Rachel's Dad Divorce, Blaine Booted from NYADA; More GLEE S6 Details Revealed!

Rachel's Dad Divorce, Blaine Booted from NYADA; More GLEE S6 Details Revealed!

As BroadwayWorld reported yesterday, details are beginning to emerge for the sixth and final season of the FOX musical dramedy GLEE. Today, MJSbigblog shares some more juicy nuggets as to the fate of the residents of Lima, Ohio and the students at McKinley High.

As revealed yesterday, the title of Season 6's premiere episode will be "Loser Like Me," possibly referring to Rachel's dismal failure at her own TV series. Upon arriving home to Lima, she will learn that her two gay fathers are heading to Splitsville, with Hiram already out of the house, and Leroy left alone to welcome her home.

In further bad news, Rachel learns that Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester has done away with the arts program at McKinley, leaving Rachel no choice but to take the lead in bringing it back. According to the site: "Rachel goes straight to Lima school superintendent and says that she is willing to fund the revival of the GLEE club using her remaining TV money. The superintendent apparently agrees but insists she will be the director."

On to the romance of Kurt and Blaine. When the season begins, the couple will be broken up, with Blaine now in a relationship with Kurt's former bullying foe, Karofsky (Max Adler.) The blog reports that the split caused Blaine's grades to fall low enough to get himself booted from NYADA. He has no choice but to return to Ohio and take a job at his former school, Dalton, as the director of The Warblers.

Eventually, Kurt regrets his decision to cool things off and flies home to Lima to get Blaine back. He also volunteers to help Rachel reinstate the New Directions choir and earn some NYADA credits while doing so. The network recently revealed that Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Will (Matthew Morrison) will also find themselves back in Ohio with "surprising new gigs." Sam now serves as McKinley's assistant football coach, while Will is the new director of Vocal Adrenaline.

The site also shared a list of songs which are being recorded for the episode. Check them out below:

"Uninvited" by Alanis Morissette - sung by Rachel
"Suddenly Seymour" from Little Shop of Horrors - sung by Rachel & Blaine
"Sing" by Ed Sheeran - sung by Blaine & the Warblers
"Dance the Night Away" by Van Halen - sung by Vocal Adrenaline
"Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club - sung by Rachel
"Let it Go" from Frozen - sung by Rachel

The sixth and final season of GLEE will return in 2015.