Stephen R. Coar Retells Traditional Tales in New Collection, SENIORELLA

"I thought it would be fun to take all the wonderfulfairytales we knew as kids, and give them a good going over," author Stephen R. Coar explains about the inspiration for his new book, "Seniorella: & other 'assisted' fairy tales" (published by AuthorHouse). "So while keeping the basic plots the same I modernized them so they take place today."

Coar takes the traditional tales and retells them and, in doing so, changes the classic names of each story; 'Cinderella' becomes 'Seniorella,' 'The Princess and the Pea' becomes 'The Princess had to Pee.'

Each story is comical and twists the tales to a more contemporary telling. "The fun comes from the characters we all grew up with now being thrown into old age and having to face the challenges we are all facing now," Coar tells.

An excerpt from the story inspired by "Sleeping Beauty," entitled "Sleeping Trudy" has Trudy suffering not from a witch's spell, but from "excessive daytime sleepiness":

"In reality, the dark-spirited Helen Hubbins began forming ugly plans to use Trudy's 'spells' to harm her if she could. Hubbins kept poor, tired Trudy talking until she felt she had squeezed every additional detail out of her about her condition. She then left saying she had something to take care of. Trudy felt odd about it but failed to put her thoughts into words. But the worst was yet to come!"

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Active in community theatres, playwright Stephen R. Coar served as president to one after a long string of award-winning successes both acting and directing for the stage. As outreach director at The Ritz Theatre, Inc., the largest live professional theatre in southern New Jersey, he was a liaison to local schools and interactive community events held either at the Ritz or taken on the road.

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