Feature: Learn More About Some of Our Favorite Cabaret Couples

At the end of their act, these onstage duos unplug their mics and head home together.

10 Videos That Get Us Quaking About SHAKING THE BLUES AWAY! Starring Nicolas King At Chelsea Table + StageThe world of music overflows with love songs and this is the time of year when singers can be found crooning their favorites, from bright songs about new love to torch songs about love lost. Valentine's Day shows are an extremely popular part of the club and concert year, for performers and audiences alike, with entire club, acts dedicated to the act, art, and music of love. Songwriters compose new songs about love, singers sing old tunes about love, and the couples in the seats hold hands and toast with champagne, all in the name of love.

What about the other eleven months of the year? When the season of love is officially over and nightclubs are presenting tribute shows, reviews, and solo acts, baby, baby, where does our love go?

For these couples, it goes home with them each and every day, after each and every show. Whether they met at work, through friends, or by way of a convenient app. these sweethearts have discovered a place where love lives all the time, on and off the stage, whether making music for laughter, tears, or a love affair.

All interviews were conducted digitally, to allow the couples freedom in the format of their responses. Spelling and punctuation edits have been made but the interviews are fully intact to capture the couples' true voices.

10 Videos That Get Us Quaking About SHAKING THE BLUES AWAY! Starring Nicolas King At Chelsea Table + Stage

Names: Blake Allen & Marti Gould Cummings
Years together: 5

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

Blake: Marti and I tour around the world together, often performing for what is called "The Gay Circuit" including Provincetown, Puerto Vallarta, Vacaya Vacations, Atlantis Events, RSVP Vacations, and other queer spaces in America, Canada, and Europe.

Marti: We performed at the Ship & Plow in Gimli, Manitoba when it was -57F!! Colder than Mars. We even went ice fishing on Lake Winnipeg.

Blake: Remember the time we got stuck in a hurricane once when performing in Mexico?!

Marti: Nothing like doing a USO show for 1000 gays all sheltered in a conference hall.

Blake: Without a rehearsal!

Marti: Without. A. Rehearsal. We also won the 2019 Best Special Event (Solo) for our Lincoln Center show at the Big Apple Circus in their Mirror Room. Such a cool space!

Blake: We've also performed at 54 Below, The Green Room 42...

Marti: ...and have a holiday album together that was featured on Shade: Queens of NYC featuring Daphne Rubin-Vega, Cady Huffman, Lesli Margherita, Jelani Remy, Tim Young, and Kristina Nicole Miller.

How did you meet?

Blake: Online.

Marti: Grindr.

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

Blake: I would say it snuck up or was steady. Marti's humour and positivity are just intoxicating.

Marti: Blake's 6' 6''. You tell me!

Describe your first date.

Marti: Blake stood me up.

Blake: No, no, no, we just didn't confirm our coffee date. And then you stood me up for our official first date.

Marti: Blake always tells this story incorrectly.

Blake: Haha. Well, we eventually met up at the original Kahve on 9th Avenue. Marti was wearing sweat pants with dog hair, their hair was all messed up, and they had makeup stains from the night before.

Marti: I just wanted to get you to go away...

Blake: Anyway, that coffee date turned into a 4-hour conversation, and we decided to meet up the next day to watch a movie and actually go on a date.

Marti: Blake's favourite movie actress is Glenn Close so we watched Fatal Attraction...

What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

Marti: Remember how I said Blake is 6'6'? But really, Blake is such a talented composer and musician. He's played on Broadway in Tootsie and with the New York Pops at Carnegie Hall, so it always fun to go see what Blake is up to and get a first listen to Blake's new works, like his album Shards that is coming out in April on No Reverse Records.

Blake: Marti cares so much about the community, and it has been really amazing to watch Marti out on the streets doing homeless outreach, street cleanup, and really become a voice not only for the LGBTTQIA+ community but the Sugar Hill/Hamilton Heights Community at large. There really is no one else pounding the pavement like Marti. Marti really cares about friends, about family. It is very rare to find someone who cares.

What is something your spouse exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

Blake: The Royal Family. I never cared, but Marti is obsessed with Princess Diana and The Queen. Marti can tell you really anything about the Royals.

Marti: Even the lessers. Blake is into wild and weird music, like Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq. Not that I listen to it, but it is fun to be introduced to music of all kinds from all over the world.

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

Blake: Board games.

Marti: Blake's family is very into games, and his mother, Marsha, just introduced us to this game Cover Your A$$ets. We play it almost every day. It's so fun.

Blake: We also have been watching all the Alfred Hitchcock movies this year. We started with the Grace Kelly films.

Marti: No, Blake. Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco.

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Blake: When we work together, it is very different than just everyday life. Marti has immense stage fright up until performance, so as Marti's music director, I not only have to navigate Marti as an artist but also as a spouse who is freaking out.

Marti: Blake is much more focused and dedicated when he is working and leading. Around the house, he is like a bull in a china shop and very absent-minded.

Blake: But at least I clean...

What was the wedding like?

Marti: Perfect! It was at my family's home in Maryland, which was built in the late 1700s. Early June. There were fireflies, and so much of the cabaret community and Hells Kitchen nightlife were there! Even fireworks! Our wedding song was an Angela Lansbury song from Bedknobs and Broomsticks...

Blake: A cut song from the film. It is one of two things I asked for at the wedding - everything else could be what Marti wanted. But my favourite part of the reception was Cady Huffman teaching my Mormon mother to vogue with sparklers to "Let's Have a Kiki." Definitely an image I will never forget.

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your spouse?

Blake: Marti always leading with their heart, creating the Hell's Kitchen Democrats, running for City Council in District 7, and actually caring about their constituents

Marti: It's been great to see Blake use his artistry to overcome personal trauma, which Blake's new album the shards of an honor code junkie, is all about. It really is going to affect change in the LGBTTQIA+ community and hopefully with the Mormon church. That and him being a chart-topper on Billboard and iTunes with his previous album.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

Blake: Always kiss goodnight.

Blake and Marti can be found online at these links:

Blake Allen WEBSITE

Marti Gould Cummings WEBSITE

10 Videos That Get Us Quaking About SHAKING THE BLUES AWAY! Starring Nicolas King At Chelsea Table + Stage

Names: Christine Andreas & Martin Silvestri
Years together: 29 years

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

Martin: The first show I arranged musically and helped Christine put together happened just two months after we met in 1992. She had been invited to give a concert at the white house of president George H.W. Bush and Christine decided she wanted all-new material and arrangements for this event. Though it was our first collaboration, we discovered that working together musically proved to be an almost effortless task as well as being fun, loving, and joyous. Buoyed by the 'high powered' audience's reaction to our nascent efforts, we decided to try and take our show on the road ... or at least to new york. Several seasons in the '90s at the revered oak room at the Algonquin, the new century brought us uptown to the café Carlyle, filling in when Bobby Short went on vacation and now a wonderful association with the elegant Feinstein's - 54 below supper club.

Christine and I enjoy traveling and over the decades, our international engagements have given us the opportunity to explore the world as we continue to make beautiful music together. We've also managed to keep our various producer's cost's down, as they never need to book a second room for Christine's musical director!

Christine: Well....Marty pretty much covered that.....but let me add that Marty is that great combination of artist & businessman AND a terrific showman! ... so... I wrote all the shows that I performed in cabaret, but Marty insisted on preserving them by producing absolutely first-class recordings. It was a dream to see these shows fleshed out with stunning orchestrations and players of the highest caliber. Our first show LOVE IS GOOD was recorded in London with a 36pc orchestra & orchestrations by legendary Harold Wheeler. THE CARLYLE SET has 4 of the most brilliant musicians I have ever worked with....I went to school working with them! HERE'S TO THE LADIES' was again recorded in London with a 55 pc orchestra, orchestrations by 5 of the best guys out there. Finally, PIAF - NO REGRETS, again London, orchestrations by Larry Blank, is not only available in CD....but Marty's little producer mind thought it would be a collectible and pressed 300 lps. AND...we just finished filming it......it is stunning... (if the girl does say so herself :)... so Marty is very handy to have around!

How did you meet?

Christine: Marty & Joel Higgins sent me the cassette (yes it was THAT long ago) of their show THE FIELDS OF AMBROSIA. I put it aside as I was in tech w/a Marsha Norman play at George Street Playhouse. Night of final tech & feeling happy from a few celebratory margaritas, I put on my headset and listened... OMG, my head almost blew off hearing this gorgeous, intelligent, fully sung thru musical... and that role, I knew that woman. Well, the boys couldn't wait for me & offered it to someone else who was equally excited. When I heard that I said, "Well... you're just gonna have to kill her!" Fortunately for me, she ran into a scheduling problem and I went on to do it. Let me just also mention, it was the way Marty worked with people that touched me so... he was kind, respectful as well as serious & talented...I liked him... and his writing? FIELDS today could be the common man's HAMILTON it's that good... it's just waiting to be done.

Martin: John Znidarsic, of the national music theater network, was producing the very first staged reading of my musical the fields of ambrosia, and my writing partner, Joel Higgins, suggested Christine Andreas for the female lead. Joel and Christine starred opposite each other at the palace in Oklahoma and he reached out to her. I had seen most of Christine's broadway work and even though I probably saw Joel and her three or four times in Oklahoma ... we had never met personally. I must admit that I was somewhat hesitant in that the score for fields was musically unlike any of the incredible scores I'd heard her sing over the years and wondered out loud to Joel if she'd be comfortable with the style of our 'sung-through' score. (foolish me ...) Joel's response was simply, 'Mart ... trust me, Christine Andreas can sing anything.'

There is a small novel that could be written on the machinations that it took to finally get ms. Andreas into the rehearsal room but we don't have that kind of space here. Suffice to say, the combination of her voice, her striking beauty, and her kindness over the two weeks of rehearsal cemented my belief that I had met a very, very special human being.

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

Martin: In some ways, it was both. The rehearsal process gave me time to get to know Christine in a very intimate creative setting. Composer to performer working on a new score. I think there was an immediate artistic bond. Love? Did it hit me like a thunderbolt? No. But mostly because I was living in Los Angeles and in the midst of ending a 12-year relationship. A new love affair was probably not high on my 'to do' list. That said, some of the cast would often gather for a drink at Gallagher's after rehearsal and I began to realize how much I looked forward to extending my time with Christine beyond the workplace. And I began to sense that she enjoyed our time together as well. I remember being somewhat melancholy after the staged readings were over and saying goodbye to her with the traditional actor's hug and kiss, before heading back to California. I think it was that night that I said to myself ... 'I'm really going to miss this lady'. And then about two weeks later my phone rang with the invitation to fly back east and help her prepare for the white house concert. As jiminy cricket once sang ... 'fate steps in and sees you through.'

Christine: We both had been pretty wounded for awhile from previous relationships....so perhaps we weren't ready for love at first sight...or trusting that. I just remember that I felt something w/Marty I had never felt before.....safe. I felt his goodness, integrity, authenticity. He was himself w/no pretense. AND he was FUNNY!!!!! One night after a 'Fields' rehearsal we stopped in at Gallagher's & he trained a cockroach on the bar.....I mean it. There it was moving around our drinks and rather than kill it or make a fuss, he talked to it, gave it orders.....he made it go forward, right, left, stop...(until the bartender killed it). I thought to myself, at the end of the world it's us and the cockroaches....I need this guy!

Describe your first date.

Christine: Well.... I was beside myself with excitement... I REALLY liked this guy... What's funny is that I wasn't looking for love at the time, I was content. I didn't feel a void that I needed to fill. My loving was all wrapped up caring for my son... Marty was a complete surprise.

I'll speak about after dinner when we went to the apt. where Marty was staying. It was the first time we embraced and a striking thing happened. In the intimacy of our first real embrace I felt the most loving energy coming from his heart to mine...an open, genuine, loving energy that softened so much of the hurt and pain I had put myself through in the past, and I let go of something. I felt this man would never willingly hurt me... and he hasn't... well, he's pissed me off, but never wounded me deeply.

Martin: We planned a dinner date at 'Montrachet' down in the Soho area. Christine lived in a huge loft in that area and she chose the setting. I don't remember the dinner at all and that is quite unusual for me because I usually commit to memory almost every detail of a fine meal, including the wines. I don't have a clue as to what we ordered that night. What I do recall is being a good fifteen minutes late; no way to text a 'running late' message back then. And I will always remember how incredibly alluring Christine looked when I walked into that elegant dining room. That gorgeous face, radiant in the soft lighting, dressed beautifully, sitting alone in a corner banquette and just smiling that smile. Montrachet closed its doors in 2007 but that image lives forever in my memory. I realize only now that what I felt at that moment, besides being incredibly lucky to be there ... is that I had just come home.

What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

Martin: A difficult question because there are really so many favorite things from which to choose. Geez, Stephen, it took Oscar Hammerstein three verses to name a few of his 'favorite things' and you're asking me to choose one! If I must, I guess my favorite would be watching Christine being a mother. Christine's son, Mac, was five years old when she and I became a couple. My daughter Emilie was just a few months younger than mac. Mac was a 'special needs' boy, now a young man living in his own group home, and Emilie lives in Portland, Maine with a bright future as a filmmaker and cinematographer. Throughout the years, on a daily basis, I could only marvel at the patience, care and love Christine showered on both of these babies. Mac was more than a handful growing up and yet Christine endeavored to honor both her child and mine with endless affection and time while managing a full-time career on the stage. There isn't a night that goes by without a phone call to mac. It was a tradition that started during intermissions of the scarlet pimpernel and continues till this day from dressing rooms around the world. Thank goodness for Viber! Along with auditions, rehearsals, and performances, there was always a delicate balancing act with doctor's appointments, sudden emergency room visits, and nights of sleeping in a chair next to mac's hospital bed when he'd be undergoing one of many surgeries. It all seemed so natural to her and I guess that is why 'watching Christine be a mom' is my favorite thing about my wife.

(And if you'll allow me just one more ... I love her laugh too. It's so full and hearty ... I can always find her in a crowded room!)

Christine: His appetite for life... Marty wakes up alive and ready for the world, what it has to offer him and what he can contribute, so there is never a dull moment. Ideas just fly to him through this enthusiasm; He intuits the absolute best thing to do next to keep us buoyant. When we travel, he always knows what street to walk down, or which way to turn....all leading to a stunning piazza, or wonderfully bustling bistro, or a church with the most beautiful choir filling the space. It's synchronicity! it goes with that attitude of expecting a good time... Oh! did I mention he always finds a parking space in NYC?!! Always!

What is something your spouse exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

Christine: CONSISTENT FUN! I know, sounds weird, but honestly, this is something I didn't allow myself a lot. Changed a bit with my son because of the deep joy of mothering, but fun... simple everyday fun???? Nah! Marty's sense of humor knows no bounds. Mostly everything strikes his funny bone and I've never laughed as much as I have in the last 29 years. He does this in performance too...I never know what to expect. One night in concert I was talking about my mother's influence saying how she sang all day listening to the radio or record player while tending to her 8 KIDS!...Marty said, "Maybe she should have sung a little at night too"... sigh!

Martin: Singing in public. Prior to meeting Christine, my career consisted of composing, arranging, conducting, and producing music in a recording studio. Outside of the occasional need to use my 'composer's voice' to croak out the lyrics of a new theater composition for potential producers, I didn't sing. And that was fine by me. And from most accounts ... it was fine by everyone else who'd ever heard me sing. Entrée' ms. Andreas and a very special concert in 1998 in Paris. She insisted I join her in a duet singing the Maurice Chevalier part of 'I remember it well' from Gigi. The thought of singing with Christine Andreas in front of a very large audience in the ballroom of the inter-continental hotel on place Vendome was beyond intimidating and I did protest. My cries of inadequacy went unheeded. We performed it ... and it wasn't quite as awful as I thought it would be. Truth be told ... It was the highlight of the evening. (I was on my way ...............lol) She has continued to encourage my vocal moments on stage in a variety of our performances and last year I made my vocal recording debut on her new Piaf album. My fan base is small but loyal. Mac thinks I'm a hoot.

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

Martin: We spend a great deal of time on the road and we are fortunate to be fabulous traveling companions. We complement each other in many ways and we both truly love exploring the world together. However, I feel that it is all that traveling that makes just spending the day together at home one of our favorite ways to pass the time. We especially cherish our time together in the kitchen. We love preparing big Italian dinners for 'la Famiglia' and friends. But most evenings it's just the two of us. We use this time to catch up on the day's events, focus on what the upcoming days will require, and to just 'breathe' with each other. Having grown up with Italian born parents and grandparents, as a boy, the kitchen was the most important room in the home. It was always the place where all good things began. Italians have always equated food with love ... don't ask. But I do think Christine and I have a good amount of that equation in our blood. 'al Buon Cibo, Buon vino e more.'

Christine: I'd have to say being home.....just being home. Even after all these many months of just being home I still feel that way. And it's hard to be really specific because time with Marty is full of surprises. Yes, I LOVE performing with Marty, it's a trip... as I said, I never know what will happen on the stage & he keeps me on my toes & keeps me flowing... But creating a day together & how we do it is so graceful, especially now... makes me feel blessed.

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Martin: I think so. Artistically, there has always been a mutual respect between us and I'd describe our working relationship as incredibly 'easy'. We find joy in all aspects. Rehearsing, recording, creating, and performing together brings to both of us a sense of pride and accomplishment, and true joy. I personally love watching Christine perform. Her gifts and the way she uses them amaze me. But remember, we're professionals who have been doing this for a long time with a lot of amazing talents. Christine wouldn't act any differently working with another musician nor would I treat her any differently than I would another artist. But as a married couple, we're always making sure we don't give up too much of our 'thing'. Whatever that might be. Ultimately, we try not to upset the balance in our home relationship. But of course, we can't always agree on everything. I can be somewhat 'stuck' in my beliefs and so can my wife. And as loving as Christine is 95% of the time ... if I press too hard ... she will ... and I quote ... 'close the iron door'. It may take a few hours to get it reopened ... but it always does and those squabbles invariably end up with a hug and a kiss. In thinking about it, when it comes to life's big decisions we're usually on the same page. We'll always jockey for position, but somehow, we've managed to make 'the live together - work together' lifestyle continue to flourish for almost 30 years. I'd say the odds are pretty good we'll make it to the finish line.

Christine: Working together has always been easy. We think alike artistically & have a great deal of mutual respect for each other's gift, so the inspiration seems to come without much effort. But of course, work is more intense....and Marty's very intense so sometimes I do have to hit him over the head with a pot :) Without the work pressure, well, we are very different people really...and we are ALWAYS together... (I need more pots!) But for all the qualities he possesses that I've mentioned, the days, as I said, go by gracefully. I WOULD someday really like to go camping tho'... Marty says he will as long as there's a Ritz nearby at 5 pm...

What was the wedding like?

Christine: Ahhhhh.....heavenly, otherworldly. Understand, I resisted marriage for 15 yrs cause I thought I wasn't any good at it (easy with my past 20-year record!). Finally, I got tired of Marty's mother calling me his 'special friend' and more importantly realized... he's the guy! Sooooo... I was touring in THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA and Marty was looking up cities on the tour where we could get married. Sedona, baby!!!! Mystical Sedona!

We did 3 days of soul journeying with a shaman because I wanted to understand what it was in my nature that was hard for him & vice versa. I was going to be good at marriage this time!

We invited 2 of our favorite couples and there among the red rocks a native American officiate performed the ceremony. Marty said the most beautiful things to me... and the reception... Lord, intimate in a beautiful room full of love, the food? fuhgeddaboudit!... I can still see it & taste it.

Martin: Enchanting. We were married at sunset on the red rocks in Sedona, Arizona. We spent the three days prior to the ceremony with a Native American shaman who guided us as we traveled on a spiritual journey through our individual lives ... past, present and future. As we explored our emotions, he also gave us an insider's tour of the wonders and natural beauty of the high Sedona desert. The pre-wedding retreat was Christine's idea, of course, but in retrospect, I know how deeply special it made our wedding day and our vows. Our guest list was small, just our nearest and dearest. At my request, Joel Higgins, my writing partner and great friend of almost 50 years, sang the wedding song he composed for his own wedding day years before. The lyric so perfectly fits the occasion, it deserved a reprise. The celebratory feast afterward at l'auberge de Sedona was filled with an overabundance of love, happiness, laughter, champagne, caviar, and many bottles of Sassicaia. (our favorite Italian wine! And my bride ... who somehow finds a way to look anything short of beautiful to me on a daily basis ... managed to take my breath away when she appeared in her wedding dress. May 23, 2007, will always be one of the best days of my life.

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your spouse?

Martin: The night Christine won her Barrymore award for her performance as vera in pal joey. If you've been fortunate enough to be nominated for a prestigious award and your name is not the one called when they announce the winner in your category, well ... the carousel still spins. But that golden ring has eluded you. My wife has been in that seat twice at the Tonys. So, imagine how full of admiration and pride my heart was when this particular performance was acknowledged by her peers. By the way, I haven't given up on that third Tony nomination for Ms. Andreas ... third times the charm they say!

Christine: We had raised $3 1/2 million for THE FIELDS OF AMBROSIA, the show Marty wrote with Joel Higgins. Not enough for B'way, but enough for the West End....after all KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN had done really well over there and we had had rabidly enthusiastic sold-out crowds and a fistful of fabulous reviews from our run at the George St Playhouse outside NY....we were psyched! What we didn't know was the house manager at the Aldwych Theatre in London was also a producer and Jimmy Nederlander had bumped his show for ours. Mr. Producer/House Mgr was not happy and proceeded to do several evil things to kill FIELDS....and he did. I was told by a trusted insider that a pact was made between him & the critics pre-show opening night & without even watching, all the critics trashed it....we were stunned. After several previews & a 2-week run, we closed. We had put so much of ourselves into this beautiful show....not just money and time...our hearts were at the center of it....and tho' we had successfully scaled Mt Everests before.... when I looked into Marty's eyes, I could see he was broken.

We went into the strangest mode....we couldn't go home. At first, we went rather mechanically through our days never speaking of home, holding each other at night... and then, slowly, little miracles started to happen & he sensed it... the utter simplicity of our life, our little community of the baker, butcher, vintner, the cheese shop... so completely charming & different from our life in NYC. He would come home from shopping with wonderful stories, feeling lighter. At one point coffers were running low, he went out & I got a call an hour or so later. He'd placed an exotic bet on a horse race at William Hill and won 3,800 pounds!!!!

Silvestri was getting his groove back.

Around Easter, we were offered a cottage in the French countryside owned by the band's' fixer', what we call here a 'contractor', whom Mart had hired even though' the gentleman himself said he'd been in the 'looney bin'. Marty liked him & the guy was so grateful. The cottage was modest but beautiful with an enormous fireplace right in the kitchen and 2 big stuffed chairs... by firelight Mart would read to me late into the night. We bicycled everywhere and slept to the sound of the Charente River rushing past our bedroom window. It felt as tho' it rushed through our veins clearing the pain. His step was lighter, his mind clearer... his appetite for life returning. And yes, I was proud of him. He had spent 7 years of his life on this show, it was part of our bones it seemed, but life was much bigger and he chose life once again.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

Christine: Remember why you love each other & address that flame if it dims in any way... & practice, practice, practice! Like anything worth doing, I think you have to practice loving...

Most of my life I've had a little battle going on between my will and my intuition. Both are very, very strong. The intuitive voice was seldom quiet... guess it had to bang in my brain to get my attention. When I listened all was well when my will wanted its wayward way... not so good. Then my son was born & everything changed. I could screw around with my life, but not with this beautiful soul. Honestly, he's taught me unconditional love... pure and simple. It's not as easy with a spouse, and we are both very strong-willed, big personalities... he's a double Scorpio and 100% Italian/Abruzzeze = STRONG!!!!! But I love him, so I practice till I can remember who he is. No matter the argument, I know the good in him, and I know I can reach it. And I know we will work through our differences, change or accept them because we're human and I know he wants to work it through as well. We want to go back to love. What do we call that... faith? trust? respect? I just know that my son Mac unlocked my heart and Marty was right there and walked in.

Martin: Just build on the things that made you fall in love with each other in the first place. Build and strengthen your foundation. Do it every day. Your foundation is the basis of your love and the stronger that gets the more difficult it is for life's adversities to tear you apart. Our early years together were beyond challenging in so many ways. The strength we lent to each other during those years has forever reinforced our foundation; and our marriage. Life's unexpected problems and obstacles will always rear their head during a lifetime together, but I think Christine and I know now that our love is stronger than any kind of wind that blows. In those early years when moments arose when we didn't have a clue as to how to take the next step, I would just hold Christine in my arms and say, 'love will find a way'. And you know what? It did.

Christine can be found online at this link, and Martin by proxy:

Christine Andreas WEBSITE

10 Videos That Get Us Quaking About SHAKING THE BLUES AWAY! Starring Nicolas King At Chelsea Table + Stage

Names: Florencia Cuenca y Jaime Lozano
Years together: 7 years

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

Florencia: I have always considered myself mainly a storyteller. It doesn't matter if I am on a theatre stage, recording an album, or on a cabaret stage. I love telling stories and even more stories related with myself and what I am living. I always try to reflect in my art who I am and where I come from.

Jaime: I am the other side of the storyteller. I don't tell them onsite but I love writing stories and music for these stories. I strongly believe in the power that music and words have together. I am a musical theatre composer, director, orchestrator. And one of my greatest joys is to have the honor and privilege of sharing this journey of telling stories with my wife, Florencia Cuenca, whom I consider the best storyteller.

How did you meet?

Florencia: Back in Mexico. We have a lot of friends in common and I had heard a lot about him because he was vocal coaching some of my friends but we had never seen each other in person. The very first time we saw each other was at a friend's wedding in Jaime's hometown. I had always lived in Mexico City and Jaime was living in Monterrey. So I traveled to Monterrey to this friend's wedding. Our tables were just one in front of each other, but you know what? We didn't talk to each other that night. He was just staring at me the whole night. It was kind of creepy. Haha.

Jaime: There was this light on her. It was like she had her own spotlight and I couldn't stop looking at her. I really think we are meant to be together and our paths were destined to cross.

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

Florencia: I think there was some kind of connection. I definitely felt something but I don't think it was love at that moment. But as soon as we started getting to know each other I knew there was something between us. I was trying to deny it but there was always something that was making our connection stronger. I started realizing we had the same interests, about musical theatre, music, art in general, etc. He was what I was looking for.

Jaime: For me, it was definitely love at first sight. As Florencia mentioned before, I couldn't stop looking at her. Her smile, her beauty, her energy. How she filled the room. After that night I went right to my computer and I sent her a Facebook friend request and we start chatting with each other non-stop. We started to know each other this way because Florencia was back in Mexico City and I was in Monterrey. But every day chatting with each other was a confirmation that we were meant to each other. Eventually, I moved to Mexico City and we started "dating", even she doesn't consider we were dating. I asked her to be my girlfriend hundreds of times, no exaggeration, and she always said no. She didn't want to lose me as her friend. It took me many time and many tries to convince her to say yes, but it was completely worthy.

Describe your first date.

Florencia: First of all, I would like to mention that when it happened I was denying the whole relationship situation. I didn't want to think that I was dating. So, from my perspective, we were two friends who wanted to listen to just jazz music that night. Long story short, we didn't find any venue open that night and we ended up in a seafood restaurant because we heard that they had some live music, it was just a bad singer, singing to tracks hahaha

Jaime: The funny thing is that I hate seafood. I don't like it at all. I wouldn't say I'm allergic but I can't even smell it. And that night just because of her I ended eating some shrimp tacos. After that day I have never eaten seafood again. Hahahaha. We really enjoyed our time talking to each other, and we still do. She is not only my wife and also artistic collaborator. She is my best friend. The one who helps me to stay true to myself and inspire me to be a better version of myself every single day.

What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

Florencia: He is the most optimistic person in the world and he enjoys every single moment in life, even the bad ones. I don't know how he finds the way to make the best of it and keep positive about it.

Jaime: There are so many things but one of my favorites and that is part of my philosophy now is being coherent and consistent with who I am. She is someone that her thoughts, the way she speaks, and her actions are completely connected. One thing is never contradict the other one.

What is something your spouse exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

Florencia: Motherhood. I would have never ever decided to be a mother if I weren't in a relationship like the one we have... and being a mother in a foreign country, far away from my family, with no help at all. Just me and my husband.

Jaime: To believe in some kind of inspiration. I don't believe in inspiration per se but being by her side is like she pushes me to write and write and write. I definitely consider her my muse and inspiration. You know, she is the reason I came back to NYC after being back in Mexico for 3 years. Even I was the one who came with the idea to come to NY and stay, I wouldn't come back just by myself. I thought my NYC story was over.

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

Florencia: Honestly, it would sound super cheesy but we enjoy our time together all the time. It doesn't matter what we are doing if we are together. But my top three would be: 1) Dance party as a family with Alonzo, 2) Long walks without direction, and 3) Experiencing any kind of art together.

Jaime: Definitely my favorite thing is spending time with our son. Alonzo loves being with the two of us at the same time, and it can be just lying in bed hugging each other, or watching a movie together and having ice cream, or playing monopoly or lotería -it's like the Mexican bingo-, or dancing and singing all together. I just love us as a family. And we don't get tired of each other, now with the pandemia, we have been in the same room 24/7 and we always find the way to make it fun. Another thing that I love doing together is studying and creating together, all the process we spent at home doing research, sometimes she is in her computer and myself at mine and then talking about what we found, or sometimes during the day, we save videos and/or links to show to each other at night about things that we love or found interesting.

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Florencia: No. I think is pretty the same. And honestly, in this house, we are always mixing work and personal relationships.

Jaime: Actually not that much, we don't have any specific roles or working times. And this has worked for us, maybe for other couple is not healthy but we can separate who we are as human beings and who we are as artists. There are no borders between those. It doesn't matter if we are cooking or watching a tv show, or just waking up, something one of us had an idea about a song, a show and we start right away sharing with each other. We are all the time creating.

What was the wedding like?

Florencia: It was so fun. It was a small wedding with just 50 guests because we really wanted to share that moment with the people the matter the most for us. It was so intimate. There was only one table, we shared this long table with our 50 guests and we were all having dinner together. It felt really like a family gathering celebrating our love. Also, we had an after-wedding party and we ate a lot of "tacos al pastor". That was the highlight of the night, besides my husband of course.

Jaime: Our ceremony was very unique, there was a moment I started addressing each one of our guests and talking about our personal relationship and connection with each of them. It was a beautiful moment. I also sang my vows. It was a surprise for Florencia. I love singing but I rarely do it in public now and that day she inspired me. I also wrote two other songs that we dance to.

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your spouse?

Florencia: I love watching him being a dad to my son. I just can't believe all that he is able to do as a parent and artist at the same time. For example, I don't know how the hell he is able to compose such amazing songs that make this world better while he is taking care of Alonzo and playing with him, and helping him with his homework at school.

Jaime: Every single time I see her on stage I can't stop smiling and feeling proud. Florencia is the most amazing and committed storyteller I know. She was born to be on stage. She has been on stage since she was 3 years old, performing in front of thousands of people and every time is like she is doing it for the first time, she has the same commitment and excitement. We did this show at the NYMF 2016 and she was 8 months pregnant and performing on stage. I was amazed every single night how she was able to do that.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

Florencia: One day at the time.

Jaime: Definitely one day at the time. Also, everything is about decision. Every single day we wake up and say "I do" to each other again. Every day we decided to be a better husband than the day before, a better father, a better artist, a better human being. Sometimes we are able to do it, and sometimes we fail but we try again the next day and that is the only thing that matters.

Florencia Y Jaime can be found online at these links:

Florencia Cuenca TWITTER

Jaime Lozano WEBSITE

10 Videos That Get Us Quaking About SHAKING THE BLUES AWAY! Starring Nicolas King At Chelsea Table + Stage

Names: Diana DeGarmo & Ace Young
Years together: 11 years together, 7 (almost 8 - Ace wanted me to type that!) years married :)

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

1 debut show at Birdland pre-covid that introduced us into the cabaret world, DnA: The Music that Makes Us. We are eager to be back, like everyone else.

How did you meet?

Technically, the first time we had a brush encounter was at an American Idol event at Disney World in 2009, but it wasn't until we were cast opposite each other in the Broadway revival of HAIR that we actually got to know one another and become great friends. Thanks, Diane Paulus!

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

Looking back, it was always there, but we did not know that at the time. Being in HAIR, and playing love interests, gave our relationship a foundation of friendship and trust. When the show closed we each missed our best friend (more than we cared to admit) and the universe kept bringing us back together one way or another. A year later we finally realized real love was staring us in the face and the rest came naturally. ;)

Describe your first date.

Since we had been friends for so long, we never had an official "first date." However, we both remember the "what are we doing dinner" after eating buffalo blasts (one of our fave dishes and now a-not-so-inside joke for us) at The Cheesecake Factory in Sherman Oaks, CA. It was an awkward walk after because neither of us wanted to be the first to expose ourselves, but once the truth was on the table, we've never kept anything from each other since.

What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

Diana: Ace always leads with his heart - no matter what he's doing. His true kindness, empathy, and love shines through in all he does.

Ace: On top of Diana's beauty, talent, and love for the world, I am blown away that Diana never tries anything. She studies, practices, and puts her stamp on everything she does. She makes this Eagle Scout very proud of her preparation skills.

What is something your spouse exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

I brought Patsy Cline and Ace brought Led Zeppelin! We met in the middle with our 90s R&B faves, lol. We may have found our ways to these artists eventually, but the appreciation is greater because of the others' love and respect. Ace also showed me custom home construction when we remodeled our house, yes I now have "likes power tools" listed on my resume, and I introduced Ace to my love for our Armed Services when he joined me on his first (of many) USO Tours.

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

We sincerely love creating together (whether seriously or not - we make it fun) and being out in nature (hiking, fishing, bonfires, gardening).

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Not at all. We know how to push each other, lift each other up, or get out of the way when necessary. We communicate openly, kindly, and truthfully - always. Life is always a collaboration.

What was the wedding like?

ONE HELL OF A PARTY!!! It was the best night of our lives. We had all of the people we love in one place and we all had SO much fun. Were things "perfect"?? Of course not, but that didn't matter then and still doesn't. We will never forget the love and joy we felt with each and every person that day.

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your spouse?

Diana: I am always proud of Ace, he has so many accomplishments! But seeing him care for our family through this pandemic has been the most inspiring.

Ace: I am proud and inspired with Diana's ability to bounce back into life when major changes occur. When we lost our favorite puppy Rosie in the fall of 2019, Diana focused her love on finding rescue dogs their perfect furr-ever families. Since March of last year, we have had 13 very different pups under our roof that have all learned to love humans and found their perfect furrever homes. While we still miss our Rosie, Diana helps our local Tennessee Dachshund Rescue transport hundreds of dogs to the vet, foster homes and get their online profiles up on Instagram in order to find their perfect family.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

Life is what you make it. We choose to enjoy all of it while we can. :)

Diana and Ace can be found online at these links:

Diana DeGarmo WEBSITE


10 Videos That Get Us Quaking About SHAKING THE BLUES AWAY! Starring Nicolas King At Chelsea Table + Stage

Names: Natalie Douglas & Billy Joe Young, Jr.

Years together: 29 years in August.

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

Natalie: We work together as co-producers on most of my projects. Billy Joe also writes my e-blasts, creates all Team Natalie graphic design, and works hard to make sure I have everything I need to create the best concert I can no matter where we are in the world. He's magical! People often mistakenly think Billy Joe is my manager, but that kind of structure wouldn't work for us. We work best as equals offering one another advice, support, and honesty. (I try to be just as supportive of his work goals - he's a personal fitness concierge - so in essence, we run two freelance businesses from our home.)

Billy Joe: What she said.

How did you meet?

Billy Joe: I was working in Tony n' Tina's Wedding and Natalie's best friend's partner joined the show, so she came to see the show a couple of times and my character interacted with them a lot.

Natalie: Yep, we met that first time I saw the show and then were friendly for a couple of years after that till one day lightning struck!

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

Billy Joe: Totally snuck up on us. She thought I was cute and gay (I'm actually bi, but playing a very flamboyant character), and I thought she had great boobs and lips, but nothing happening until I left the show.

Natalie: When he left the show, he grew his hair out and grew a beard, so suddenly this cute young guy I'd smiled at for a couple of years looked like Jesus (and Jesus is hot!) So one afternoon in the Village, we ran into each other and there was a DEFINITE spark! He asked my best friend to ask me if I'd go out with a bisexual man. I said, "Duh, absolutely!" Then, thanks to truly unforgiving work schedules, we took a few months to actually go out on a date. In the meantime, we talked on the phone a few times a week and got to be friends before we ever went out.

Describe your first date.

Natalie: We met for drinks at an Italian restaurant in the Village. Sat at the bar talking for so long, we almost missed our chance to grab a table for dinner. Fortunately, the manager overheard the hostess telling me we were too late to snag a table... and he happened to be a regular of mine from my piano bar gig, so he got us a two-top right away. (And much to our mutual surprise, after dinner we were told there was no check, cuz another one of my regulars had seen us talking at the bar and bought our dinner!) Afterward, we wandered around the Village still talking... our first date was seven hours long! Hee!

Billy Joe: I should have known what I was in for. All that talking! :) Actually, it was great. We've talked about it since, and we both had "Why am I going on this date?" fears, and saw the other and went "Oh. That's why." Very cool.

What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

Natalie: Wow, just one thing? That's tough! He has a million gorgeous qualities! His kindness, I guess. (Though his humor, his sexy smile, his arms, his eyes, his determination would be right up there!)

Billy Joe: That IS hard. I guess her sense of humor. She loves laughing. But also her brain, her generosity, and, of course, that talent is staggering.

What is something your spouse exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

Natalie: Detroit! Seriously, I don't think I'd ever been to that part of the US till we started dating... hee!

Billy Joe: Cabaret, honestly. I had seen a couple of shows and didn't really get it until I saw Natalie sing. The first time I saw her sing was at a piano bar (and she sang "Ode To Billy Joe"), and I've been a huge fan since, but it was really when I saw her first show that I got it what cabaret is.

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

Natalie: Laugh

Billy Joe: Yep, laughing. It's the key.

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Natalie: I don't think so. I think we're pretty much the same people in any environment.

Billy Joe: Ummmm. Mostly the same. She's really cool except when she's working at the computer. Then you gotta make sure you stay out of the way. Do. Not. Disturb. LOL!!

What was the wedding like?

Natalie: It was brilliant! We got married in our favorite mystery bookstore! (no longer there, but oh, what memories) We decided on a Monday and by that Friday night, we were jumping the broom in front of a small group of friends and family in a gown made for me by a costume designer friend in 2 days. I think the most expensive thing at our wedding was Billy Joe's new pair of cowboy boots!

Billy Joe: Every previous time we started planning the wedding, something horrible would happen, like the death of a parent, or emergency surgery, so we became skittish about a big wedding. But we were tired of waiting and one day I just said let's do it on Friday. After the wedding, we all walked two blocks to our favorite French restaurant (no longer there, but that's NYC), and had a wedding banquet. It was just wonderful.

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your spouse?

Natalie: When Billy Joe decided to change his career path and devoted himself to studying for his multiple certifications to expand his expertise in fitness, nutrition, and other related disciplines, I was so proud of his determination and commitment. It had been a few years since college and I know it wasn't easy to immerse himself in study like that, but he did it brilliantly and now, continues to take on new areas of study every 18 months or so in order to broaden his knowledge & training related to his specialty.

Billy Joe: I can't pick a time, because I'm proud of Natalie all time. Being a black woman, and a black performer, in America is a challenge that I've watched her navigate for almost 30 years now. She is a tower of strength, stays true to herself in her life, is a political wunderkind, and makes her work part of that experience. On top of that she makes it entertaining and moving, and this wonderful work of art. It's a tightrope she seems to navigate with ease, but I'm lucky to get to see the struggle. It's changed who I am as a white man, and I am very grateful.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

Natalie: We love one another, we forgive one another, we trust one another, we try to remember to give one another a break. And most of all, we laugh at one another and ourselves...A LOT!

Billy Joe: Yep. That's pretty much it. The forgiveness is a biggie. You just have to let it go sometimes to keep what you really want.

Natalie and Billy Joe can be found online at these links:

Natalie Douglas WEBSITE

Billy Joe Young WEBSITE

10 Videos That Get Us Quaking About SHAKING THE BLUES AWAY! Starring Nicolas King At Chelsea Table + Stage

Names: Chris Messina & Jesse Corbin
Years together: 1 Year

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

The Boy Band Project

How did you meet?

We met doing The Boy Band Project and happened to wear matching shoes on our first day of rehearsals!

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

Absolutely snuck up on us!

Chris: We became incredibly close friends initially. A bond was created that I didn't think was possible for me but unbeknownst to me Jesse proved his genuine nature and trust to me without me looking... so snuck up is EXACTLY what I would call it... I had feelings for my best friend as he was going through a breakup and I worked incredibly hard to negotiate what was best for him and not allow my feelings to get in the way of being the truest friend I could be to him. Although exhausting, what I ended up with was a love I could trust with EVERY ounce of my being and never waste valuable time doubting.

Jesse: Chris became one of my best friends and we supported each other through some major highs and lows. I always thought he was a very handsome guy, but the romantic aspect COMPLETELY caught me off guard. Ultimately, the romance built on a relationship that was already so honest and positive that it meant even more.

Describe your first date.

Jesse: While we were spending time, going out and exploring these new crazy feelings, our first OFFICIAL date was when I asked Chris out on a date during a trip he made to visit me in Columbus, Ohio. Cute restaurant, great table by a fireplace, and lots of good conversation :)

What is your favorite thing about your boyfriend?

Jesse: It's too hard to pick just one thing, BUT I will try a??i??. Chris brings an authenticity and honesty to our relationship I've never experienced with a partner to this depth before. We of course have disagreements and misunderstandings, but ultimately I trust him in a way I've never trusted someone before and to me that's unbelievable.

Chris: One of my many favorite things about Jesse is his larger than life attitude. He has the imagination and willingness to be playful that I've learned to suppress over my adult years. He helps remind me to tap into that myself and gives me the opportunity to create with abandon as I used to.

What is something your sweetheart exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

Jesse: While I've been a wellness professional for almost a decade, I never really got into CrossFit until Chris! Now it's a new love of mine.

Chris: Trust.

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

Chris: I love cuddling up with him at the end of a long day drinking some wine and being silly while watching a show or just falling asleep together.

Jesse: It's crazy how many things we enjoy doing together, but two of my favorite ways to spend time are cooking together and giving running commentary together while watching reality shows and drinking wine.

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Chris: I don't think so... I'm able to be myself with both him and working with my Boy Band Besties.

Jesse: I guess it can depending on the situation, but in general, we are very much ourselves together in most situations.

Which of you can make the other laugh the hardest?

Chris: Jesse DEFINITELY is the clown of the relationship and makes me laugh the hardest (or give an extended eye-roll at dad jokes to not admit to defeat)

Jesse: Especially when we get on a roll, Chris can make me BELLY laugh. We've created entire characters and catchphrases for those characters together.

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your beau?

Jesse: I'm proud of him when I watch him perform because he's SO good and you can tell he's having fun, but I'm even more proud when I see him sharing his love and light with the world. He has a natural and wonderful way of making anyone feel wanted and included.

Chris: Jesse constantly makes me proud in many ways but most of all I find myself proud of his ability to spread joy and make EVERYONE feel loved, cared for, and worth every bit of his attention in ANY situation. He puts others first always!

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

Truth, honesty & trust that the more authentic we can be with each other the stronger our love becomes.

Chris and Jesse can be found online at these links:

Chris Instagram @imamessina

Jesse Corbin WEBSITE

10 Videos That Get Us Quaking About SHAKING THE BLUES AWAY! Starring Nicolas King At Chelsea Table + Stage

Names: Alyssa Muniz and Thiago Wojtowicz
Years together: 4

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

Performing our own shows - Alyssa is a singer and Thiago is the producer/musician- Woodwinds (we've done shows in Brazil, our own shows on Cruise Ships (The Regent Mariner and Oceania Regatta), Performing with Bridging the Gap at Birdland)

How did you meet?

Alyssa - "We met working together on a cruise ship. He was in the band and I was in the cast.

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

Alyssa - "It took a little time. I was really hesitant because we worked on a cruise ship and I always thought long-term and knew the contract had an end date. I was a little scared, you know? But eventually, I let my walls down. At one point I mentioned how I'd always wanted to sing this one song but didn't have arrangements for the band, and he created them! It was so thoughtful! "

Thiago - "When I first met her I already felt like I wanted to pursue her. It took some time but eventually, I made it, haha, but what really got her was when I helped her to write her first solo cabaret."

Describe your first date.

Thiago - It was really romantic. Our first date was when we went out to Victoria Gardens in Victoria, Canada. It was in one of the most beautiful gardens we've ever seen. We had a lot of fun and she kept laughing about how I kept stopping to smell the flowers and I just remember laughing the whole time.

What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

Alyssa - "I love how loving and passionate Thiago is."

Thiago - "Her determination for anything she puts her mind to"

What is something your spouse exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

Alyssa - "The world of Brazilian music. It's extremely diverse and their rhythms are so intricate and unpredictable. I stayed in Brazil for a few months and we had to chance to see Brazilian legends, Milton Nascimento and Maria Rita, plus tons of concerts Man, the music scene in Brazil is insane!."

Thiago - "Definitely musical theater. I developed a totally new appreciation for it. And also, now I can't hear certain words without wanting to quote Hamilton."

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

Having a late-night snack in the kitchen together and just hanging out.

Alyssa -"It's like an awesome sleepover with your best friend."

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Whenever we're working with music, whether rehearsing at home or performing, we're pretty professional. We respect each other's musicality and musical input. Outside of music,

What was the wedding like?

Alyssa - "A party. Hah! It was truly a day our whole families helped us plan. We had a ceremony at a church in my hometown, and the reception right down the street. We hired a DJ and we also hired Thiago's friends as our live band. Of course, we walked in to "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson and sang to each other, with a nice Tenor Sax solo. Everyone was just so happy and danced all night. Oh, and the fire alarm went off, and the venue felt bad, so they gave us 2 more hours. It was the best day of my life."

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your spouse?

Thiago - "I'm proud of the woman she becomes every single day. And I'm really proud of her healing journey and the realizations she's had, especially during this past year."

Alyssa - "I'm proud of his passion for music and ability to play instruments or turn anything into an instrument. I got him drums for Christmas and he's already teaching people! He doesn't doubt his abilities and has patience in his process in developing his musicality. That's one of the biggest things he's taught me. He never doubts his potential and doesn't let fear get in the way.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

Following our hearts wherever we go and whatever we do. Choose love.

Alyssa and Thiago can be found online at these links:

Alyssa Muniz WEBSITE

Thiago Wojtowicz WEBSITE

10 Videos That Get Us Quaking About SHAKING THE BLUES AWAY! Starring Nicolas King At Chelsea Table + Stage

Names: Kelli Rabke & John Fischer
Years together: 4

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

Kelli: John has been the music director for all of my cabaret shows! We've performed them at Feinstein's/54 Below, The Metropolitan Room, The Green Room 42, and outside of the city in places like the Paper Mill Playhouse's Brookside Cabaret, Nicori's Music at the Mansion, and at the Ocean City Music Pier, to name a few. We also do many shows with Scott Coulter's Spot-On Entertainment company - everything from symphony orchestras to performing arts centers to Feinstein's/54 Below. We have also worked together on Scott Siegel's shows: Broadway Originals, Broadway Unplugged, Broadway Ballyhoo, and this past year's virtual American Songbook concerts.

John: In addition to the work with Kelli mentioned above, I've been the music director for Broadway's Rising Stars for over a decade, music directed many shows for Phillip Geoffrey Bond at 54 Below and elsewhere, work frequently with Emily Skinner including her show "Unattached" with Alice Ripley at Feinstein's/54 Below, and music directed Ali Stroker's American Songbook concert at Lincoln Center's Appel Room last year.

How did you meet?

John: I was music directing a Broadway Originals concert at Town Hall for Scott Siegel. Kelli came into Michiko Studios for the rehearsal and that's where we first met.

Kelli: I came to sing a song from "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". I hadn't been singing at all - I had gotten married, moved to NJ, and was raising my family (I have a son and a daughter). I ran into Scott Coulter, who I did Marcy & Zina's show "Dear Edwina" with many years ago, and he was directing the concert and asked me to join them. John and I got to chatting in the wings, and I told him I'd always wanted to do my own cabaret show but never really knew how to go about doing it. My career had been about doing 8 shows a week in theatre, not about concerts or cabaret at that point. We totally hit it off and became fast friends right away.

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

John: It definitely snuck up on us! We became good friends well before we were a couple, so it was a great foundation for a relationship.

Kelli: We were both with other people when we first met. When our own personal circumstances at home changed, and we were there for each other through all of that, one day our friendship changed too. I think we suddenly saw each other with "new eyes", for lack of a better description!

Describe your first date.

J & K: It's hard to figure out what an actual "first date" would be, since our friendship kind of melted into a relationship one day! But if we had to pick a time and place, it would be at the Iguana on 54th street. We went out for margaritas after a rehearsal at Shetler Studios. I guess the tequila helped bring those "new eyes" into focus! We kissed and the rest, as they say, is history!

What is your favorite thing about your partner?

John: I think my favorite thing about Kelli is the way she makes me, and others, smile when she comes into a room. Whatever I am doing is just so much more fun when she is around.

Kelli: John is the most "glass half full" person I've ever known. He always finds the good, stays flexible, and does it all with a smile on his face. He is such a great teacher/coach/music director to so many - always patient and kind, and knows how to put someone at ease, which inevitably helps to bring a great performance out of them. And best of all, he does this with everyone - whether it's the kids he teaches at Applause Theatrical Workshop, or his adult coaching clients who just love to sing but don't do this for a living, or the Tony Award winners and Broadway stars.

What is something your sweetheart exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

Kelli: John is from Arkansas and I'm not sure I would have had a reason to visit there otherwise, and it's wonderful! We've been a couple of times to visit his family and I loved Eureka Springs, Hot Springs, and the Clinton Library in Little Rock. And the horse races and Razorbacks game! And BBQ!!

John: The incredible concerts of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, always giving cards on special occasions, the best chocolates in the world, and spa time! We love a good pampering!!

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

Kelli: Does it sound terrible if the answer is "eating good food and drinking wine"?! (and does that explain why we're both now on a diet?!)

John: Kelli is an incredible cook. More of a chef, than a cook. I love to sit in the kitchen and watch her - it's like being part of a cooking show! Last spring during quarantine, I stayed at her house in NJ with her, her sister, and her two kids. We had a blast, playing board games, decorating the dinner table with whatever theme the meal was that night: Olive oil and lemons for Italian Chicken Scarpariello, a Buddha and plants for Thai lettuce wraps, the list went on and on. In the more than two months that I was there, she never made the same thing twice.

Kelli: I do love to cook! It has always been a creative outlet for me, especially when I'm not singing. I started cooking when I was very young - around 10 years old. I love to throw parties - dinner parties, BBQs, all of it! And John is in charge of the drink pairings! He has perfected the art of muddling! He makes a mean blackberry, jalapeno, cilantro margarita. (just ask Sean Harkness!) Mexican nights might be our fave ;)

J&K: We also have been known to spend our weekend nights as 100% musical theatre geeks, singing through show tunes just for fun! Whenever we have a party at our apartment in the city, it inevitably ends up as a sing-a-long around the keyboard. We've been trying to come up with a name like Marie's Crisis, but Kelli's Crisis just doesn't sound like a good thing!

And of course, getting to perform together is incredibly special. That is definitely at the top of the list of our favorite ways to pass the time.

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

K & J: I think we have the same dynamic as a couple when we are working as when we are at home. John is the easygoing one, a calming influence, and always has a smile on his face and a silly joke to share. Kelli is a worker bee - she never sits down! She's always busy and whatever it is, she's doing it 110%. When we do a show together, we tend to stay quiet while we are driving to the gig or getting ready in the dressing room - each concentrating on what's about to occur - running lyrics, checking cues, etc... I think we get strength and also a sense of peace and happiness from the other person being there, whether it's at work or at home.

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your mate?

John: A few years ago, we had a gig in Ocean City and decided to go to Atlantic City afterward. Our friends took us to a karaoke place at a busy casino club. Kelli got up and sang "Got To Be Real" and just let them have it! The place went nuts, everyone was dancing, and afterward, she was given the "Golden Duck" award by the people running the club. It was a far cry from the symphony shows and sold-out cabaret houses, but it was so much fun and I was very proud to be there with her!

Kelli: Going through a pandemic, loss of work and livelihood, and nothing but terrible things happening in the world at large around you will teach you a lot about the person you are with. I watched John dive into anything and everything he could in this past year to help me - fixing things, painting, gardening - I can't even begin to list all the things we accomplished this past year, all thanks to him. I'm very proud of who he is as a person, that no matter what is happening, he stays positive and productive. He keeps us both happy!

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

John: When we first got an apartment together, Kelli put a magnet on the fridge that said "ONE DAY AT A TIME". I think we've definitely tried to follow that.

Kelli: No one knows what tomorrow will bring, and life can definitely throw you some curveballs. All we can do is try to live life to the fullest, appreciate every moment, and follow our hearts. We didn't know if the step we took going from a friendship to a romantic relationship was going to work for us or not. But we took it one day at a time, and here we are. So far so good!

Kelli and John can be found online at these links:

Kelli Rabke WEBSITE

John Fischer FACEBOOK

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Names: Paul Rolnick & Karen Mason (Paul: Married on Valentine's Day!!! Could that be more romantic???)
Years together: Paul: More than ten! (actually over 30...)
Karen: Well, we have been together since 1991 and have been married since 1999. so....30 years together and married 22. wow. That is a lot of years!

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

Karen: Creating Zevely Records Inc, making CDs, and making music together

Paul: I produce and mix records. I also write songs. When I'm lucky, I get to hear Karen sing one of my songs. When I'm really lucky... we sing a duet together! (I'm also a singer.)

How did you meet?

Paul: By accident at Steve McGraw's. We happened to sit right next to each other at a friend's Equity Fights Aids Concert

Karen: In 1991, right before my 40th birthday, we met at Steve McGraw's, both sitting in the audience at Cheryl Stern's EFA concert. The place was packed and Paul was sitting with a friend at a table right in front of Brian and myself.

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

Karen: Depends on which romantic you ask!! I knew there was something very special about this guy. I loved his sense of humor, and he seemed to know everyone in the room! All these business people who had worked with both of us before were all coming up to him and saying HELLO! I was intrigued, I have to say. and perhaps a little jealous! But intrigued mostly.

Paul: Definitely lust at first sight.

Describe your first date.

Paul: No!! Some things are better left to the imagination...

Karen: Paul came to my house for dinner....and that is all I am saying. A little discretion.....and It was a great night!

What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

Paul: There are too many things that are my favorite thing! Karen's smile, her laugh, and her kindness are at the top of the list.

Karen: His transparency. I always know what Paul is feeling. He does not have the ability to hide his feelings. He is loyal, and generous, and can make me laugh when I go down some rabbit hole of emotion.

What is something your spouse exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

Paul: Cabaret

Karen: AC/DC

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

Paul: Making music, traveling, and arguing about insignificant details that really don't matter... then laughing about it... sometimes.... And of course, other stuff...

Karen: I like Paul's answer! I introduced Paul to crosswords....and now I have had to share my NY Times Crossword with him. I do love working on the puzzles together! Love to travel! And make music, and now, because of Pandemic, watch Jeopardy! We are not very good, but we love to try!

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Karen: We have had to learn how to make that work dynamic be easy. We are both independent people in our separate work environments and we both like to be in charge. So sharing that with each other has sometimes been complicated. The really great thing is we respect each other as artists, so we both want to be the best support for each other. And we trust each other implicitly.

Paul: The workspace has really shifted this past year. I tend to do much more at home during normal times. Karen tends to be out and about during normal times.

What was the wedding like?

Karen: Best wedding EVER! We had our families and friends! Great cake, great dress designed by a friend, Paul Patropolous, my friend Lisa Caccavale made me and my bridesmaids all look gorgeous! We had Steven Brinberg and Tommy Femia perform as Barbra and Judy. and a great band...and thank God, we had our friend, Bradshaw Smith, to videotape it so we could see what we missed!

Paul: A fantastic out of body lovefest! As I recall we had Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland there... Really... well, almost really...

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your spouse?

Karen: So many moments when Paul makes me proud of him. Paul (who had an Emmy nom the year before) submitted Brian's song HOLD ME for consideration for an Emmy. And he won! I was speechless (how often does that happen?) and Paul made the most beautiful speech about Brian. It was so special because the last years of Brian's life had been a tough dynamic for me, for Brian, for us. So when Paul made such a generous and loving speech about Brian....... I was so proud of him.

Paul: Too numerous to mention. Every time Karen gets in front of an audience and sings, it is a very proud moment. Watching her win the audience over as Norma Desmond on Broadway was particularly gratifying.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

Karen: I have a feeling we might have different philosophies! haha Mine is to really listen. Listen to his heart and soul...not just the words. We don't always succeed...and it might take a few times of talking (sometimes loudly!) but if we both really try to hear what the other person is saying, we will be fine. The love is in the trying.

Paul: Things work better when I agree. I have to keep remembering that.

Paul and Karen can be found online at these links:

Paul Rolnick WEBSITE

Karen Mason WEBSITE

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Names: Sally Mayes and Bob Renino
Years together: 31

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

Any club act I have done in the city.

How did you meet?

On CLOSER THAN EVER off-Broadway. He was this cute bass player I did a number with.

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

I would say it snuck up on us. We were both dating other people at first, so it simmered for a while first!

Describe your first date.

Went to see the Little Mermaid.

What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

He is kind and takes care of our life. And I can make him laugh harder than anybody in the world. Sometimes we lie in the bed at night and just laugh like fools until we drift off to sleep. He is my best friend. Also, he is really cute.

What is something your spouse exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?


What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

Well, we enjoy family time. We love to play games and work on puzzles. We watch movies together. Lately, he has been helping me set up my craft room, he is a terrific handyman, if we need something, he can either put it together or build it. It's been really fun!

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Yes. When we are working, our world is centered around getting whatever show up and running. Scheduling is really key, especially with a kid. And bc we work so hard, we like to really chill when we are home. With Covid, we have just tried to keep busy doing house projects. But relaxing is really important to us.

What was the wedding like?

It was in Texas, black and white theme. Billy Stritch sang in the wedding, and he was dating Liza, so his plus one was you know who, which changed the dynamic a bit. A lot of people who didn't rsvp showed up when word got out she was coming, so the chapel was PACKED. All my friends sang at the reception. Patrick Brady was our best man. It was lots of fun.

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your spouse?

He is a stand-up guy, so I am kind of always proud. On a professional note, he is one of the best musicians I've ever known. Just so solid and steady and understands music so well.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

We have always said to our son, from when he was a toddler, NO MATTER WHAT, BEN AND MOM AND DAD ARE A FAMILY. With us, it's always about that. We don't have family on the East Coast, so it has always been about our little unit. And we laugh a lot. Humor is so important.

Bob and Sally can be found online at the following links:

Sally Mayes FACEBOOK


10 Videos That Get Us Quaking About SHAKING THE BLUES AWAY! Starring Nicolas King At Chelsea Table + Stage

Names: Stephen Santana & Kariana Sanchez
Years together: 1.5 Years

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

Our performance at the 54 Does 54 Staff Show in February of 2020 was actually our cabaret debut. And unfortunately, because everything shut down in March last year, we haven't had a chance to perform on stage together again.

How did you meet?

We met working together at 54 Below.

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

Stephen: For me, it was love at first sight. The moment she was introduced to me at work, I knew she was the one for me.

Kariana: It snuck up on me. I was definitely intrigued by Stephen when I first met him, but it wasn't until we started chatting about our mutual love of awful reality TV, that it hit me.

Describe your first date.

Kariana: So our first date, that I didn't entirely know was a date (haha), was getting drinks at Vida Verde after work. I was trying to play it cool and casual, so I didn't realize it was a date right away. But we sat and talked for hours, and the conversation was so fun and easy that I definitely felt a connection.

Stephen: I go back and forth when it comes to our first date because we went out to get drinks at Vida. That was technically the night I knew I wanted to date her. However, our first official date was a chill night at my place. We watched Love Island UK, drank some wine, and made fun of reality tv romance.

What is your favorite thing about your sweetheart?

Stephen: My favorite thing about Kari is her heart of gold. She's super-resilient, kind, and crazy intelligent... Did I also mention insanely talented? This woman has it all.

Kariana: My favorite thing about Stephen is his ability to make me laugh no matter how stressful the situation. Whether it's dancing around the house or making a goofy face, he knows exactly how to cheer me up. Plus, he is the most thoughtful and caring human being I've ever met.

What is something your mate exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

Stephen: An Air Fryer, (it's a game-changer in the kitchen) and interior decorating. My decorating abilities were subpar, at best. Just a mishmash of bachelor-esque nonsense.

Kariana: Stephen has very eclectic taste in tv shows, so he definitely exposed me to ALL the reality tv shows and documentaries. He also taught me a wild amount of Star Wars knowledge. You think you know Star Wars? I promise you that you don't until you have a conversation with Stephen.

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

We're kind of homebodies, so we like to get cozy and watch movies together, read books, have game nights. Especially since we're in quarantine, we like to take turns planning weekly date nights and at-home spa days.

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Kariana: We haven't done much cabaret/music type work in quarantine, but we did start a podcast together with one of our close friends. And Stephen is very serious about that. He's a goof in regards to just about everything else, but when it comes to the podcast, he's no-nonsense. I guess I can be like that too. But once podcast work is done, we really enjoy vegging out and decompressing.

Stephen: We always had a similar work ethic, we are hard workers who take what we do rather seriously, giving 100% to whatever task is in front of us. Even though, we have not performed recently. When we work on our Podcast, we are very invested & care a lot about what we are doing. We are always seeking the best out of each other. Whereas at home, we are much softer & sillier.

Are you public display of affection folks, or are you more of the play-it-cool type?

We're definitely more of a play-it-cool type of couple in public as far as affection is concerned, but we're always flirting with each other and hyping each other up on social media.

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your beloved?

Kariana: When we launched our podcast, The Bandwagon Effect, I was immensely proud of Stephen. It's a passion project for him, and he puts in so much time and effort into the podcast, that watching it all come to fruition for him was so exciting. He's unstoppable when he puts his mind to something.

Stephen: There isn't a specific occasion. I am always proud of Kari for every little thing she does.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

Kariana: We make it a priority to work as a team. We're big on open communication and taking things one day at a time.

Stephen: We're committed to staying open with each other no matter what is going on. We always work as a team. We're never enemies even if we disagree on something, always friends first.

Stephen and Kariana can be found online at these links:

Kariana Sanchez WEBSITE

Instagram: @stephen_santana @kariana_eve @thebandwagoneffectpod

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Names: Brad Simmons & Stewart Green
Years together: 9

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

Resident Musical Director & Resident Photographer for Birdland's The Lineup

How did you meet?

Brad: We talked online for months and then met after a performance I conducted.

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

Brad: It took about 4 months, I just knew it was gonna work out.

Stewart: No. it took a long time for me.

Describe your first date.

Brad: We met for lunch. On the way, I got a call and learned my Bway show (Lysistrata Jones) was closing. Stewart had seen the show twice and loved it. So, it was a pretty devastating moment. And Stewart handled me with kid gloves.

Stewart: I had the steak salad at Chelsea Grill.

What is your favorite thing about your fiancee?

Brad: Stewart's laughter.

Stewart: Nothing

What is something your fiancee exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?


What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

Brad: Watching crime investigations and Friday night mysteries!

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Brad: Not really.

Stewart: ...

Which of you is the romantic, and who is more practical?

Brad: I'm the romantic

Stewart: You're more practical.

Brad: ?‍a??i??

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your fiancee?

Stewart: Different shows Brad's done - The Hello Again movie, the show you did at 54.

Brad: the show I did at 54? What? The first week that Stewart filmed The Lineup and Everyone went nuts over his pics! He has a great eye.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

Brad: No - we're just stumbling through life together, hoping for the best!

Brad and Stewart can be found online at these links:

Brad Simmons WEBSITE

Stewart Green Instagram @stewartdgreen

10 Videos That Get Us Quaking About SHAKING THE BLUES AWAY! Starring Nicolas King At Chelsea Table + Stage

Names: Corinna Sowers Adler and Nicholas Adler
Years together: NICK - Almost 20 years married.
CORINNA: Together since February 18, 1997. Married since October 20, 2001.

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

CORINNA: I am a Cabaret Performer and Director. Together for the cabaret world, we produce my cabaret shows, MUSIC AT THE MANSION, MUSIC AT THE MANSION; PORCH PERFORMANCES, NICORI PRESENTS, THE NEW JERSEY CABARET FESTIVAL, and the NICORI YOUTH CABARET SHOWCASE.

NICK: Producing Cabaret shows for both Corinna and other performers.

How did you meet?

NICK: We met in college in 1996. We were both musical theatre majors, so we were in many classes together.

CORINNA: We met at Wilkes University. We were both 18.

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

NICK: It snuck up on us for sure! Corinna didn't like me at first. We were in the show Feiffer's People and had to do a scene where I kissed up her arm, but one day in rehearsal I was feeling quite adventurous, so kissed up Corinna's arm and turned it into a real kiss.

CORINNA: Oh boy did it sneak up! I thought he was cute but I thought he was snobby and so I didn't really give him the time of day. However, over time we became friends and it grew from there.

Describe your first date.

NICK: We were always in class, building sets or working on a show, but on one of our first dates, I set up a dinner for two at a little Italian restaurant. Andrea Bocelli sang in the overhead speakers per my request and Corinna had no idea about the evening.

CORINNA: We didn't have a traditional first date. We were just in classes and projects together constantly. When we could sneak away for a date the one Nick describes above with the Italian restaurant was pretty special. He got them to close the restaurant and it was open just for us. They served us a five-course dinner. Pretty romantic for a 19-year-old!

What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

NICK: I have so many favorite things. I love just being around her, hear her sing, laugh, getting a kiss emoji in the middle of the day "just because". Her cooking is very high on the list also. We definitely have always had a strong connection and I think the pandemic has only made our relationship better!

CORINNA: So many things! He is my best friend and he gets me like no-one else. I am always so impressed with his work ethic and his strength of character. He balances me out in so many ways. I love when he laughs full-heartedly. He still has a youthful twinkle in his eye.

What is something your spouse exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

NICK: Absolutely, the Indigo Girls. I had never heard of them in 1996 but now have grown to love them and know most lyrics from listening to different albums on long car rides.

CORINNA: Well... our life completely changed when Nick got the opportunity to work with Jazz at Lincoln Center. So much opened up for us and that would not have happened without that opportunity. It was a hard move because I was pretty established in PA, but I will be forever grateful for it. Our life is so much better for it and it wouldn't have happened without Nick.

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

NICK: It used to be meeting for dinner at Marseille, Landmarc, or Becco and then take in a concert or Broadway show together. Now it has become planning the next steps of our business and binge-watching Netflix and Prime shows.

CORINNA: I agree with Nick's answers! Missing our NYC nightlife but we have some pretty big happenings coming up with our company and I like that we have this time to bounce ideas and figure it all out together.

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

NICK: Not really. We are both work-a-holics, so it is hard to turn it off. The pandemic has certainly made us think more creatively, but sure has not stopped us!

CORINNA: What you see is what you get with us. Our work and home life pretty much overlap. I would say maybe we are a bit more relaxed at home and can let our hair down a little. But our work is important to us and takes up a lot of our home life too.

What was the wedding like?

NICK: It was a perfect October day with an absolutely stunning bride. We were both 23, so it was before our NYC life began.

CORINNA: Nick and I came from different religious backgrounds and at the time it was important to us to include both. We had both a Priest and a Rabbi marry us in a very mixed ceremony that we wrote like a show (including stage directions...Rabbi cross stage right...Priest downstage left...) with lots of music and filled with people we love.

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your spouse?

NICK: There have been so many - every time her students nominate her for the Excellence in Education TONY Award, that moment in each of her solo shows when she has the audience in the palm of her hand and you could hear a pin drop. I really admire her strength and mind. She has such moments of brilliance when working with her students. It is a rare gift that not many people have.

CORINNA: I find it fascinating to watch him at JALC. I almost get star-struck for the house manager! He is just so good at what he does and he is well respected. It makes me so proud of him and so proud he's mine.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

NICK: Have each other's backs always.

CORINNA: Partners in all things.

Corinna and Nick can be found online at these links:

NiCori Studios WEBSITE

Corinna Sowers Adler WEBSITE

Nicholas Adler is a contributing writer for Broadway World. Read his interviews HERE

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Names: Darnell White and David LaMarr
Years together: 3, (2 official)

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

David: Mutual work consists of us both doing shows, usually me on stage and him as an MD or band member, and sometimes we do shows together at various NYC venues.

How did you meet?

Darnell: David Stalked me. He needed coaching for an upcoming show he had in Baltimore with a mutual client.

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

Yes and no - we loved each other instantly but not romantically yet.

Describe your first date.

Empanada Mammas, which neither of us remembers too well because we were both still drinking pretty heavily.

What is your favorite thing about your fella?

Darnell: My favorite thing about David, wow there are a lot of favorite things we could be here all day so I'll just say his strength.

David: My favorite thing about Darnell, he has a way with words - not just music. It's the package for me. He knows me better than I know myself.

What is something your squeeze exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

Darnell: Well half of what I do is either helped by him, inspired by him or I've been made aware of by him so...... He's a genius and a perfectionist, which gets on my damn nerves lol

David: Well Darnell, agree on this one half the stuff I do lol.

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

Well, this is probably pretty obvious. MUSIC!!! We like all the other couples' stuff too, lol.

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Our dynamic is always pretty much the same - we sometimes drive each other crazy but we love each other constantly and I don't think we feel as comfortable around anyone as much as each other.

Who's more prone to cook and who's more prone to order in:

Hmmm, we're gonna call this one even lol.

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your beloved?

Darnell: David has endured and battled alcoholism, the demons of mental illness, loss of income. He is easily one of the most talented people I've ever known. On stage, he is stunning and completely in his element and one of my favorite performers. He pushes through life with the wind often in his face. So there is no one occasion I am proud of him. I burst with pride every day I'm with him.

David: Darnell has a way of handling my mood swings, my attitudes. Whenever I'm angry or just in my feelings, I try to push him away a bit - I get very silent. It's ridiculous really, lol. I'm working on it. And he's still here. So there isn't any ONE occasion - I'm proud every day. He's strong, he's driven, he's passionate & he's mine.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple:

Try not to piss each other off too much

Darnell and David can be found online at these links:

Darnell White Instagram @Darnellwhitemusic


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Names: Jordan Wolfe, Michelle Dowdy
Years together: 4

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

- "'67: The Summer of Love Show" at the Laurie Beechman Theatre and Emerald Coast Theatre

- All Request show in NYC and Rehoboth, DE

- "Jordan & Michelle Saturdays" Virtual Live Series

How did you meet?

Michelle: We actually met years ago when a mutual friend cast me on a recording of a new musical with a score by Jordan!

Jordan: Yeah! Michelle knew my writing partner on this kooky show we were doing. Small world!

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

Michelle: It was more of a long sneak-up. We were friends for a few years before we connected on a deeper level.

Describe your first date.

Jordan: NSFW

What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

Michelle: He always has a project, he's constantly driven and it makes me always want to be better.

Jordan: Michelle finds the joy in everything, from sunsets, pictures of geckos. She really inspires me to appreciate the little things.

What is something your spouse exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

Michelle: Actually wanting to cook, magic, the Albert Finney movie musical "Scrooge"!

Jordan: Pilates, finding new music on curated playlists

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

J&M: Watching cooking shows and horror movies.

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Michelle: I think our performance style is to recreate how we are around the house.

What is the most romantic thing your sweetheart has ever done for you?

Michelle: When I found out I got the Les Miserables tour and would be on the road for a year, Jordan painstakingly made a playlist to keep me company called "Michelle on the Road", with hundreds and hundreds of handpicked songs.

Jordan: Michelle is a great gift giver. I got a Cameo from Penn Jilette for my birthday in June!

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your spouse?

Jordan: I'm constantly proud of Michelle! Especially when she got her dream role in Les Mis, when her album A Brass Act that she worked so hard on won Broadway World Album of the Decade, and seeing her work with kids.

Michelle: I was going to say that! I'm reminded every day, how proud I am of Jordan! Just one example, his show NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD! THE MUSICAL! Writing an entire musical, BY HIMSELF, producing it Off-B'way, AND acting in it is a huge undertaking. I still don't know how he did it.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

Jordan: Put the forks in the dishwasher facing down.

Jordan and Michelle can be found online at these links:

Michelle Dowdy WEBSITE
Jordan Wolfe WEBSITE
Jordan and Michelle YouTube Channel

10 Videos That Get Us Quaking About SHAKING THE BLUES AWAY! Starring Nicolas King At Chelsea Table + Stage

Names: Nicole Zuraitis and Dan Pugach
Years together: 10

Your mutual work in the cabaret industry consists of:

Nicole: Birdland and touring with Livingston Taylor

Dan: Birdland and stuff

How did you meet?

Dan: Through mutual musician friends

Nicole: At a bar right down the street from our apartment in Park Slope Brooklyn through a mutual musician friend in 2009 when I just moved back to New York!

Was it love at first sight, or did it sneak up on you?

Nicole: SNUCK UP. Friends first but always a very intense connection. I broke the friend boundary quickly and he tried to hold out because we made great music together!

Dan: Nicole started that route. I followed.

Describe your first date.

Dan: I don't know that we had one. We were supposed to drive to a gig that for canceled so we went to my place and then got pizza.

Nicole: We weren't exactly dating yet, but he brought me to a coffee shop in his neighborhood of Brooklyn to introduce me to a real cappuccino, not my normal $1 deli cup of joe. He told me I had amber eyes. I was smitten.

What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

Nicole: He's a genius.

Dan: Her voice

What is something your spouse exposed you to that you would never have gotten into without their influence?

Dan: Being nicer and less sarcastic.

Nicole: Fancy coffee! I even wrote a song about it!

What is your favorite way to pass the time together?

Nicole: Sitting on the couch in our West Haven condo with a glass of wine and the dog, chatting.

Dan: She likes watching stuff and doing things and moving around a lot. I just enjoy staring at her.

Does your work dynamic differ from the one you have around the house?

Nicole: Yes and No.

Dan: We are more independent when we work outside we try to keep it professional unless people know us and expect us to fight on stage.

What was the wedding like?

Dan: Epic. We went from minimal thinking to a 230 guest party in a huge ski lodge in Cornwall CT and we all jammed and it was just special.

Nicole: Epic! 225 people at a ski lodge in CT. I designed, paid and decorated the ENTIRE THING on a shoestring budget. Dan and I bartered that if I got my big Italian wedding, he could get his big fancy espresso machine..... It worked out for both of us!

What is an occasion when you were especially proud of your spouse?

Nicole: I would say the Grammy nomination, but actually it was when he won the BMI Jazz Composer Big Band Award and Commission last year. Did I mention he's a genius?

Dan: It's hard to pick only one. This is Nicole we're talking about. Example: these days she's competing at the American Traditions Competition having to master jazz, blues, art song, theater, classical and more. And I think she's Killin it.

Do you have a philosophy that leads your life as a couple?

Nicole: Dan May say "Let the wife travel, and I'll watch the dog as long as you come home safe to me!" HA! I would say "Music keeps you young. What a beautiful life we lead!"

Dan: The more we communicate in an honest way the better we understand each other's needs, fears and strengths.

Dan and Nicole can be found online at the following links:

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Chelsea Community Church Launches Children's Book Reading Group Series, With Karen Mason, June 3

Books, pizza and singer-actress-cabaret star Karen Mason! A great combination for the launch of the Chelsea Community Church's first Children's Book Reading Group on Satur​​​​​​​day, June 3 at 1 PM in the Rectory.

Tovah Feldshuh Joins The American Popular Song Society To Celebrate Marilyn Maye

THE AMERICAN POPULAR SONG SOCIETY has announced that special guest Tovah Feldshuh – the Tony and Emmy-nominated actress currently starring on Broadway in Funny Girl – will join their “Second Annual Benefit Evening” to honor the legendary Marilyn Maye on Monday, June 12 at 6:00 PM at Theater 555.

The Chamlins In THE PRIME OF OUR LIVES Comes to The Laurie Beechman in June

THE PRIME OF OUR LIVES premieres at the Laurie Beechman Theatre Saturday, June 10th at 4pm.

Natalie Douglas to Preset A 60's SONGS JUNETEENTH JUBILEE at Birdland This Summer

BIRDLAND JAZZ CLUB will present the return of Natalie Douglas – thirteen-time MAC Award, two-time Bistro Award and Nightlife Award winner – with “A 60’s Songs Juneteenth Jubilee” on Monday, June 19 at 7:00 PM.



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