Writing, Walking with Jesus on Journey with Cancer Chronicled in Robert Schulte's WHY ME? WHY NOT ME

Imagine being told, as a very energetic and active person of 63, that your life was ending because of cancer. How would you tell people? How would you cope?

For Robert Schulte, the answer to those questions came in two pieces: first, he started an online journal, to keep his friends and family updated on his condition. Then, he placed his faith firmly in Jesus.

Robert's thoughts are captured in the new book "Why Me? Why Not Me." Captain Bob's Journey to Heaven through Surrender. A compilation of his online journals, Why Me? traces the last two years of Robert's life, as he shows readers how to live gracefully, die honorably, and follow Jesus Christ every step of the way.

"I rode the journey with Bob for two years and realized that through Jesus, Bob was able to not only live well but also to die well," says Cindy Schulte, Robert's wife. "His journal will put you front and center on his beautiful journey, something he called 'an e-ticket ride with Christ.'"

This powerful book is a story of tremendous faith and trust in difficult times. Readers will laugh, cry and be uplifted as they follow along with the innermost thoughts of a man on a journey to God.

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"Why Me? Why Not Me." Captain Bob's Journey to Heaven through Surrender
By Robert Schulte
ISBN: 978-1-4497-6822-5 Softcover, retail price: $19.99 Hardcover, retail price: $35.99 E-book price: $3.99

About the author
Robert "Bob" R. Schulte was born in New Jersey and worked in sales until retiring in 2000. In 1998, Bob became "Captain Bob" by getting his captain's license from the US Merchant Marines and pursued his love of boating with a 34' mainship that he traveled with up the East Coast. In retirement, Captain Bob lived his dream as lead captain for the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat Company and served as a liaison between the company and US Coast Guard.

In 2001, Bob found Christ and spent endless hours volunteering at Fellowship Church in Middletown, Connecticut. In 2010, when he received the news of a serious cancer, he started a journal online. It began as a way to keep his friends and family up-to-date on his condition. As God showed himself to Bob through his trials, the journal became a testimony for all to see Bob's road to heaven.

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