F Street Productions Launches UNSUNG Podcast on Kasim Sulton

The new scripted podcast will debut on March 15.

By: Jan. 26, 2022
F Street Productions Launches UNSUNG Podcast on Kasim Sulton

F Street Productions is launching UNSUNG a new six-episode scripted rock & roll comedy podcast inspired by the real-life exploits of musician and rock legend Kasim Sulton. Download episodes for free on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play or anywhere podcasts are found.

Debuting March 15, the story opens with the fictional Alec Sulton having suffered a heart attack on stage. Under doctor's orders to stay home in Staten Island so he can recover, the pathologically restless musician has everyone on edge, particularly his three adult children, all talented musicians themselves, and all of whom have long since grown accustomed to their dad's absence.

While the kids know only too well that Alec has at times been self-destructive, somewhat raunchy and on occasion tasteless, he's also the scaffolding upon which they've built their own strange little lives. And when they all finally decide to form a band and play together -and they will -one thing becomes clear: They may not be a very tight knit family, but they're a pretty good f**king band.

UNSUNG is co-executive produced by Michael A. Simon and Scott Kushner, co-founders of F Street Productions.

"UNSUNG is the story of what happens when a touring musician comes off the road and the family business needs to be attended to," said Kushner. "Being on stage and making music is almost the easy part. It's how you spend the other part of your life that's hard."

The real Kasim Sulton, one of rock music's most renowned talents, also serves as an executive producer and co-creator of UNSUNG. A bassist, keyboardist and vocalist, Sulton has been Todd Rundgren's bass player in Utopia for decades and has also played and sung on albums for many of the top artists of the past decades, including Meat Loaf, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Cheap Trick, Jon Bon Jovi and Hall & Oates, to name a few.

Over his career, Sulton has appeared on albums that have sold more than 85 million copies worldwide. As a solo artist, he has released original material throughout his career. His latest album, KASIM 2021, was released in September, 2021 by DEKO Entertainment.

"There have been so many crazy situations and experiences in my life - both highs and lows - that can be hard to describe," said Sulton. "This series delivers a lot of those moments with powerful insights and amazing clarity. I look forward to sharing this story with both fans who know me and others who may be discovering me and my music for the first time."

UNSUNG stars top voice actors including Sean Donnellan (Bolt, Spiderman 3) as Alec Sulton; Amy Marcs (The Sisters Rosenweig) as Marnie Sulton and Olivia; Claudine Ohayon (Plan Bee, An Ant's Life) as Kelly Sulton and Sophie; Spencer Fox (The Incredibles) as Doug Sulton and Jeff Bennett (Dexter's Laboratory, The Land Before Time) as Gene, Frank, Marie Fratelli and Jim. The series is written by the husband and wife creative team of Chanel Bosh and Ben Mehl.


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