ITV Execs Behind DOWNTOWN ABBEY to Depart Network

ITV Execs Behind DOWNTOWN ABBEY to Depart NetworkIt was announced today that ITV drama executives, director of drama Laura Mackie and controller of drama Sally Haynes, will depart the network in June to begin work on their own production studio.

Mackie and Haynes are credited with boosting ITV's ratings and reputation with Downton Abbey and MR. SELFRIDGE, the recent drama hit starring Jeremy Piven. The two had previously worked together at the BBC before packing up and moving to ITV.

As of now, the head of drama series, Steve November, is set to act as interim acting director of drama.

"Laura and Sally have had a tremendous run at ITV and their legacy is an incredibly strong drama slate for 2013 and beyond," Peter Fincham, ITV director of television, said today. "We're going to miss them, but we wish them all the very best for their exciting new venture and look forward to working with them again."