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Los Angeles, California

Premier Digital Publishing has announced the publication of The Thanksgiving Dinner Platter (eISBN 978-1-62467-238-5, $4.99) and The Boy Who Spoke To God (eISBN 978-1-62467-237-8, $4.99) from award-winning children's author and illustrator, Randa Handler. In her latest works, Ms. Handler crosses cultural boundaries by taking a multi-cultural approach to understanding gratitude as well as a higher power.

"I really believe that the key to a better world is in the acceptance of each other's differences, especially as we are becoming more and more multicultural. So, I explained the true meaning of Thanksgiving, featured Japan's day of thanks in the process, and tried not to forget our Vets," commented Randa Handler.

Ms. Handler has also authored If I Were King about a Zebra's quest in discovering the true meaning of friendship, and the acclaimed Cubbie Blue series featuring an intergalactic traveler Cubbie Blue, and his tiny dog Dot, who befriend three multi-racial boys and help to show them that dignity and equality are rights that belong to every person.

"We are thrilled to bring Randa Handler's books that share messages of acceptance and gratitude to children everywhere," commented Hutch Morton, President and Publisher of Premier Digital Publishing.

About The Thanksgiving Dinner Platter:
It's 1941, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt has just made Thanksgiving a national holiday in the United States. Takari's family is coming from near and far to celebrate together. While helping her mother prepare Thanksgiving dinner, eight-year-old Takari breaks a platter that belonged to her Japanese grandmother. The platter had been an important part of her father's family heritage, used traditionally by Takari's grandmother to serve chestnut rice on the Japanese day of Thanksgiving. Angry, her mother shoos her away, telling her to go visit her best friend, Little Sparrow, whose family is Native American. He is making a special cornbread just like the one served at the first Thanksgiving dinner eaten by the pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians at Plymouth Plantation. In the process, Takari learns about the history of the holiday and that a similar day of gratitude, when people give thanks for their blessings, exists in many countries, including in her father's homeland, Japan.

About The Boy Who Spoke to God:
Unable to agree on their ideas about God and religious celebrations, four different ethnic tribes-Greeks, Chinese, Zulus, and Mayans-who live together harmoniously most of the year, combining aspects of each of their cultures to make their kingdom strong and prosperous, suddenly become divisive when religious holidays approach. During such times, they cannot agree on the timing or manner of religious traditions, and they each have their own god who looks and dresses as they do. When Niko, a young Greek boy, has several dreams of God, each tribe interprets the various details of his dreams according to their own view of God, further emphasizing the tribes' different beliefs. Subsequently, Niko is shunned for having created even more disharmony and for lying to the tribes, or so they think, as no one believes he dreamed of God. To clear up all the confusion and arrive at the truth, Niko begs God to manifest in one final dream. This time God shows him that the tribes' beliefs are actually different expressions of the same god. Niko concludes that God is like colorless and formless iridescent light, and the beliefs of all tribes about their gods are correct as these gods are like colors of the rainbow that derive from white light.

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About Randa Handler:
Randa Handler is an international journalist, publicist, author, and illustrator. Her interview with actor Rock Hudson (his last) was published worldwide. Her expertise in public relations has made many products and personalities household names. Her publishing efforts launched an educational series of children's books that are still being used as 'lesson plans' by elementary school teachers. In 2003, Handler moved into publishing by successfully launching an educational children's book series.


About Premier Digital Publishing:
Los Angeles based Premier Digital Publishing is a leading independent digital publisher and innovator in eBooks, enhanced eBooks and interactive content. Led by a team of digital media pioneers, the company ranks among the top suppliers of quality print and eBooks, and is one of the industry's most prominent tablet reader distributors and top-tier retailers.

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