Documentaries GIRL MODEL and PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY Set for DVD Release Today


Two new documentaries will head straight to theatrical release on DVD next week, today, February 12, 2013. Details below!

GIRL MODEL, a film by David Redmon and Ashley Sabin, runs 77 minutes. The DVD will feature eight bonus scenes.

Girl Model explores how young girls are discovered in obscure corners of the globe and initiated into the high stakes modeling industry. The film follows two protagonists: Ashley, a former model and now scout who scours Siberia looking for fresh faces; and one of her discoveries, Nadya, a 13-year-old plucked from her rustic home and dropped into the center of bustling Tokyo with promises of a profitable career. Girl Model is a lyrical exploration of a world defined by glass surfaces and camera lenses, reflecting back differing versions of reality to the young women caught in their scope.

UPC: 7-20229-91534-2
Catalog #: FRF 915342D
SRP: $27.95
Street Date: February 12

PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY, a film by Ross McElwee, runs 87 minutes. The DVD will include an Archival Photo Gallery by Ross McElwee.

Filmmaker Ross McElwee (Sherman's March, Bright Leaves) finds himself in frequent conflict with his son, a young adult who seems addicted to and distracted by the virtual worlds of the internet. To understand his fractured love for his son, McElwee travels back to St. Quay-Portrieux in Brittany for The First Time in decades to retrace his own journey into adulthood. A meditation on the passing of time, the praxis of photography and film, and the digital versus analog divide.

UPC: 7-20229-91533-5
Catalog #: FRF 915335D
SRP: $27.95
Street Date: February 12