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CYBORNETICS Debuts on DVD and More Today, 10/23

In a future world of bio-mechanical technology and awe-inspiring scientific advances, humans share every aspects of their lives with their machines. But when a leading scientist and his team build an advanced prototype cyborg named A.R.C. 1 for an undisclosed secret military project, the scientists aren't prepared for the consequences. Suddenly, A.R.C. 1 is on his own in a strange and dangerous world, as he embarks on a spectacular quest to discover the startling secrets of his true identity.

One of 2012's freshest new science fiction action movies, CYBORNETICS, debuts today, October 23 on DVD, Digital Download, and Video on Demand. This movie will be available for purchase at various nationwide retailers and online. CYBORNETICS is a fresh new take on science fiction and will become a smarter choice for today's demanding consumers who are hungry for new and original stories. CYBORNETICS is about a group of scientists who transform a man into a cyborg, but soon lose track of the cyborg as he escapes the lab and embarks on his own quest for self-redemption. This movie is a throwback to the old sci-fi films we all know and love like Blade Runner and Aliens. The film, written and directed by Dwayne Buckle, produced by Barbara Michaels, stars Justiin A. Davis, Pascal Yen-Pfister, Hillary Hawkins, James Rich, and Raw Leiba.

Dwayne Buckle is a self-taught African American Engineer from New York City. He went to NYC's High School of Art & Design where he practiced his first love, drawing. He left high school at age 16 to start his own recording studio business in L.I.C., where he started producing his own music videos and short films that eventually segued him into the Independent Film world soon after. Dwayne is an audio-video engineer with over 200 film production credits to date. He started 360 Sound and Vision, a full service film Production Company that produces his own line of thought provoking, cutting edge, artistically enhanced independent films.

His work includes , THE GLASSES, a science fiction piece released in 2006 as well as THE MINORITY, a comedy, action, thriller which was released in 2009. The Glasses was awarded top honors at the prestigious Houston International Film Festival, (Worldfest 2008). THE MINORITY, a full-length feature film, had theatrical releases in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. The Minority was awarded Best Feature Film Award, 7 th Annual Urban Media Maker's Film Festival, Atlanta, Georgia, Honorable Mention Award. 15 th Annual Pan African Film Festival, (PAFF), Los Angeles, California, and Honorable Mention by the Jury Award 3rd Annual STEPS International Rights Film Festival, Kharkov, Ukraine. Upon completion of the movie Dwayne successfully oversaw various foreign and domestic distribution deals for both The Minority & The Glasses. 

For more information about CYBORNETICS you may visit the website at and their IMDB page. Also, check out the official trailer for the movie on Youtube!

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