BWW Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Ten - The Complete Shows Edition

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BWW Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Ten - The Complete Shows EditionThe artists who grace the stages of the cabaret community are often prone to filming their shows, which is very smart of them, indeed. Sometimes they will use a clip or two to share on the Youtube, others, they will create a sizzle reel that helps them book new gigs in other clubs in and out of town. There are times when an artist is moving from one show to a new one, and they would like to share their previous work of art with friends, family, fans. Even if it is just to look back and learn what worked and what might have been done better, these performers have an opportunity to make great strides in their work by having experts like Steve Bustamante or Michel Lee Stever document their work with their considerable skills as camera operators and film editors.

During the quarantine, many of these artists are sharing their shows online for a variety of reasons, be it entertainment or a need to make money (something few can do right now that remains of concern to all). We at Broadway World Cabaret are here in service of the cabaret community and the cabaret supporters, so we would like to provide you with a list of shows currently available online for your perusal. Any artists with shows they would like to have listed in the next "Full Show" article may contact me directly at - in the meantime, everybody please enjoy this bunch of videos that show how wonderful is the artistry of the members of this community.

Migguel Anggelo: Latin XOXO - Mr. Anggelo is a performance artist born in Venezuela and living in Brooklyn. He has built a healthy fan base of people who appreciate the creativity that springs from his mind, a creativity that made him a Joe's Pub's working group resident in 2019. LATIN X0X0 is his fascinating and fabulous queer/gender-bending concert experience. See Latin XOXO HERE, courtesy of Joe's Pub.

Andrea Axelrod: After The Bawl - Ms. Axelrod is a singer who has appeared on opera stages, in concert halls, and in cabaret rooms. Also a one-time journalist, Ms. Axelrod is a natural storyteller and brings her experience of human observation to AFTER THE BAWL, a nightclub act that runs the gamut of emotion that occurs when breaking up with a lover. See the MAC Award nominated After The Bawl HERE, courtesy of Ms. Axelrod.

Trevor Bachman: Farmed - Mr. Bachman is a composer, vocalist and writer of socially focused musicals who has been much-lauded by a little publication called The New York Times. His musical podcast FARMED provides a heart-stopping soundtrack to an Orwellian America. The fascinating show played Joe's Pub to great response and can be seen HERE, courtesy of Mr. Bachman.

John Burns Is A Sexy Beast - Mr. Burns is a tried-and-true member of the cabaret community, producing shows that are authentic to his wealth of experience, always informed by what he has seen and what he has done. John Burns IS A SEXY BEAST is Mr. Burns' show created to celebrate World Pride in 2019, as well as his pride for a life lived as an out, proud, gay male. A MAC Award nominee, see John Burns is a Sexy Beast HERE, courtesy of Mr. Burns.

Mary Sue Daniels: Straight Outa Conda! - Mary Sue Daniels is a relatively new artist in cabaret who debuted her first show three years ago at Don't Tell Mama. That show, an autobiographical play about her hometown, STRAIGHT OUTA CONDA!, was well received, and so was Ms. Daniels, who was immediately taken in by the community. See Straight Outa Conda! HERE, courtesy of Mary Sue Daniels.

BWW Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Ten - The Complete Shows EditionDawn Derow: The House That Built Me - Ms. Derow has a slew of awards that prove she is a successful cabaret performer, but what she really has to show success is a collection of shows that have garnered her praise for the deep dive she makes when creating a new play to put on the stage. The MAC Award nominated THE HOUSE THAT BUILT ME is Dawn's most personal show yet. See Dawn Derow in The House That Built Me HERE, courtesy of Dawn Derow.

Suzanne Dressler Is Not Married With Children - Ms. Dressler is an actress who has played theaters around the country and in 2015 had her solo debut as a New York City cabaret performer. SUZANNE DRESSLER IS NOT MARRIED WITH CHILDREN established Ms. Dressler as a talent with which to be reckoned. See Suzanne Dressler Is Not Married With Children HERE, courtesy of Ms. Dressler.

BWW Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Ten - The Complete Shows EditionMelissa Errico: Sondheim Sublime - Ms. Errico has played The Great White Way, the cabaret rooms of New York City, London, France, and the concert halls of the world. particularly adept at the interpretation of the works of Michel Legrand and Stephen Sondheim, Ms. Errico has created tribute shows to both geniuses, shows that are always standing room only. See SONDHEIM SUBLIME HERE, courtesy of Melissa Errico.

BWW Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Ten - The Complete Shows EditionMichael Kirk Lane: Just Because - Mr. Lane has been a respected member of the cabaret community for a while, starting in the Piano Bars and working his way up to musical comedy cabarettist and House Manager of the Laurie Beechman. Always looking to create, in 2019 Mr. Lane put on this show JUST BECAUSE, and it got him a MAC Award nomination. See Just Because HERE, courtesy of Michael Kirk Lane.

BWW Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Ten - The Complete Shows EditionLeola: Deeper Into Lady Land! (The Gospel According to Kelly Clarkson) - Leola is a redneck, septuagenarian lesbian from Waycross Georgia, healing the world one cabaret room at a time. Created by star Will Nolan, the LEOLA shows are in their second year of residency at The Green Room 42. See Deeper Into Lady Land! HERE, courtesy of Mr. Nolan.

Jaime Lozano Live At Joe's Pub - Mr. Lozano is a singer, songwriter, and actor whose songs about his experience as an immigrant have been made into the show SONGS FROM AN IMMIGRANT. The show has played sold-out houses at Joe's Pub and The Green Room 42. See Jaime Lozano Live at Joe's Pub HERE, courtesy of Joe's Pub.

BWW Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Ten - The Complete Shows EditionSean Patrick Murtagh: Mario! A Salute to the Great Mario Lanza - Mr. Murtagh is a big name in cabaret in his home town of San Francisco. A New York resident for a few years, Murtagh decided to finally make his cabaret debut with MARIO! A SALUTE TO THE GREAT Mario Lanza and the result was that he has become an instantaneous hit in NYC Cabaret and a MAC Award nominee. See Mario! A Salute to the Great Mario Lanza HERE, courtesy of Mr. Murtagh. To tip Mr. Murtagh during his show, please use Venmo: @SeanPatrickMurtagh PayPal:

Micha: Musica - Micha is the project of singer, songwriter, actor, composer Michelle J. Rodriguez, and MICHA MUSICA has been working with Joe's Pub's series IN TRANSIT to bring this show that runs deep in Latin American culture all around New York City. See Micha Musica HERE, courtesy of Joe's Pub.

BWW Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Ten - The Complete Shows EditionStephen Mosher: The Story Teller - A non-performer, Mr. Mosher created The Story Teller in response to a health scare that left him with a wish to challenge himself. He conquered a lifelong fear of singing in public with the one-off performance that played another four times, after which he turned his attention to cabaret journalism. Having performed this show greatly informs his work as a cabaret writer. See The Story Teller HERE, courtesy of Stephen Mosher. (photo by Alison Stock).

BWW Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Ten - The Complete Shows EditionLeslie Orofino: Shine - Ms. Orofino is an interesting dichotomy. By day she is a suit-wearing Justice of the Peace, but at night she throws a feather boa around her shoulders and slinks about the cabaret stages demonstrating that all women are strong, powerful, in control, and sexy. SHINE is just such a show where she showcases empowered and inspiring women. See Shine HERE, courtesy of Ms. Orofino.

BWW Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Ten - The Complete Shows EditionThe Jennifer Pace Quartet at Laurie Beechman Theatre - Ms. Pace is a longtime member of the cabaret community, a MAC Award winner and one of the Piano Bar scenes most prolific performers. Her regular work at Brandy's has her a MAC Award nominee this year, and her show at the Beechman features a very special musical director - her Dad, Gary. See The Jennifer Pace Quartet HERE, courtesy of Ms. Pace & co.

Rev. Mary and Granny's Blue-Mers: Sex, Drugs, And Rock and Roll Before 1950! - Reverend Mary is the creation of Mary Elizabeth Micari and she is a brassy broad who performs with an all-man band, doing shows brimming with bold content and bright music. SEX DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL BEFORE 1950! was a series of shows scheduled at Pangea that were canceled due to Covid-19 but you can see all of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll Before 1950! HERE, courtesy of Ms. Micari.

Tori Scott is Overserved - Ms. Scott is a significant artist in the world of cabaret and nightclub performing, with a legion of fans who cannot get enough of her shows in venues like Joe's Pub and The Green Room 42. With a no-holds-barred style and her own fabulosity, she has made herself indispensable with shows like Tori Scott IS OVERSERVED. See Tori Scott Is Overserved HERE, courtesy of Joe's Pub.

BWW Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Ten - The Complete Shows EditionDorian Woodruff: Welcome Home: Everybody Has A Story - Mr. Woodruff is a respected jazz singer with an extensive background in the music industry, having played big stages around the country, including Opryland. With nightclub shows like WELCOME HOME: EVERYBODY HAS A STORY, Woodruff has shown audiences and colleagues a propensity for detailed, elegant and pathos-laden storytelling, the sort that has become synonymous with his name. See Welcome Home: Everybody Has a Story HERE, courtesy of Mr. Woodruff.

BWW Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Ten - The Complete Shows EditionRegina Zona: Becoming the Queen 2.0 - Ms. Zona is an opera diva and teacher who made a decision to transfer her performing from the symphony spaces to the cabaret rooms and with BECOMING THE QUEEN, she earned reviews, respect, and a MAC Award nomination. See Becoming The Queen HERE, courtesy of Ms. Zona.

Please take special note with the following entry:

Molly Pope, A Gay Man, and a Piano - Ms. Pope is one of New York City's greatest cabaret performers, indeed, she is one of the few who make their living through their work as an artist, while many of our family of craftspeople have supplemental income. Ms. Pope was performing a run of her show at The Duplex when the city was shut down and is in need of income. While many artists are doing Living Room Concerts during which audiences can send "tips" through Paypal and Venmo, Ms. Pope has made the difficult and daring choice to put her brand new show online, in an effort to draw an income. Molly Pope is an original, a virtuoso, and a damn fine entertainer, and anyone wishing to purchase a viewing of Molly Pope, A GAY MAN, AND A PIANO will be contributing greatly to the survival of an artist. Instructions for buying a viewing of this special show are here:

BWW Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Ten - The Complete Shows Edition"Molly Pope, A Gay Man, and A Piano" with Matt Aument is now streaming online for 70+ minutes of entertainment. Recorded live at The Duplex, February 27, 2020.

1. Purchase a "ticket" via Venmo (@Molly-Pope) or PayPal ( Suggested $5.

2. Include your email address in the memo line!

3. Receive video link via email. Be an honorable person and don't share the link.

4. Watch and enjoy while supporting continued existence in a land of canceled gigs.

Dear Broadway World readers, please stay safe, stay home, stay healthy. Anyone needing to reach the BWW Cabaret desk for any reason, please email me directly at - Please note that the server can be mercurial and if you don't hear back from me, try again. We are here to serve the public and the community in any way that we can. For now, though, please enjoy today's Pandemic Playlist filled with wonderful music and the hearts & souls of the artists of this community.


Photos by Stephen Mosher unless otherwise noted.

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