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Mina Tindle, Kate Stables, Emma Broughton, Melissa Laveaux and 37d03d Share Nina Simone Cover '22nd Century'


The full mixtape relaunches this Friday August 21st.

For the anniversary of the now-legendary event at Berlin's Funkhaus, 37d03d is pleased to re-launch the original 37d03d mixtape, our inaugural release, with the addition of an unearthed gem, a collective cover of Nina Simone's "22nd Century," featuring Mina Tindle, Kate Stables (This Is The Kit), Emma Broughton, Melissa Laveaux and whole cast of friends, artists and collaborators in support.

Mina Tindle shares the story of how the collaboration came about by saying, "I feel some of these extraordinary female voices like Nina Simone's have a way to sing, to write songs like they were visions, expressing a kind of clairvoyance. A bit scary sometimes actually... At the last People event, I had no idea what kind of collaborations I wanted to do. I just woke up one day humming a song I could not recognize until I could search for these words" 22nd century" that were stuck in my head. I realized it was this Nina Simone song, the last one of Here comes the Sun, that I might have heard twice in my life. When I finally listened to it that day, I was in shock, deeply shaken and hypnotized by it. I decided it was some kind of sign and that was what I was supposed to play it at the People festival... just record this apocalyptic and prophetic song with as many beautiful souls I could find. So we did it, and I love the result. It's rough, imperfect, because it's nearly improvised, but has a beauty in it coming from that."

Melissa Laveaux adds, "It was the perfect song for the world as it is currently laid out for the foreseeable future - Nina's a real soothsayer in this one. I wonder what lucid dream or nightmare inspired these lyrics but they couldn't ring more true of how some of us feel right this minute."

Another featured vocalist and 37d03d regular collaborator, Kate Stables from This Is The Kit, also adds, "Taking part in the recording of this song was like being home and among family, a reminder of what a gift it is when you can sing and make music with people you love and who inspire you. During the time we all spent together at PEOPLE there were so many connections and bridges built and friendships strengthened. For me this song brings back so many memories of formative and very often hilarious times. But it also reminds us all of the need of friendship and community and solidarity in this crazy bonkers world we all live in together. We're already well into the sci-fi era and we need each other as humans more than ever."


Additional vocals: Mariam Wallentin, Alexis Murdoch, Yoann Lemoine, Sam Amidon, Olivier Marguerit, Maaike van der Linde, Beth Meyers

Drums: Jason Treuting

Synth: James McAlister

Violin: Sam Amidon

Cello: Gaspar Claus

Guitars: Bryce Dessner, Olivier Marguerit, Kate Stables

Bass: Olivier Marguerit

Recording and mix: David Chalmin

The full mixtape relaunches this Friday August 21st across all DSPs.

Pre-order HERE.


1. "22nd Century" by Mina Tindle, Kate Stables, Emma Broughton, Melissa Laveaux

2. "Star Mouth" by Justin Vernon, Ryan Olson, Andrew Broder, Psymun

3. "I Was Calling" by Richard Reed Parry, Adam Kinner

4."Heavenly" by Invisible Boy

5. "Santa Agnes" by Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner

• w/ Boys Noize, Ben Lanz, Jeremy Nutzman, Justin Vernon, Kristin Anna, Ryan Olson, Vojtech Havel

6. "Spree" by Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner, Alex Ridha (Boys Noize)

• w/ Andi Toma, Jan St. Werner, Thom Sonny Green

7. "Swan" by Lisa Hannigan, Aaron Dessner, Enda Walsh

8. "Long Chance" by JT Bates

9. "Tell You Girls" by Roma di Luna

10. "P(eo)PLE" by Rone

11. "American Dub by Satoshi Nakamoto" by Beat Detectives

12. "Hardest Time" by Red Bird Hollow, Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner

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