'll skim the actor bios, double check what song is before intermission, and do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn't get crinkled, but the mere feeling of it in my hand is enough for me.

Standing ovations

While the energy of the crowd develops and settles in over the course of a show, it's always interesting to see what kind of applause the audience is ready to give. I love the moments where there are cheers throughout the show, or even an extended applause after a song, but nothing is more powerful than when the audience erupts into a standing ovation during curtain call.

Leaving the theatre and thinking "What now?"

I always leave a show and list all the amazing lines, songs, and scenes that I swear I will never forget as long as I live. I inevitably end up forgetting most of the specifics within two weeks, but I can never shake the feeling that I get when the curtain comes up and the lights dim.

While I'll be missing The Rockettes kickline and Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree this year, I'll be anxiously awaiting marquees to light up again and be on the next plane out.

BWW Blog: NYC - 3 Bucks, Lots of Bags, 1 Me!

For reference, here are the shows that made me NYC week that much more glorious:

  • The Radio City Rockettes (complete with the backstage tour, of course)

  • Wicked (stuffed myself with cheesecake from Junior's before the matinee because no one was there to tell me no)

  • Moulin Rouge! (Aaron Tveit! Live! In the flesh! No, seriously!)

  • Hadestown (do I need to say anything about this one?!)

  • Waitress (closing weekend with Katharine McPhee and Drew Gehling, yeah that happened)

  • Tootsie (closing weekend with OBC and Tony winner Santino Fontana, yeah that also happened)

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