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BWW Recap: Hellhound Hath No Fury Like a Banshee Scorned on TEEN WOLF

It is the summer finale for TEEN WOLF and what have we learned? People are dead, but not really, Theo is certifiably nuts and during the most critical scenes in the finale, we had to suffer through a disgusting promo in the corner of our screens SEVEN times of Miley Cyrus sticking her tongue out at us. Come on, MTV, is nothing sacred?

Well, for those who were still holding out hope that maybe, just maybe Theo was a good guy? Tonight, we learned we were insanely naive. It is the night of the super moon which means everybody was going super sized crazy. Hayden was dying and Mama McCall did all she could medically to save her, but it just wasn't enough. Liam, fully irritated, and hopped up on Super Moon juice attacked Scott for not helping her like he promised. However, Theo had poisoned Scott's inhaler with Wolfsbane, so Scott had none of his powers when he was locked in a circle of Mountain Ash in the library. (This must sound insane out of context.)

Continuing on his reign of terror, Theo attacked Lydia and left her catatonic, captured the Sheriff to torment Stiles and was basically forcing Liam to kill Scott so he could become the Alpha of the pack. Mason arrived in time to break up the fight and inform Liam that Hayden has died and Theo straight up kills Scott. Yeah! Kills him! But Mama McCall was having none of it and she pounded his chest forcing him to roar. Seriously, that's what she did. And he literally roared back to life.

Parrish escaped from jail and Stiles followed him. Lydia figured out (finally) that he is a hellhound. I'm not clear on whether that is a good thing or not. But he did show up and claim Hayden's body from a weeping Liam to throw on the pile in the woods.

Oh and Malia was fighting some chimera and Braeden showed up to warn her that the Desert Wolf knows she's alive and is coming after her... still don't care about that whole thing.

Theo sucked the subconscious out of Lydia which led him to the bodies in the woods. There, he reanimated Tracy, Corey, Donovan and Hayden and made them his new pack.

Am I mistaken or wasn't Stiles' Jeep declared dead in one of the more recent episodes? Or was it a giant metaphor that even though it wasn't perfect, it was Stiles that put the final nail in its coffin. Am I overthinking it?

So, this was clearly a big setup for Season 5B premiering in the winter, but there were a lot of exciting things that happened. (You may have missed them being distracted by the constant barrage of Miley Cyrus pop ups in critical scenes, as I did.) Will part two of this season consist of a war of the packs? With Liam and Hayden in a Romeo/Juliet kind of a thing? And our poor, sweet Scott, will he be able to reunite his broken pack? Reconnect with his bromance partner, Stiles? And seriously, which side is Parrish on?

As far as the entire season, I like that Liam finally had a love interest. They were cute together and I see that they will definitely face some obstacles, her being undead and all. I definitely think Mason needs some more screen time. I haven't been this uncomfortable with a broken Bromance since Joey moved out of he and Chandler's apartment back in the day. (#datedreference). Lydia was full on catatonic, so was that why she was in Eichen in the beginning of the season? I can't imagine this will do wonders for her impending romance with Parrish. I guess we'll see, if we all survive the holidays.

Couple Things:

  • Annoying hashtags of the evening: #LiamsFirstLove, #DadVsSon, #RaekensBall and my personal favorite, #VoidStiles which I personally think could be a punk band.

  • Sherriff Stalinksy is okay, right? RIGHT?

  • Mama McCall sure came through. She sure doesn't get enough credit around Beacon Hills.

  • And a shout-out to Mason who witnessed two deaths, both of which were reversed, but still, traumatizing all the same.

  • No Kira?

  • Braeden returned, no Derek?

  • Is there any chance the Desert Wolf will become more interesting?

  • Does this mean Malia and Theo probably won't get together. #stydiaforever

  • Why do they have access to school at all hours? Also, does the library just not have lights? If so why are they never on?

  • I'm still really annoyed about the Miley Cyrus thing. Seven times during the show not counting all the stupid commercials? MTV, do you REALLY think people this will entice people to watch? Respect your loyal audience a little bit more. Okay, I'm over it. #notreally

Photo Credit: MTV

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