BWW Reviews: Baldwin Through Dance

BWW Reviews: Baldwin Through Dance

Baldwin through Dance: Charles O. Anderson, Dianne McIntyre

The second annual installment of New York Live Arts Live Ideas festival entitled James Baldwin, This Time! Presented works by two fine choreographers Dianne McIntyre and Charles O. Anderson on April 27, 2014. The shared program features the world premiere of Time is Time created and performed by acclaimed dancer and choreographer Dianne McIntyre, and the New York City premiere of Charles O. Anderson's Restless Natives.

Choreographer and dancer Dianne McIntyre expresses her sentiments brilliantly stating,

"To have the responsibility of bowing publicly to the power of his presence on this planet is something to approach with humility." Time Is Time created a fine work of precision and ethos while sustaining the flow, originality, courage and power that defines the work and life of James Baldwin. And to watch a living legend perform a dance piece inspired by a legend was a wonder to behold.

Restless Natives choreographed by Charles O. Anderson addresses issues regarding race, identity, love and loss. All of my senses were elevated while watching the dancers hide their pain behind interior plastered smiles while grimacing inside listening to outside voices call them nigger, and bastard. The multi- racial cast of dancers softened the blow of the harsh reality of racism that was expressed in the story of Home.

The dancers of Charles O. Anderson's Restless Natives displayed beautiful extensions, grand and noble gestures of poise and balance while fluid arms flowed to jazz and blues music. Poet and performance artist Ursula Rucker was the Griot, telling a haunting story of spiritual and emotional longing.

This work offered it all, singing, dancing, tap dancing, spoken word and an excellent unity among dancers committed to telling their best tale for James Baldwin through dance.

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