BWW Recap: THE FLASH and the 'All Star Team Up'

ARROW's Felicty (Emily Bett Rickards) and Ray (aka The Atom, played by Brandon Routh) visit Barry (Grant Gustin) and the rest of Team FLASH on tonight's ep, "All Star Team Up." Grab a seat. We'll get you up to speed.

Forget the reason why Felicity and Ray are guest-starring on tonight's episode. Admittedly, it's flimsy. The pair need help with Ray's ATOM suit and only Catilin (Danielle Panabaker), Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) are the ones with the know-how to fix the thing (this despite Felicity showing Team FLASH several times that she knows more about computers, hacking and whatnot than the entire S.T.A.R. Labs team put together.

Yes, tonight is merely a night for the fan boys. People like me who grew up faithfully reading DC Comics and dreamed of the day where we might actually see something like this on the small or big screen (left).

And while DC's "Justice League" movie is still a year or so off, tonight's ep is a nod to the original comic that brought a diverse group of superheroes together for awesome adventures.

We begin with a car chase. Det. Thawne (Rick Cosnett) and Det. West (Jesse L. Martin) are in pursuit of a couple of perps. It's the third attempted robbery of the night. West phones Barry. Barry zips into the car with another perp (indecent exposure; apparently Barry is good at multi-tasking).

Barry grabs Joe, deposits him in the driver's seat of one car and nabs the other robbery suspects and puts them in Thawne's car. Did I mention all of the cars are moving?

At the university, a professor gets into her car. Robotic bees fly out of the vent, covering her as she screams. It's the work of the Bug-Eyed Bandit. In the comics, the villain is a dude. Here, it's a woman (played by THE WALKING DEAD's Emily Kinney).

The gang at the lab are quick to point out the cause of death: honey bee toxin. Cisco is less than thrilled. He suffers from apiphobia. Look it up. I'll wait.

Wells points out that when a bee stings, its stinger is torn from its abdomen and it dies. There were no stingers pulled from the body and no dead bees in the car. Felicity shows up and asks the team to come outside.

"It's a bird," Caitlin says.

"It's a plane," Cisco adds.

"It's my boyfriend," Felcity says, correcting them both.

Ray's landing is less than graceful, but he is all smiles as he introduces himself.

Barry wishes they would have called. It's not a good time (he's investigating Wells, if you remember from last ep). The rest of the team is eager to lend a hand with fixing Ray's suit, though. Felicity picks up on his reluctance and invites him to grab some coffee. Wells throws them a suspicious look as they leave.

At the police station, Iris (Candice Patton) confronts her boyfriend Eddie Thawne. He's been distant. She thinks he's hiding something from her. He's a terrible liar and he tells Joe that lying about the FLASH is starting to impact their relationship.

Eddie shows up at the coffee shop and interrupts Barry before he can tell Felicity what is really troubling him. "Is everyone in Central City in a bad mood," she asks, "I thought you were supposed to be the fun one." Writer's in-joke about the lighter tone of FLASH vs. ARROW. Felicity's solution to throw off Iris? A dinner date with Barry and her. They has such fun the last time.

In a corporate looking building, a man walks in, talking on his cell. He walks right past the Bug-Eyed Bandit. She tells the robotic bee in her hand to look at the bad man and tell her sisters it's time.

At the Lab, Cisco quickly solves the problem with Ray's suit overheating (ceremics). Ray tells him "You really are quite clever, Cisco." It causes Cisco to have a flashback to two episodes ago when he confronted Wells and was killed (events that were undone when Barry went back in time and changed the time line).

Barry arrives at cell phone guy's office. He's too late. The guy is dead, but the bees are still there. They swarm out of the dead guy's mouth and chase after Barry. He can't escape them, they sting him and he goes into cardiac arrest. Turns out, Cisco built a defibrillator into the suit (so that's what the lightning bolt emblem on his chest is).

Though he technically just died, it's not enough for Barry to call off dinner plans between himself, Felicity, Ray, Iris and Eddie (though, technically Barry is the fifth wheel). It's a fancy restaurant that Iris has been trying for months to get a reservation. Ray has rented out the entire place for the night. It pays to date a billionaire.

Cisco pays a visit to the police station. Joe gives him a file on the dead guy (another robotics professor...hmm). Cisco didn't stop by to pick up the file, though. He's concerned about how Barry has been behaving. Joe tells him he's just worried about the next time Reverse Flash shows up. It triggers another memory from the altered timeline, but Cisco doesn't tell Joe about it.

The dinner is not going well. Iris is jealous at how close Felicity and Ray are. Ray, meanwhile, tells Barry it was an honor to meet Wells. Barry excuses himself from the table. Felicity follows him. He unloads everything on her. He can't trust Wells and now he suspects he can't trust Cisco or Caitlin, either.

At the lab, a lone bee that attached itself to Barry's suit is now terrorizing the team. It flys toward Wells. He's about to get up from his wheelchair to avoid being stung to death, but Barry zips in and captures the thing. The Bug-Eyed Bandit is watching the goings on at the Lab thorugh the bee's camera-eyes, though.

The team quickly connects the dots. Both dead scientists worked at S.T.A.R.'s rival, Mercury Labs (run by Tina McGee, played by Amanda Pays, who also played the character on the original FLASH TV show). McGee, upon hearing that robotic bees killed her former employees, tells them they are looking for Bree Larvan. McGee fired Larvan when she found out Larvan was weaponizing the bees for military use (McGee wanted to use them for agricultural purposes only).

Felicty tells Barry he needs to tell Caitlin and Cisco about his suspicions regarding Wells. Barry is worried they won't believe him as Wells is a hero and mentor to them both.

At the Lab, the robotic bee stars moving again. They trace the signal. The swarm is heading to Mercury Labs. Barry's suit is still fried from the last use, so he can't risk getting stung. Ray suits up and blasts the bees away from the window of Mercury Labs.

Barry, meanwhile, confronts Larvan. She has more bees than the ones she dispacted to Mercury Labs and they swarm towards Barry. Felicity hacks into their frequency and stops them from stinging him, though. Larvan hacks Felicity's hack, prompting Felicity to proclaim she has found her nemesis.

They volley computer hacks back and forth. Felicity cries fowl when Larvan fries her one computer. She retorts by frying all of Larvan's bees. Game, set and match to Felicity. Barry quickly handcuffs Larvan.

Ray has dispatched his bees by flying over the water. He crash lands into the open back doors of the van Caitlin is driving. He and Caitlin are high-fiving. Cisco notices one lone bee flies off of Ray's discarded ATOM suit and moves towards Ray. He jumps in front of the bee and is stung. He goes into cardiac arrest.

Barry arrives. He vibrates his hands, creating sparks. It works. Ray thanks him for taking a bee for him. Barry tells him he's a hero. Cisco likes the sound of it. And the writers again lay the ground work for Cisco to become his comic book counterpart, the hero Vibe.

McGee stops by the precinct to apologize to Barry for not taking the threat seriously. It gives him the opportunity to ask her about the animosity between her and Wells. She tells him they used to be best friends, but he changed after the car accident.

Iris gives Eddie an ultimatum: come clean about what he's hiding or they are done.

And speaking of coming clean, Barry takes Felicity's advice and invites Cisco and Caitlin to look at his big board of clues and facts that point to Wells being the one who killed his mom. He calmly tells them both that Wells and the Reverse Flash are the same person.

Caitlin defends Wells. Cisco stares troubling at the evidence and tells them all about the dreams he has been having: "Doctor Wells is the Reverse Flash and he kills me."

And with that, the ep comes to a close. Comment below and follow me @triggercric and follow @BWWTVWorld for all the latest updates, scoops and recaps.

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