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Review: CHICAGO at Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre

Review: CHICAGO at Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre

Chicago runs now through September 12.

Dutch Apple celebrates the jazz age in their newest production of Chicago. Although the playbill references a cast of 22, the orchestra is the true star of this show. The ten-piece ensemble is bold and brassy. They are placed prominently and permanently onstage with good reason. They serve as the engine that propels the story.

Logan Floyd and Kate Frieden star as Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart, respectively. Both actresses connect well with the audience. They prove that it's sometimes good to be bad. Ms. Floyd, in particularly, is a good belter. Both actresses convey the strength and confidence that their characters demand.

Edward Miskie stars as Billy Flynn, the slimy lawyer, who prioritizes making a buck over justice.

This show has a dynamite supporting cast. Christina Wells does an amazing job as Matron Moton. Wells commands the stage every time she appears. G.A. James does an outstanding job as Mary Sunshine. James's sopranos voice is pitch perfect and impressive. My favorite supporting character is Brian Kalinowski's dimwitted Amos Hart. Kalinowski is a warm and sincere performer. He connects with the audience and earns our sympathy. His solo number, "Mister Cellophane" is an unexpected highlight.

The show's choreography drips sex. The Fosse inspired moves had performers slinking and gyrating around the stage. The simple, black costumes featured lots of skin. They added an additional layer of sensuality to the stage.

While the show has many similarities in plot and score with the 2002 movie, it has a few surprises up its sleeve that were enjoyable and unique. The lack of traditional sets does not take away from the story. Instead, it allows other aspects of the show to step into the spotlight.

Chicago plays now through September 12. It is well worth a look.

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