Dianna Agron Talks Absence from GLEE's Monteith Tribute

Dianna Agron Talks Absence from GLEE's Monteith Tribute

In an exclusive interview with Digitalspy.com, Glee star Dianna Agron spoke about her noticible absense from last month's tribute episode to late Glee star Cory Monteith titled 'The Quarterback.'

The actress, who portrayed ex-cheerleader Quinn Fabray on the FOX dramedy, has not made an appearance in the show's current fifth season. However, she told the site that it was disheartening for her to see the media turn her absence into a "negative" news story.

"What I'm surprised about is how big that story has become. It's something that's involving our friend," she shared. "It's just interesting how the press loves to pick up a negative story - whether it's true or not - and run with it."

She added, "It's very disheartening and very sad. It's very bittersweet not being there every day like I once was. On top of that to have things like this flying around, it makes me sad."

Agron's character, a former captain of McKinley High's cheerleading squad was once involved in a serious relationship with Monteith's character Finn. As a result, the actors performed many musical numbers together in the show's first few seasons.

Monteith tragically passed away in July at the age of 31 due to an accidental overdose of heroin and alcohol. At the time of his death, Agron called the actor, "one of the most amazing people [she's] ever met".


Photo courtesy of FOX