James Cameron Announces Resignation from RealD Board of Directors

James Cameron Announces Resignation from RealD  Board of Directors

RealD Inc., a leading global licensor of 3D technologies, today announced the resignation of James Cameron from its Board of Directors due to the rigorous demands of his filmmaking commitments.

Cameron is currently dedicated to finalizing the scripts for Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 and hopes to begin production on these 3D films by the end of 2013.

"I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Jim for his contributions as a RealD board member," said Michael V. Lewis, Chairman and CEO of RealD. "His cinematic achievements and evangelism of 3D filmmaking continue to play a key role in advancing our industry. I look forward to seeing Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 released in RealD 3D in the coming years."

"The increasing demands on my schedule in 2013 have made serving on RealD's board impractical going forward," Cameron said. "However, I am excited to continue my long-standing collaboration with RealD to jointly promote the merits of 3D filmmaking."

Cameron joined RealD's Board of Directors in July 2010.

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