BWW Recap: The GIRLS and Their Apologies (or Non-Apology-Apologies)

This week's episode, "Cubbies", highlights how each girl is functioning in her new, rather calm, role. Whether it be experiencing gruesome interviews, figuring out the romantic and platonic side of a duet partner, struggling to find true passion, or just being an honest, AA member; Shoshanna, Marnie, Hannah, and Jessa seem to be growing up (in their own way) and (surprisingly) accepting the plot twists.

The fourth episode begins in the middle of a new job interview for Shoshanna, and within the first thirty seconds, it is clear this will definitely not be her last. Determined to figure out why she can't land a job (or maybe trying to reassure herself on why she did the whole "trial-interview" stunt to begin with), her next demand makes us all cringe, sigh, and partly wish she would just go back to NYU for a graduate degree. Asking what is wrong with you may be fine for any normal applicant, but when it's Shoshanna Shapiro, it's opening a meltdown of "why me's" we see quickly following.

Marnie and Jessa are spotted hanging out a bar, listening to the "rough mix" (intensely stated so the judgment will be less harsh??) of Marnie and Desi's new song. Does everyone seem to hate Marnie's voice except for me? Seems like it! While Shoshanna emerges from her not so perfect interview, which we learn is now her seventh in two weeks (poor Shoshie), the complaints of the real world have finally made it to our youngest character, with Marnie and Jessa sitting back, letting her experience it all for the first time. Still wanting opinions of her song, the group decision is they love it...well, they will, once they hear it 1,000 times on the radio and it's forced in their heads. At least Marnie's friends are honest, right?

With a pad on her lap and a pen in her hand, can it really be Hannah back in her groove, finally finding her inspiration at Iowa? Nah, that'd be too easy. Pan over to Elijah, still in Iowa, still keeping himself busy and productive on his latest project, "how fat kids make for slutty adults"...hey, at least someone's working and giving us some laughs. Another character providing some laughs is Ray, yet this unintentional barbaric rage comes from the noise pollution outside his apartment. With a stunned Shoshanna witnessing this yelling mess, she decides to accompany him on his trip to run some errands. This duo can only go one of two ways, and with Shosh taking charge of where he should buy his shirts, seems both have taken up their previous roles respectively.

Back at the writer's workshop, Hannah's apology letters (well, non-apology apology letters) backfire horribly. The class erupts in arguments based off of Hannah's defensive, roundabout "sincerity", leaving Hannah not only as a rude, inconsiderate classmate, but one who has messed with the "sacred space cubbies" altogether. Being asked to stay after class by her professor, Hannah's thoughts of getting kicked out of the program quickly change from fear to want. Though the talk was more to understand why Hannah is at Iowa in the first place and if it's the right fit for her (is anything?), it clearly gets Hannah thinking about alternatives.

After the breakup (if you can call it that) of Desi and Marnie, their practice has enough tension for anyone to feel completely uncomfortable. With Marnie claiming she's "just fine", (yeah, okay, lied every woman ever) looks like they won't be going onward or inward anywhere together.

Flashing to Hannah and her father at dinner, Hannah learns her mom used to be a writer, or at least had aspirations of writing. After deciding that wasn't the path she wanted to go down, she found more time to cook, enjoy her family, and be happy. Is this Mr. Horvath's way of jedi-mind tricking Hannah? Mr. Horvath is one of the few genuine characters on the show who can actually put up with Hannah in all scenarios (you go Dad!), and it's evident that whatever Hannah decides to do, she has his support completely. But what exactly does Hannah want to do?

THE RAY AND SHOSH CLOSURE WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! Apologizing for the crazy mess of their relationship, Shoshanna's admittance that she did love Ray, and always will, makes us all smile and appreciate that they finally are on the same page. Returning back to the traffic stemming Ray's crazed emotions, Shosh urges him to do something about it, maybe go to a city council meeting and get the area under control... Is this the politician we have been teased about in this upcoming season??

If only all relationships could mend like Ray and Shoshanna's, but no. Desi (a drunken, crying Desi) barges into Marnie's apartment, professing his love for her. Wait, is this what we think it is? HE BROKE UP WITH CLEMENTINE, FOR MARNIE? Well... not really. Marnie seems okay with being second fiddle (as long as this is the fiddle Desi is choosing to play), but are we okay with this?

With the wind in her hair and her suitcases in the trunk, Hannah's cab ride only means one thing: the Iowa Revolution is over! It's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun! Though we are sad to see her leave... well we aren't really sad because we expected it all along. But did we expect to see Mimi Rose answer the door of her NY apartment, this Blondie who allegedly moved her couch out and is living with Adam?! This curveball is not what anyone expected, and what we feel is plastered all over Hannah's face. Leaving Iowa to come back home to her friends, family, and boyfriend were definitely the plans she had in mind.

But will Adam and Hannah's less than romantic post-Iowa encounter (and so, so very awkward hug), be the end of an era we all have fell into? Has Hannah's decision to leave the opportunity of a lifetime ruined ALL opportunities period? Write your comments below or tweet me at @SamReichstein.

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