William Neumann's RUTHERFORD Now Available From Arcadia Publishing

William Neumann's RUTHERFORD Now Available From Arcadia Publishing

The newest addition to Arcadia Publishing's popular Images of America series is RUTHERFORD from local author William Neumann. The book boasts more than 200 vintage images, the majority of which were donated from private collections of local residents.

Rutherford traces its original settler and earliest history to a 17th-century Dutch family, one of the first to arrive in the nascent colony of New Netherland. Throughout the next 12 generations, this family joined thousands of others to create a quaint oasis just beyond New York City.

In 1835, the sleepy farm village greeted the arrival of one of America's first railroads with wonder and anticipation. The long history of Rutherford is rich with pioneers in government, education, the arts, medicine, and commerce. In the 1880s, a local attorney sparked a revolution in municipal government just as a young boy, William Carlos Williams, began his journey to become a beloved world-class poet.

Rutherford is home to the oldest real estate business in the country as well as the cradle of one of the world's premier medical supply companies and New Jersey's largest private university. Beyond its extraordinary advances, Rutherford schools, churches, civic buildings, historic downtown, and simple homes nurtured a citizenry who wove a colorful quilt of social history and hometown dreams.

Highlights of Rutherford:
Enlightenment and entertainment
Education and worship
Rutherfordians and their homes
Public service and just business

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by William Neumann
Images of America Series
Price: $21.99
128 pages/ softcover
Available: November 26, 2012

About the Author of Rutherford

William "Billy" Neumann will tell you first that he is a life-long resident of Rutherford, NJ. He is the third generation to reside in a home that was once the main house of the large Beard family farm. For more than half the year he sleeps outside on the homes open air porch and tends to a garden that has continually yielded a harvest more than 135 years.

Neumann is a commercial photographer in New York City. Since 1985 he has produced award winning images of business leaders, celebrities and politicians. He also has continuously documented the beauty of the Borough of Rutherford and its evolving history. These images have been used in numerous borough calendars, brochures, posters and more. He has produced guided tours of Rutherford, Paterson, and New York City.

He is former chairman of Rutherford's Historic Preservation Commission and serves on other New Jersey historic committees including Bergen County's Historic Preservation Advisory Board. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Paterson Habitat for Humanity and has pro-bono affiliations with libraries, public radio and arts organizations.