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Minus Some Buttons at Riverfront Playhouse


1/29/2021 - 2/6/2021


Riverfront Playhouse
Aurora,IL 60505

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Phone: (630) 897-9496

Minus Some Buttons in Chicago

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A delightful comedy by Mark Dunn (author of Belles), about what happens at Graceland Elementary School when a new teacher is hired. Penny who, shall we say, is minus some buttons, is a con artist. The victim of an autocratic school environment as a child, Penny appears to have dedicated her life to breathing some fresh air into the schoolroom, much to the consternation of principal Clarence Olander who looks out his office window one morning to see Penny's pupils throwing their desks out the window! Is Penny a complete lunatic or is she the only one at Graceland Elementary School with any sense whatsoever. Audiences of all ages are sure to delight in the antic comedy in this wonderful play.

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