Joy Behar on Rumors of Sarah Palin for VIEW Host: 'Why is She Even Relevant?'

Joy Behar on Rumors of Sarah Palin for VIEW Host: 'Why is She Even Relevant?'

During a recent interview with Extra, former VIEW host Joy Behar weighed in on rumors that Sarah Palin is under consideration to host the ABC daytime talk show.

"Shouldn't Sarah Palin be turning letters over on some game show at this point? Why is she even relevant?" said the comic of the reports. "She and [former Vice President] Dick Cheney need to just sort of say bye-bye and disappear. So I don't really see her on any show, frankly. I wouldn't watch it."

Behar shared her opinion on the suggestion that a man should join the group of panelists. "We tried that [with guest hosts] in the past and it didn't really work that well," she told Extra. "I think that the women watching want to hear women talk, as a general rule, and what women are thinking."

She continued, "The chemistry should be good, because that's what makes that show work. Everybody's enjoying the other person and there's banter and disagreements, but it's done without anything personal. That's how Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] and I did it for years. I mean, we argued about politics, but it was never personal-so I think that's the way it should go."

Asked if she would consider returning to the show as a guest, the 71-year-old replied, "It's enough. I had enough. I don't need to go back to that particular show," she adds, "I have other things I'm doing right now which I'm enjoying. I like the freelance aspect of it, [not] having to be somewhere every day."

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Source: Extra