Opera star I.V Mazzoleni publishes Libretto: MEMOIRS FROM A SHOEBOX

Incredible talent and fierce competition meet in a tantalizing read that details scandalous tales about life in the opera.

Libretto by I.V. Mazzoleni takes readers on a dramatic journey to success alongside an aspiring young mezzo-soprano. As a former singer herself, Mazzoleni offers a compelling, behind the scenes look at the world of opera through an exciting story of ambition, jealousy and tragedy. Adding a historical twist, Mazzoleni uses old letters as a springboard to tell the story.

Mazzoleni's intense drama is inspired by true events she experienced during her own opera career. After studying opera at Columbia University and the Royal Conservatory of Music, Mazzoleni joined what would later become known as the Canadian Opera Company.

In order to write Libretto, Mazzoleni drew on her own experiences dealing with demanding practice schedules, controlling mentors, heightened emotions, and fierce rivalries behind the curtain. Sensitively written and sprinkled with humor, Mazzoleni weaves an exciting tale for opera lovers and everyday readers alike.<

"Libretto examines a side of opera audiences never see," says Mazzoleni. "It's an exciting and passionate world, much like opera itself."

Libretto: Memoirs from a Shoebox

By I.V. Mazzoleni
Retail price: $20.00
Available at www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com

I.V. Mazzoleni is a former opera singer and portrait painter residing in Toronto, Ontario. She studied opera at Columbia University and later joined the Canadian Opera Company. Libretto is based off of her own experiences in opera.

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