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Student Blog: Five Movies that Disney Should Bring to Broadway


Disney is well-known for their amazing stage shows, but we haven't gotten a new one since Frozen. Here are my picks for Disney's next Broadway hit

Student Blog: Five Movies that Disney Should Bring to Broadway

Disney has opened many spectacular shows on Broadway, such as Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, and The Lion King. However, it's been around four years since they opened a new show on Broadway. Here are some of my top picks for their next movie-to-stage adaptation to come to Broadway.


Disney did an off-Broadway production of Hercules in 2019, but it needs to move to Broadway! It is the perfect show to attract audiences. It has the amazing music of Alan Menken, and a large amount of spectacle. The company is currently working on a live-action adaptation of the film, so that will add additional buzz for a Broadway production. Also who doesn't love Greek mythology? Retellings of Greek mythology, such as Hadestown, do really well on Broadway and continue to bring audiences to the seats.


There is a stage version of this already. It was performed on Disney cruises. Tangled would make the perfect Broadway show. It appeals to both children and adults with princesses and magic and music. There is also plenty of room for expansion and new musical numbers. I think a Pascal and Maximus number would be wildly entertaining. I also think that the character of Eugene deserves to be explored further. I would argue that Flynn Rider is the protagonist of Tangled, and yet he doesn't really sing in the film. I would like to explore his backstory a little bit more.

Inside Out

Okay, so this is probably the strangest addition to this list. However, if they can turn Ratatouille into a musical, what's to stop them from making Inside Out into one? This movie would make a great musical. It has very specific and distinct characters. The story has a lot of heart as well, without being too cheesy. It would also be really interesting to see how a scenic designer would design this show, since much of it takes place in Riley's brain.

The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries is the definition of the perfect musical. As an early 2000s film, it is going to attract audiences for a nostalgic factor, but it's also easily adapted to be relatable to modern young audiences, like what was done with Mean Girls. Princess Mia is a very relatable character, mainly due to the fact she is an ugly duckling. The film also tells a relatable story about owning your destiny which translates well to stage.

The Muppets Take Manhattan

While technically not a Disney film, it is owned by Disney. I love musicals that are about making a musical. I also think this film has the advantage of being mainly in one central location, which makes it easier to adapt to the stage. Puppets are already commonly used in Disney productions, so it would be easy for them to create stage versions of the Muppets.

It has been so long since we got a new Broadway production from Disney. Hopefully, now that Broadway is reopening and new shows are being developed again, Disney will open an amazing new show that will delight audiences, children and adults alike.

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